Friday, April 26, 2013

[Tweetbits] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Variety Show in Indonesia (Arrival)

  • Some said KHJ will come out from VIP lounge. Cause the mens who wearing black suit already standby at Blue Sky way
  • I think KHJ already picked up by car and go to hotel maybe. Only staffs are still waiting for luggages.
  • KHJ & casts didnt came out from domestic arrival maybe because the fans outside are really2 crowded.
  • OMG! I see barefoot friends casts in the bus in front of me. I took a car there.
  • Barefoot friends are in the bus in front of me
  • I can see Hyun Joong from the back. He's wearing a cap. Aaaaa~
  • I think the bus is going to Malioboro now~
  • The bus stop in Malioboro~
  • KHJ & casts are still filming in the bus. Not come out yet~
  • Hyun Joong sits at left side of the bus. Hes wearing a cap & red sweater. Cant take a clear picture
  • I see Hyun joong clearly inside the bus. Oh god! He's really really handsome!!!
  • I think they're have fun filming in the bus. HJ is laughing happily. U can imagine his face :)
  • Staffs still breafing~
  • I'm not sure but there are 2 cars are ready here. Maybe it will bring and devided two teams going for mission
  • Staffs still breafing and preparing ,the fans are getting more and more crowded
  • HJ is out and pass in front of me *died*
  • OMG!! KHJ shook my hand T.T
  • Believe or not KHJ is really popular in Jogja. Really!!!
  • Please keep calm guys. Dont hurt HJ :(
  • Dont pinch HJ's cheeks!! >.<
  • You can follow HJ wherever he goes. But please dont make him scared and hurt him!!
  • HJ is in the bus, now. Hope he dont get any serious injured! Please stay calm guys. I'm begging you :(
  • KHJ's fans from HongKong who're going with me really get angry with fans here. So please dont make a bad story for all dear.
  • Now all cast are inside the bus. They eating all food that they have bought. Seems that they enjoying it :)
  • Bus is leaving now, dont know where they go~
  • They're going to Hotel now. They stay at Inna Garuda Hotel I think~
  • Sorry, they stay at Edu Hotel not Inna Garuda. I think only staffs who are stay at Inna Garuda
  • Sorry, my batere is getting low. Let the casts rest well and see you tomorrow. Remember, please stay calm. Oke~
  • Sorry for twice. Some said they just filming at Edu Hostel and will stay at another hotel~


by @tripleSkaltim

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Casts Arrival in Indonesia


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[News / Translation] Park Jung Min vs CNR , Request "200 Million for Breakdown"

Park Jung min is a former member of the Court for damages related to a lawsuit, with 200 million adjustment under the circumstances, this is not an official activity schedule seems to be no real setback for digestion. The jurisdiction of the Court had already in August last year the former organisation the exclusive contract, some told me in the lawsuit because of hand veins.

For the last April 24 at 10 AM, Park Jung Min and CNr go to the Seoul Central District Court and he request 2 billion for damages litigation has the due date adjusted for close to 2 hours to finish but failed to narrow the differences, to coordinate opinions.

Earlier in the day in court, Park Jung min was absent overseas schedule. Park Jung min's exclusive contract after prevailing on the injunction last September with Japan Yamaha Yamaha A&R as hand-holding of the Group Romeo called by Japan. And have activities in November of the same year as a new single ' beautiful ' to release domestic activity was resumed.

This year, have the schedule to tour fans in Japan and overseas in Taiwan's commercial shoot Plan to be digesting as planned. Park Jung Min side officials said "I have everything filed an injunction proceedings related to an exclusive contract, while recognizing the results of bend their position about the financial problems is the conflict these comments end up in court." he insisted.

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min exclusive contract with CNR Media, a joint venture of the end of 2010, a Taiwanese drama Publisher Comic Ritz and Korea's Roy Media activities in Greater China, but in April 2012 stop exclusive contract effect against the agency distribution of the proceeds to problems disposable application my victory. For monetary compensation after October of the same year, who filed a claim for damages against the agency side.


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[Media Photo] SBS Barefoot Friends Casts Departure at Incheon Airport Heading to Indonesia



[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Casts Departure at Incheon Airport Heading to Indonesia


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