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[Photo] Heo young Saeng Attends General Idea Collection 10th Anniversary Party



[Photo] SS501's Members Kim Hyung Jun , Heo Young Saeng and Park Jung Min Attends Newsen 8th Anniversary Launch & Jewelry Brand Didier Dubot


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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong at Okinawa International Movie Festival ; Rehearsal


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[HD Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Arrival at Incheon Airport from Okinawa


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[HD Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Departure at Naha Airport , Okinawa Heading Back to Korea


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[Vid] Heo Young Saeng The Art of Seduction on Music Bank


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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Arrival at Incheon Airport from Okinawa



[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 in Hiroshima

Lavender's note: This is a wonderful trip to see Hyunjoong again, I am so grateful for the kindness and generosity I have received from other fans. I didn't get tickets in the lottery, and was so happy when other fans offered their help. This trip is just extra special because of this.

2013-3-24 Day One

After I spent the morning as a tourist in the morning, I arrived in Hiroshima train station early afternoon. Dropped off my bag at the hotel and started my journey as a fan girl.

I went to the Information center in the train station for direction, as soon as the lady saw the location on my paper, she asked "going to concert?". I was so surprised that she knew, she said many people came in the last couple days (I assume out of town fans) for the concert, and she now knew it's the last stop. She told me to take the bus as the walk is shorter.

The bus ride wasn't long, it costs 210yen, the HGB hall is just across the street from the bus stop. I could see many people waiting at front already, it was a little after 3pm, concert starts at 6pm. As I got closer, it seemed the security staff were around to keep fans in line, ok, they were waiting for Hyunjoong. 5 minutes later, a black van pulled to the side and Hyunjoong got off, waved to us and walked in. He was wearing a black shirt with a green heart in front says Unlimited. Here's the short video, kind of small.

After Hyunjoong safely tucked in, fans scattered around the lobby to kill time. I had to buy another light stick since I forgot to pack the one I bought in January, it would be weird if I don't have anything to wave during the concert. Some vendors set up stands to sell Hyunjoong uzoosin unofficial goods. There was not much else to do around here, I saw some familiar faces, fans I met from previous events, there were quite a number of foreign fans came, haha, many of them probably stopped at the train station information center before.

A foreign fan with my ticket arrived, when she handed me the ticket, I couldn't believe it, it was on the first floor and in the front section, OMG, I wanted to scream! All 5 concerts I attended in January were on the 2nd floor, I was happy that she got me a ticket since it was extremely hard to get tickets for Hiroshima, online auction price was just too crazy. I went to seat map to see, it was really really good, I would not need to use binocular to see his face!

I also met with 2 starlings from LKHJ, they would stay at the hotel connected to HGB hall, we went to their room to eat, need the energy to stand, scram and jump for the next 2 and half hours. By the time we got down and entered the hall, it was already packed, you could feel the excitement in the air, saw more familiar faces around, many Korean fans came.

The lights were out, and it was time, the band and backup singers came on to the stage, everyone stood, pulled out the green light stick and started chanting
"Kim Hyunjoong , Kim Hyunjoong!". Finally, he appeared on stage in the capsule, he was dressed in all black, black shirt with very thin material, a heavy black jacket, and black pants with different materials, the front was leather looking, the back was fabric, fits his legs well, umm, looked kind of tight in the thigh area.

1. First song, Heat, he sang his heart out, his veins on the neck popping up, I worried they might burst! He had this fierce look in his eyes, kind of scary when he looked at our direction. He was very high, walked to both sides of the stage to be closer to fans, happy happy screams when he came to our side. There were fans on stage in front blowing wind to him ( to cool him?), once the wind blew up his shirt and I caught a glimpse of his tummy! The song ended with a loud bang, and he lifted the mic stand.

After the song ended, he started to talk, said a few sentences in Japanese and made Japanese fans happy. What he said could be found on twitter from other fans, even though I didn't understand at the time, I could feel his sincerity. He switched to Korean quickly, the interpreter was quite good. There were many Korean fans close by, so every time hHj said something funny, I always heard laugh from them first, then louder laughs from the whole place after translation. I am sure he was expressed his thoughts in his unique 4D ways.

