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[Photo + Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Interview on Choa (Japanese) Magazine #19

Japan First Solo Album "UNLIMITED" Release Event :

Kim Hyun Joong (26) had a premium event in Tokyo in commemoration of the release of
his first solo album in Japan, " UNLIMITED ". Though he did not sing, but music videos
of "Your Story" and "Save Today" were presented. He had an interesting talk with
his guests, a self-appointed cheer leader, KABA-chan as well as Kazuko Kurosawa

(female comedian).

After eleven months since his Japan debut on January 25, 2012, the first album
" Unlimited " has eventually been released. Every song including the new three songs
as well as Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy and Oricon No.1 single " Heat " produced by B'z
were sang in Japanese. Kim Hyun Joong talked showed his passion for the album
during the talk of the event.

1/ Music video of " Your Story " has been released
HJ: This is the second song I sing with band style following " Heat ".
I have been enhansening this song for a long time so that I can sing it in an
album someday. I have some more songs which I will sing as a band music.
I would like to produce these songs in future.

2/ Where the shooting took place ? ( about "Save Today ")
HJ: It took place in the set in Korea. The idea of the concet is that we go back
to the past. So I moved with the double speed of the other people, while they were
walking very slowly. I would like to show it if the making video is available now.
It was very hard for me to sing a song very rapidly while the music being reproduced
fourfold ( He tries to show how rapid he sang )

3/ The concet of the title?
HJ: It means " Unlimited potential in growing " I would like to continue to grow.
That is why I choose this title.

4/ How do you review this year ?
HJ : Stretching myself out at home, I asked myself " What did I do this year ? "
(the audience burst into laughter ) I would like to spend much busier days the next

5/ The concept of the album ?
HJ : I put my feeling " Please do not let me go which means I do not want to lose you "
I do not want to lose this moment when you give a big love to me.

6/ What is your plan the next year?
HJ : I am going to start 2013 with Japan nation-wide tour. I also plan to release a
full album in Korea. I will also show you Kim Hyun Joong as actor in the drama.
I have another plan to start World tour at the end of the year. I will also release a
single album in Japan. So it will be a very busy year for me. I hope that you will
give me your support which will give me power when I feel tired.


Trans by ameblo.jp
courtesy of @Segyero13MC_BYJ 

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Star of the Week ; Lucky Women Who Got to Hold his Hand

Kim Hyun Joong might have been the Lucky Guy at one point, but there are a few ladies that are definitely luckier in our eyes.

During his vast career as a singer, actor, and entertainer, Kim Hyun Joong has had the opportunity to work with very talented women in the industry – women that we would like to dub as the luckiest ladies ever for being able to hold his hand and receive a kiss (or two…or if you’re Jung So Min, a lot).

Ku Hye Sun

In 2009, KBS’ Boys Before Flowers took over the drama world with the handsome Flower Four stealing the hearts of the ladies. As the second lead, Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo became the cool sunbae (senior colleague) that Geum Jan Di, played by the adorable Ku Hye Sun, developed a huge crush on.

With her strange behaviors, but confidence as well, Ku Hye Sun survived in the first class world at Shinhwa High School and grabbed the attention of Kim Hyun Joong, who eventually ends up liking her as well and becomes her guardian angel in times of trouble.

But seconds leads never get the girl and ‘twas was the case for Kim Hyun Joong and Ku Hye Sun. Their could-have-been romantic relationship turns platonic because of Goo Joon Pyo/Lee Min Ho.

It’s okay though, because we got this terrific quote about white sails and the wind because of their friendship

Jung So Min

If there’s a girl to be jealous of it, it would be Jung So Min, who starred in the MBC drama Playful Kiss with Kim Hyun Joong.

Just like the title says, there were a lot of kiss scenes in this drama and we were there being jealous for each and everyone one of them.

Jung So Min played the somewhat slow Oh Ha Ni, who has had a crush on Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong) throughout high school. Too bad Kim Hyung Joon’s character hated stupid girls and rejected her completely.

But fate brings our characters together when Jung So Min’s house gets wrecked during a freak earthquake and the family moves into her father’s best friend’s house….and whose house does that turn out to me? Of course, Kim Hyun Joong’s.

After being forced to live together, Kim Hyun Joong not-so-surprisingly starts to develop feelings for her and the two go through a rollercoaster of a relationship, which ends happily at a honeymoon location.

Hwang Bo

Of course, we cannot forget about his official TV wifey?

The two have met each other through random variety shows here and there, but Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo didn’t tie the knot until MBC’s We Got Married brought them together.

As the nuna in the relationship, Hwang Bo was a bit shy, having a younger husband - and a 4D one at that, but it was this awkwardness that made this couple worth watching as they got closer and funnier with each episode.

His relationship with Hwang Bo was also when the world began to find out what a silly person Kim Hyun Joong really was.

