Monday, August 25, 2014

[Photo] Kim Kyu Jong With Koh Hwaeun



[HD Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Phantasm World Tour 2014 in Bangkok by MurdererQ


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[News] Park Jung Min Signs with New Agency to Expand Acting Career

Park Jung Min found a new agency to aid him down his career path.

Park Jung Min recently signed a contract with a new agency Ji Ho Entertainment in order to expand his acting career. An affiliate told Newsen on August 25, “Park Jung Min recently decided to be with Ji Ho Entertainment.”

With the new contract, Park Jung Min will officially begin promotions as an actor. Although he has previously appeared in dramas and movies, he decided to sign the contract in order to take a step forward as an actor.

Having promoted on his own for a while mostly in Japan, Europe and South America, Park Jung Min will be launching his career in Korea again through the new contract.


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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong's Successful World Tour Concert on BKK TV Show



[Fan Account by Henecia Thailand] Kim Hyun Joong Phantasm World Tour 2014 in Bangkok

  • #khjinbkk2014 the concert was awesome as always and ever! KHJ gave all. So did the fans! he really had a good time dancing and singing
  • I really appreciate KHJ made eye contacts with everyone, some long gaze, some winks ;) LOL I can feel the joy and mutual love among us
  • One time, he walked to our side during encore. He danced and made hand gestures like "more more, give all!" we did so by dancing and chanting
  • "move your body!! shake it shake it!" we were in trance! it was a blast. i wish you saw his facial expression..priceless. like SO MUCH FUN
  • The screen showed some Thai translations of HJ words before the encore.I don't remember much but it was like...sometimes..alone..feel alone
  • and then have your love and he wanna say he misses everybody and thank you. now "can we hear you say 'encore' please" LOL i luv it!
  • HJ was sweet with Thai fans, praising the beautiful smiles and beautiful us hahaa. he also recognized international fans too
  • he called the little girl Junior on the stage who cried so HJ Oppa didn't know what to do but called the mother too hahaa
  • he walked around the stage a lot. came down and moved to each side. I was just an arm's length and felt this was unreal
  • We were happy to be there just the same. At first the energy didn't catch on. He was a tad bit...static. but later on he was on fire.
  • when he sings and dances on stage, he seems so happy. just pure happiness. i think it's where he belongs. I hope nth'll take that away from him
  • Thanks  HJ's security team. I could see clearly they were professional. HJ threw a cap to audiences. Fans, including little kid, trying to catch it
  • so they bend over the fence but the guard was quick to pull them back and tell them it was he picked the cap up and handed to them
  • we didn't take photos (just a few) we were scared of the security team haha but it made us focused and enjoyed the pure vibes in the concert
  • Congrats to those who had hi touch with him. i know some of you said good words like "Fighting" which he acknowledged!
  • I got group photo. he was just standing right behind me. so i turned and said Hi Hi Hi with a big smile.
  • he widened his eyes with a smile and said Hi back too. i was so happy. hahaa
  • he said he'd never forget this night and bring back home all the love. so you do it HJ. Head high and stay strong
  • Lastly, thanks all the fan club administrators who gave us souvenirs and text banners to enjoy the concert even more. U r super fans!!!
  • i guess that's all my little accounts of HJ last night. photos are all around. enjoy girls!!! ^^


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[HD Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Phantasm World Tour 2014 in Bangkok


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