Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Out of Contact With ‘Ex-Wife’

Kim Hyun Joong out of contact with ‘ex-wife’

By Catherine Deen, For Yahoo! Southeast Asia Wednesday December 15, 2010 07:43 pm PST

Die-hard fans of Kim Hyun Joong, the actor who played Jihoo in the hit Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers,” know that he used to be in a 2008 reality show entitled “We Got Married.” In this show, the actor was involved in a virtual marriage with Hwang Bo, a Korean singer six years his senior.

Affectionately known to fans as the Lettuce Couple, Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo entertained fans as the show followed the development of their “marriage” from its awkward start to an almost-perfect closing. Their virtual marriage was so popular that they won the MBC Best Couple Award in 2008. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts ended their “marriage.” Shortly before the Lettuce Couple bid farewell to “We Got Married,” Hyun Joong began shooting “Boys Over Flowers.” For this reason, many of their fans continue to believe that the two stayed in touch after their exit from “We Got Married.”

However, Hwang Bo, who recently staged her comeback with the song “I’m Still Pretty,” confirmed that Hyun Joong only contacted her once after the show. During her December 14 appearance in the show “Strong Heart,” Hwang Bo made the studio audience laugh when she confessed that “He [Kim Hyun Joong] contacted me just once, to wish me a happy birthday. I think he only did it because I’m the adult in the relationship.”

Regardless of Hwang Bo’s funny confession, the Lettuce Couple will truly be one of the most favored couples from “We Got Married.” Kim Hyun Joong is currently busy promoting his drama “Naughty Kiss” across Asia.


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source: Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Talks About His Motorcycle Accident

Disclosure of Accident: Asia Top Star KHJ Innermost Thought

Singer and Actor Kim Hyun Joong (24) had a motorcycle accident and cheated death,
before the commencement of his solo work apart from SS501.
The cruelty of such a happenstance right when he had to begin working solo on his own
led to a focused outlook in life.

Heartily enjoys the work he likes, while forgoing all distractions.
Harbouring an increasingly calm mentality, and gradually permeating through the whole of Asia.

Rebirth In May
In a recent interview, Kim Hyun Joong mentioned,
for the first time ever, the facts about his motorcycle accident.

On 28 May afternoon, on a road in Seoul’s Gangnam,
Kim Hyun Joong, driving with his friend on a motorcycle as a passenger,
was hit from behind by another vehicle.

Helmets and protective gears fell apart. It was a major accident.
His right arm and elbow suffered from 3 fractures.
His left knee cartilage was injured as well.

‘It could have been a fatal accident, but luck was on our side.
The motorcycle is not a good vehicle to carry passenger but I was travelling with a friend that day.
My over-100kg friend flew from the vehicle and I fell atop him.
Thus, I landed on the ground with less impact due to the buffer.’

After the release of the final mini-album at his former company,
the period before the end of his contract was a critical moment
when he worried about the repercussions of the accident.

He was also concerned that there may be discussions about his enlistment.
He can only bear his guilt during treatment till his discharge from the hospital.
With the end of the filming of the drama, he is currently undergoing a full body check-up.
‘I will definitely enlist. But I shall not receive any further more body check-up till then.
I would not want anything, no matter how small, to become a hindrance to my goal.’

Due to the accident, his will to carry out activities is even stronger.
Kim Hyun Joong said, ‘I do not like to rest.
Happily working, I’ve never had a moment when I feel like resting.
I would like to give it all… when I can still sing, dance and act.’

In the aftermath of his accident,
the process in which he signed with his new company also became a hot topic.
Even though several companies offered him billion-dollar contracts,
Kim Hyun Joong chose to sign with his current company which offered a much lower fee.

His pride as an artist led him to refuse the high pay but accept a domestic car,
which in turn led to further misunderstanding from some fans.
The gift of a car in replacement for higher pay was suggested by representatives from his new company.

‘I do not work with the aim to earn money.
If I do, I shall have to bear all the negative effects.
What I want to do is to display my stage and my work to all of you.’

Pre-Enlistment: 5-year Plan

On 12 November, he participated in the Asian Games Opening Ceremony
with a stage performance of the theme song ‘Sunshine Again’,
gaining the chance to show himself to 1 billion viewers.

‘It is the biggest stage in my life.
Besides the billion who viewed on TV,
there were one hundred thousand spectators on the spot
which created such a grand stage that I felt overjoyed and lost for words,
with the thought that my name would appear on such a stage.'

His drama ‘Playful Kiss’ was highly popular overseas,
but the low domestic rating was still a bitter pill to swallow.

‘Now I am more confident.
The next drama will bring about even more difficulties,
thus the main issue here is to become an actor with the right attitude and mentality.’

Now, he is preparing for his solo album to be released in May next year,
and planning to attend a 3-month music studies in the United States early next year.

‘I would like to learn more about stage performance, dancing and singing, while building up my physique.
I have already submitted a learning plan to a famous teacher from LA Millennium Dance School,
and shall present a music that is different from SS501.’

24 hours a day, he wonders about his future plans.
He said, ‘My future 5-year plan is already in place. Each year, I shall participate in a drama and a movie, release 2 albums, hold a concert tour, and release a Japanese album.’

‘On the eve of my enlistment 5 years later, I prepare to hold, for all my fans, a large-scale free performance.’


Source: Metro Seoul + Reposted & Translated by: Baidu Hyunbar News Department + Chinese to English translation by June /