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[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Star Diary Part 3; He Ran Away From Home

Kim Hyun Joong ran away from home during 3rd year middle school and 1st year high school for music.

Being a member of school band ‘AXERS’ during middle school, Kim Hyun Joong promoted to high school and prepared to be an entertainer. He was chosen to be a trainee when he was in year 1 and started the systematic training.

Even though he wanted to keep everything as a secret from his parents, but because the entertainment company requires the permission from the parents for underage trainees, he had no choice but to let his parents know. His mother mdm Jung Yeon Mi recalled “I was working while the manager called in. He asked for the permission for Hyun Joong to become a trainee but I told him ‘no’ immediately. I warned him not instigate these kids.”

However, Kim Hyun Joong continued his life as a trainee and naturally it became more frequent to skip school. In the end, as he did not have enough attendance during the 2nd semester in year 1, the school contacted his parents that he had to stop school.

At the night after his father submitted the application to stop school. His father wasn’t able to control his anger and scolded Kim Hyun Joong “From now on, you go and earn money to feed yourself”. In the reprimanding from his parents, Kim Hyun Joong ran out from his house.

Kim Hyun Joong also had another experience of running away from home during 3rd year middle school. He was given permission to participate in school band on the condition that he will do well in his studies, however when his results declined suddenly, his father smashed his guitar.

Kim Hyun Joong who usually obeys his parents, ran away from home after seeing his guitar being smashed. He returned home again after 5 days. Kim HyunJoong who endured a lot of distress after running away from home said “Father, as long as you tell me not to leave home” and his father replied “Comeback home”.

After stopping school, Kim Hyun Joong who was given the responsibility of handling his own things himself by his parents, started doing part-time jobs. He worked every evening at chicken shop, T family restaurant, etc. His mother revealed “Which parents in the world would feel good to see their own children working but not studying? It was a daily routine for me to go and watch over him working at T shop every night at 10 o’clock through the window panes before coming home. Just like that, I watch over HyunJoong for an hour everyday and cried.”

Kim Hyun Joong himself also started to gradually regret about stopping school as time passes. However, it is no use crying over spilt milk. His mother who is unable to see him like this goes to the Office of Education and begged to be able to transfer to another school, and the following year, he was able to return to school as a student.


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[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Was a Student Who is not Popular Among Female Students

“He was a student who is not (?) popular among female students.”

Kim Hyun Joong received all the love from female fans to himself through the role of Prince Charming Yoon JiHoo in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ (KBS 2 TV). However, he is an ‘ordinary guy’ who doesn’t catch any attention from female students of his same age while he was younger.

Kim Hyun Joong said “Usually artistes would have female students lining up in front of their house from their student days onwards, but that is not the case for me. Maybe that is because I started wearing glasses from 2nd year elementary school onwards. And maybe that is also why I don’t have much interest about female students.” 

Kim Hyun Joong was born in Seoul in 1986, the year where the Asian Games took place. We asked his mother Madam Jung Yeon Mi about her pregnancy dream, she recollected, “There was a huge truck filled with radish, and I saw a unique lovely one right at the top. I spread out my apron to catch the radish which was falling down but it was so awfully big that I stumbled back sitting down. The place where I sat had clean water running.”
At his 1st birthday, he took writing brush, pencil and notebook, so we were all expecting him to become a scientist. And also, because of his exceptionally big and pretty eyes, people always called him ‘Morning Star’ when he was young.

Kim Hyun Joong was an ordinary student. Did not suffer from any serious illness, he is a role model son who has not disappoint his parent’s expectations of him. He had been class monitor or vice monitor during his elementary school days. His report card was always marked with ‘Excellent’ in it.

His dream when he was young was to become a scientist. Kim Hyun Joong recalled “When I first saw aircraft and such, I thought of making such things. I wanted to be a scientist who is able to make those kinds of robots that we see in comics and movies.”

Kind son Kim Hyun Joong made his own suggestion for the first time to his parents when he is in 4th year of elementary school. Kim Hyun Joong who likes Taekwondo, swimming, soccer, etc, suddenly announced one day that he wants to become a soccer player.

Madam Jung Yeon Mi explained “All his teachers said he is good in studies to the extent that it shouldn’t be a problem for him to get into Seoul University (One of the best University in Korea). As a parent, we hope that he can continue to study rather than to go into sports or entertainment business, but in the end his strict father took charge so he didn’t get into soccer.”

Though he is usually quiet, his talents were already shown little by little. Kim Hyun Joong would always be the person-in-charge of entertainment without fail during excursions, making the atmosphere better.

The talents, which melted in him, gradually became stronger when he went into middle school. He slowly started to rebel against his parents’ wish for him to continue studying.


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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong Past Photos

We all heard about Kim Hyun Joong’s crazy life story so you would expect his childhood photographs to be rough, but in fact they’re the opposite:

Courtesy of Hyun Joong’s mama, you get to see photos from Kim Hyun Joong’s past. From his childhood days to his teenage wannabe rocker days to pre-debut, his photos are all online for the world to see. He looks pretty much the same except for when he had four eyes.


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