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[Info] Arirang Reveals the "Top 5 Male Stars Most Likely Marry an Older Woman"

1. Kim Hyun Joong
2. Big Bang's TOP
3. BTOB's Ilhoon
4. SHINee's Onew
5. 2PM's Nickhun


Source: arirangworld

[Official Photo] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Filming in Indonesia


source: Ssangchu Couple & SS501 Thailand

[Fan Account] The Warm, Cute and Polite Hyun Joong on Barefoor Friends Unseen Scenes in Vietnam

Back to episode 2, do you remember his mission in the morning “ Find the most beautiful smile in VN”
This FA started from this morning.

Hyun Joong was still at the local home in Mui ne.

His mood seemed good because he smiled a lot and wandered around the house, kept talking with others.
The home owners said goodbye with HJ and the rest. She hugged UEE and bursted into tears and so did UEE…. Our HJ, just laughed funnily in previous moment, seeing that scene, his face’s expression was sad. He gave a goodbye hug to the home owners.

The staff said that last night HJ couldn’t have a proper sleep. Because of hot weather, HJ kept wandering around the house. Unintentionally, he poured the water on the floor and hurrily cleaned it by himself But the owner discovered it, HJ bowed his head and said sorry.

It rained last night in Mui ne. And now, the sky was still full of black cloud.
When HJ stepped out the house, it drizzled…. (God of calling RAIN). Seeing this, the lady gave HJ and UEE 2 leaf cones/ Nón lá.

HJ and KHD moved to the white sand dune for the next filming.

You can see how funny, silly conversation between the two on the way there. About the red sea, the 4 longest rivers in the world etc.

Plus some deeply thought of HJ about happiness and the way people treat each others.

< I am not sure about the chronology of of the filming, because of the airing, HJ ate breakfast first and then filmed in a hair salon, and on the white sand later> < But I kept the time order in the FA of Henecia VN>

HJ and KHD were practicing for their MCs or what on the sand dune.

Finishing filming in the white sand dune, HJ and KHD returned to the fish port near the market with their handy-camcorder. They started to record and do some short interview with the fish seller here.

HJ was focusing on the fish basin of one seller while HD asked her something. HJ filmed from top to toe of HD and burst into laughter as a kid….

It is HyunJoong’s style. HJ can joke wherever and whenever.

HJ rotated the handy-camcorder up and down, right and left side. ^^

*The scene at the food stall in the morning*

HJ and HD ordered and waited for 2 bowls of Vietnamese vermicelli or Hu tieu ( not really Pho).

HJ said “ Mrs, give me a double- size bowl but the price is for one bowl”.

2 bowl of hu tieu with pork and duck egg boiled were brought out. He even asked for the egg duck ^^

The egg was the bonus for HJ’s handsome ^^.

HJ started to enjoy his dish with only some slices of fresh chilly. He kept complimenting on how delicious the food was or how spicy the food was

(This reminded me of the news HJ fainted due to the super spicy dish long time ago)

We can easily recognize that HJ was really hungry by the way he ate. Just by 3 chopsticks the bowl was empty. Such a hungry tiger HyunJoong ah ~

Another bowl was served for him and HD.

When HJ was munching his pork bone, a little dog passed by him. He kept on staring the dog. He intended to throw the bone toward the dog but it ignored HJ because it was full already.

HJ tried to catch its attention but the dog just coldly waved his tail and disappeared in the back of the stall.

(HJ once say he could talk with dog but maybe Vietnamese dogs can’t understand Korean language, lol)
After eating up, HJ stood up with the empty bowl and a pair of chopsticks, looked for something.

When he saw the bucket used for containing the dirty bowls, he headed toward it and put his stuffs on it. (so polite right?)

But his polite didn’t stop there. HJ came back to his seat, used the tissue and began to clean up the table. He kept on cleaning until the table was clean and clear ^^

He said thank you and goodbye to the seller. They moved to the next filming.

The white sand dune aka Bau Trang, there were a few tourists and mainly the film crew. There was a lotus lake and a sandy road led to a small house which served food and drink. In front of the house, there was only vast sand dune. no thing else.

All the staffs came to the house and enjoyed their breakfast. Around 9 am.

HJ still sat on the car and talked non-stop.

HJ focused on people who were riding the motor on the sand.

After that he opened the car door and show off his face a bit.

He closed his eyes, sprayed and applied the sunblock cream on his face. And closes the door again ( HJ ah, why did you open the door just for applying the cream???)

HJ and HD got off the car and headed to the house.

HJ continued with his own shooting around. He saw a monkey tied up at the corner of the house.

His eyes were sparkling and came closer to the monkey with his handy-camcorder.

He mumbled something with it and later HD joined with him. They kept on talking and pointing toward it.

He filmed it and moved the camcorder near to its face. Suddenly the monkey got angry, made some noise and attacked HJ. HJ stepped back and utter “ahh kamchana” (shocking).

HJ ah, you are too playful. If you didn’t react quickly, the monkey might hurt you and you could fall backward and landed your butt on the sand. Too dangerous.

HJ still wandered in front of us and finished filming the monkey. He stood with his hand against his hip and observed other staff carrying the stuff upward the sand dune.

HJ and HD tried their best to run on the sand dune (u can see in the airing)

During 1 hour filming in hot weather like this, HJ was sweating a lot.

The crew rested in the house again. HJ took a bottle of water and came toward our place. All the staffs were resting in other side of the house.

HJ was really cute and thoughtful. He realized his fan so that he intentionally moved from here to there with
one purpose: for his fan can see him clearly.

He poked the monkey again, drank water, did some funny thing (in front of us)

A call from the staff, HJ immediately came back to their place.

The filming was finished and they were going to come back to HCMC later.

HJ talked with the security and then the security asked us to stay away for a while.

Right now HJ was half naked, he revealed his muscle and abs, OHM so sexy body.

On the veranda, there was a 0.5 meter tall water tap. HJ took a quick bath with it. He let the water drain on his back. He soaked his hair and dried it with a towel. That was his bath. It was not a proper bath either.

It was time for us leaving Mui ne and back to HCMC.

HJ and the crew still filmed in Muine. They filmed in a hair salon and HJ was shampooing for a customer ^^

SBS edited alot of scenes and focused much on Harlemshake flashmob >.<

On the airing episode, we can barely see how tough the filming is and through this FA, i find that HJ is really the most friendly and kindest stars in K-biz.
He makes me feel proud of being his fan. How can HJ be sweet, thoughtful and professional like this.
HJ ah fighting ^^


Credit: Buin@ Henecia Vietnam
Eng trans: Irendy_tm or (Irendy HJ)

photo credits on logo

[Photo] Heo Young Saeng Photoshoot for Kwave Vol.8 May 2013 Issue


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