2. He did Rize Up next, I have to say I am not familiar with this song since it was not on any of his CDs, but the Japanese fans all sang along. I really wish one day he would player instrument on stage for songs like this during his concert, someday maybe.

3. Save today, he was trying get fans involved, and pointed his mic at us several time, fans responded by singing "save today" loudly at him. His singing is getting better and better, hitting high notes, he is quite suitable for rock style songs I think. During the song, white snow flakes were dispersed from above.

After 3 songs, Hyunjoong left the stage to change. He came out again wearing a simple white shirt with black vest. The next song, Kiss kiss (4) After a few lyrics, he started to dance to the fans' delight, he was just too cute, running around on stage, especially flying kisses everywhere, the front row fans were so lucky, he was practically singing to them face to face. Full of envy. Big balloons were floating above us, when they moved towards front, the bodyguard push them back so they wouldn't get on stage. After a couple minutes, the balloons popped, releasing many small green balloons. At the end, he put two fingers to his lips and flew the last kiss to us.

He took off his vest do Smile (5), did a lot cute moves, I like the part he put his right hand behind his head and swing his hips. Tonight he seemed to come to our side a lot, he looked so happy and was beaming at us, I am sure we all had hearts in our eyes! He was 10 meters away, it was so good to be able to see him clearly without binocular, his bright smile could light up a city. Of course at the end, he turned around and did his famous butt swing, it really doesn't matter how many times I have seen it, it still made me giggle like a little girl.

Marry Me (6) was next, it was good to have a slow song so we could take a break from jumping. When he sang "U" (7), he pointed his mic at all directions, including 2nd floor. The fans up there were very high tonight, gave loud cheers, Hyunjoong was very satisfied.

Pardon me I might have mixed up the order of songs here. He sang I am yours next?

Let's Party, I was happy, this was the first time for me, he didn't sing this for concerts in January, he did a lot of dance parts, and he knew this would make us very happy. We want to see his body movements, he didn't disappoint us, many aegyos, hearts melting!

He did Do You Like That and Lucky Guy, time for screaming and jumping, it's so cool to see some not so young ladies on their feet jumping up and down, fans were giving it all for Hyunjoong too.

If you are like me he was on the raised platform going up during the song, fortunately no too high, I always worry when he is up high in the air without safety belt.

Before he did "I am your man", he spent quick bit time telling fans to sing " i am your woman" when he pointed his mic at us. He even did a practice run for this part. He flew his green plane before the song, it didn't go far, a fan in row 5 or 6 caught it. I think he only folded his plane on stage once (the first in Kobe), all the rest, it was prepared ahead of time (to save time). When he pointed his mic at us, everyone sang "I am your woman" and flew the plane forward, most were Green, quite a few landed on the stage, fans have stronger arms than Hyunjoong . Hyunjoong sang "I am your man" without music at the end.

Paper planes were littered on the stage, Hyunjoong bent down and started to pick them up, a band member also helped. Hyunjoong had armful of planes, a few dozen. He went backstage to change again.

He came out with a short sleeve black top, wearing a pair of sunglasses, he did breakdown rock version and please (or the other way around).

Finally tow songs from Ss501 albums. Love like this seemed to be the fans' favorite, the cheers was the loudest! Everyone jumping again. When he sang Let me be the one, his look turned serious, this is always the special song.

For Encore, everyone was looking around see where he was going to come out, heard loud cheers, Hyunjoong appeared up there singing Do You Like That. Fans there went wild, he went to different sections so each fan could have a chance to be closer to him. How come he didn't do this for all the concerts I attended in January! Hyunjoong was doing this to show his appreciation for the support from the fans. People on the first floor were all looking up, I kept turning around to check out the screen on stage to see where he was.

