Tuesday, February 19, 2008

[News] SS501; Celebrities to attend Presidential Inauguration

On February 25, 2008, Lee Myung Bak (the newly elected South Korean President) will hold his inauguration in style.

To liven up the event and get younger people to actually care, organizers have been sending out invitations to a bunch of A-list celebrities. This year’s inauguration will probably be the most celebrity-packed one yet because of the President’s close ties with the entertainment industry.

Partial Celebrity List:

BoA – invited on February 4th
DBSK – invited on February 4th (Accepted)
SS501 – invited on February 4th (Accepted)
Kwon Sang Woo – invited on February 4th (Accepted)
Ryu Si Won – invited on February 18
YounHa – invited February 18

There is not much information on who will be performing as of today, the only confirmed artist so far isKim Jang Hoon who is scheduled to perform a song from his new album to congratulate Lee Myung Bak.

Korean MC’s Choi Won Jung, Kim Ki Dong, and Kim Hak Doo will be be hosting the activities.


credit: allkpop

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

[News] SS501; DSP Entertainment Gets Serious

It seems after the break up of FIN.K.L. and Sechskies, DSP Entertainment has had major trouble in managing KARA and SS501. However, someone must've made a New Year resolution to focus more on not forgetting about their entertainers.

Because of SS501's success in Japan last year (making it to the top 10 Oricon Charts), DSP has planned a performance in China Shanghai Grand Stage. This stadium isn't just a small venue; it's where Beyonce held her concert in November 2007. Aside from performing their current hit songs, the band of five will also perform their new single which is due out in March.

On the flip side, four-member group KARA, will release their new album in March as well. DSP is planning to hit Korea with a double comeback using their two strongest productions.


credit: allkpop