Although they are no longer on the show and it’s unknown if they even keep in touch, fans will forever remember the two as the lettuce couple.

Jung Ryeo Won

When there’s a mix up with apartment contracts and issues we don’t know much about, Kim Hyun Joong ends up being forced to live with Jung Ryeo Won in Gummy’s music video for Because You’re a Man.

Despite splitting the room in half, Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Ryeo Won can’t ignore the attraction that they feel for each other and end up becoming a couple, although his fear of commitment makes him drift away.

But ending on a good note, Kim Hyun Joong realizes what a jerk he was as a boyfriend and returns to Jung Ryeo Won, asking for forgiveness.

Jung Yoo Mi

Not much is known about Kim Hyun Joong’s relationship with Jung Yoo Mi, since their drama, City Conquest has not aired yet with no real promise that it will find a home in any of the three major broadcast stations.

But one thing is for certain: if the drama does air, romance is expected to blossom between Kim Hyun Joon and Jung Yoo Mi, as they’ve been spotted hugging and with arms around each other. And even with Kim Yoo Mi receiving the most coveted back hug from Kim Hyun Joong himself.

Although we might become super jealous, we hope City Conquest finds a home somewhere soon.


Photo Credit: KBS, MBC, Media 100, YG Entertainment
source: enewsworld.com

[Article + Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Star of the Week ; Music Career Revisited

Kim Hyun Joong’s activities in Japan and upcoming drama have certainly been keeping the singer and actor busy these days, and while this is an exciting time for fans abroad, he has, been largely absent from the K-Pop scene. And we kind of miss seeing Kim Hyun Joong on stage.

So for all of you K-Pop fans who, like us, are suffering from Kim Hyun Joong withdrawal, we’re looking back on a few standout moments in his K-Pop music career because that’s where everything began for the hallyu star.

The Leader
Kim Hyun Joong made his K-Pop debut in 2005 as the leader of SS501 with Warning before following up with Snow Prince and going on to release a series of hits with the group like Deja Vu, A Song Calling for You and Love Ya.

Among the group’s hits, we’re highlighting Love Like This, in particular, because if SS501’s previous songs showed off the members’ boyish charms, this pop track with an R&B feel opened our eyes to the members’ much matured and, dare we say, sexier sides.

The Bad Boy
Kim Hyun Joong’s music career is going on eight years, but his solo career didn’t take off until 2011, when he released his first mini album Break Down.

Standing on his own now, Kim Hyun Joong broke away from the pretty boy image often attached to boy bands and went bad boy-tough, with the help of rapper Double K, for the lead single of the same name.

The Smooth Operator
In his short solo career, Kim Hyun Joong has shown versatility as an artist, and this is most evident in his ability to slip in and out of diverse genres.

If Break Down was a little rough and in-your-face, Kim Hyun Joong went the smooth and suave route for Lucky Guy, a bouncy pop track.

The Balladeer
As mentioned previously, although Kim Hyun Joong has been focusing on his drama and promotional activities overseas, he didn’t leave Korean fans completely hanging, having lent his voice to the OST of tvN drama Marriage Plot.

Kim Hyun Joong surprised us once again, recording a ballad of all things, with the track, further proving his sensibility and unlimited potential as an artist.

The Karaoke King

And, finally, as an added bonus, we dug up and old clip of Kim Hyun Joong, when he appeared on Kim Do Hyun’s music program Must last year.

Kim Hyun Joong walked the audience through the songs he sings in karaoke rooms depending how inebriated he is, drawing laughs from the crowd.

The singer apparently likes to start sappy and slow with Cho Kyu Chan’s I Will Give You Everything, but by the time the alcohol has kicked in, you’ll find him belting out Park Sang Chul’s trot hit Unconditional (dance included).

If you ever wondered how Kim Hyun Joong acts when he’s drunk, you don’t want to skip on this clip.


source: enewsworld

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Holds Japan Fan Meeting in 5 Different Cities Kim Hyun Joong Held a Fan Meeting in Japan for his First Album

Kim Hyun Joong held a fan meeting in Japan for his first album.

From December 21-23, he traveled to five different cities in Japan and met with his fans.

Kim Hyun Joong decided to hold this fan meeting as a way to thank his fans for the support for his album, Unlimited.

Many fans came out to see him during the 3 day fan meeting regardless of the cold weather.

Kim Hyun Joong was able to meet with 2,000 fans during this event.

He will begin a 10 city tour in Japan starting in January, 2013.


source: kpopstarz

[Article + Vid]Kim Hyung Jun Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas in Different Languages

The video was released on December 24, showing Kim Hyung Jun holding up several signs with ‘Merry Christmas’ written in different languages so that his international fans can also receive his greetings.

Then in Korean, he said that he wishes everyone has a safe and warm Christmas with their family and friends.


Photo Credit: S-Plus Company