Saturday, July 3, 2021

Kim Hyun Joong Remembers SS501 on his Online Concert


Kim Hyun Joong remembers SS501 and thrills fans at a virtual concert.

 Kim Hyun Joong was a trend in Latin American countries with his virtual show Yellow.

 Korean idol Kim Hyun Joong delighted Triple S with songs from SS501 and his solo discography.  Kim Hyun Joong and Henecia's monthly date.  The K-pop singer held his third concert in the Prism Time series, named after Yellow, which addressed nostalgia as the main theme.  “I wonder what the longing is heading for.  A name?  The time I've spent with someone?  Or the old me of bygone times? ”Introduced the presentation poster.

 With this narrative in mind, Kim Hyun Joong included in the setlist a song by the group SS501, a boyband that he led and was a second-generation Hallyu icon.

 Fans went back in time with the performance of "Let me be the one."  Kim also mentioned SS501 in his speech and recalled the time they sang that same song at the 2010 Dream Concert. "KHJ just has to mention SS501 and that makes Triple S's heart happy," commented a fan on Twitter.  As the artist reviewed old tracks from his discography, he gave away a 2021 version of “One more time,” OST of the K-drama Playful kiss that he starred in 2010.

 Kim Hyun Joong found out in full concert that he was the # 1 trend of the moment in Mexico, a fact that made his fans in this region proud.  When reading comments from the live show, he also mentioned Chile and Peru.  In fact, Latin America is one of the areas where the singer has a loyal fan base, something that is reflected in his movement on his social networks.

 Kim Hyun Joong and the Gemini band's next show will be held on the first Saturday in August and will be Prism Time - Green.

 Kim Hyun Joong's Yellow concert setlist

 Pure love

 Love song

 Nothing on you

 Kiss kiss

 Moon, sun, and your song

 Stay here

 Let me be the one

 The reason I live

 Life without you

 One more time



And for his last song New Way.. 

I know we're hungry for SS501 content for years now and by mentioning it makes our heart flutter.. Let's hope for SS501 reunion in the near future...