Then it was turn for the main floor, he came out from the left side, was standing behind row 12 where some starlings sat, he was just a few feet away from them. I was sitting in row 10, and he was 10 feet from me, could see his well defined face very well, his skin was so smooth, his face full of sweat beads, still gorgeous as ever. His body actually looked slim up close, but muscles on his arms!!!!!!!!

He was running around and his bodyguards were scrambling after him. All of sudden, he climbed up and stood on the chairs (row 9 or 10), he started to move to the middle, ha ha, as if he was telling the bodyguards, catch me if you can. He was very high, the fans around him had this unbelievable look on their faces, I would have if he was right in front of me, I was hoping he continue moving, just 6 or 7 seats more, HJ would've been in front of me. But he got off from the other side, oh, my, it was close.

They left the stage, I thought it was finished, but everyone was still standing and chanting his name, and he came out again! Breakdown dance version, without sunglasses! OMG, how cool was that. He was very playful and did most a lot of dancing. After the song ended, he made a little speach and gathered the band and backup singers, they held hands and made 90 degree bow.

As soon as they left the stage, fans started to rush out to see him off, a lot of people were waiting in front, all the good spots were taken. Then someone told me to go around to the back, a much smaller crowd were waiting here. His black van was parked there, he would come out here! A big truck blocked the side entrance door so we really couldn't see the door. I estimated that we could probably see him for a couple of seconds before he gets into the car, the security staff was really trying to get us move back, but more people came and he gave up, simply told us to squad down. It was quite dark there, finally we saw some lights, his bodyguard came out, they were using a flashlight to light up for Hyunjoong, he walked out, instead of getting into the van right away, he walked in front of us and gestured to staff to move the van forward, he changed back to his outfit from arrival. He was wearing this bookish looking eyeglasses, like a high school kid, who would think this was the one making our hearts pumping and melting earlier. He waved to us repeatedly and even to the fans waiting across the street, before he got into the van, and he rolled down the window immediately. The van made a right turn and drove away. I was able to take a short video. I think this is a very kind gesture from wuri boy, the staff totally didn't expect this, they were ready to get him away as fast as they can, but Hyunjoong took his time to walk out and wave to us. So instead of seeing him for a few seconds, he was in view for almost a minute. He walked very close to us, just a few feet away, he was not worried about being mobbed, have to say Japanese fans are so disciplined, no one rushed towards him, everyone was just happy looking at him.

Afterwards, we went to have dinner at a restaurant by Sogo department store, had xxxx, famous Hiroshima dish. Someone told me Hyunjoong's been there before (hearsay, don't quote me on this). One happy day ended, and the beautiful thing was there would be one more concert to go tomorrow.

I wish I have some recording device implanted in my eyes so I can record what I saw save it to my hard drive in my brain so I can replay over and over again later.


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Arrival at Incheon Airport from Okinawa


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[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong's Fan Bought a Star and Named After Him

A Henecia bought a star for KHJ at Orion Galaxy which will come into force on Apr 14th 2013.

a fan named A40Santos39 (her ID) commented at Hollishyun's video and narrated this story.
"It seems a little crazy to comment here,but I couldn't get in touch with HJ at all,I have gotten courage after watching this video."
"During 2012 Xmas day and New Year,I watched a talk show of HJ and he said he wanna go to outerspace. So I bought a star just for him.Maybe I'm not the 1st person who did like this,but anyway I did it^^finally that star is named after Kim Hyun Joong."
"I have sent package to him to info this matter,but I'm not sure whether he have seen it or not coz there are thousands of letters fr fans everyday."
"actually I'm far away fr South Korea,the staff fr NASA infos me the date which is confirmed on Apr.14th,2013.I hope HJ could see this or know about this oneday."


by A40Santos39
translated by @crazyhyun66
courtesy of @n_h_0_4

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Departure at Naha Airport , Okinawa Heading Back to Korea


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Departure at Okinawa Airport Heading Back to Korea


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[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on Mook Japanese Magazine March 2013 Issue


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