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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Asia Tour 2011 in Singapore; Translation of his Signature

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong; Shenzhen Perfect Concert 2011 in Japan

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[News] Kim Hyung Jun & Kim Kibum’s brotherly Airport Fashion Sense

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun and former U-KISS member Kim Kibum displayed their airport fashion, with a leopard print look and an all-black look, respectively.

The Kim brothers left to Japan on August 18th to participate in various concerts and promotions in Japan. The two brothers used black as their base color to display different fashion styles.

Kim Hyung Jun dressed in a stylish casual style with a powerful animal print t-shirt and black pants with sandals. Kim Hyung Jun was also holding a doll of a character, “Piro Piro” from the company in which his younger brother is the CEO of.

On the other hand, Kim Kibum dressed in a black ’slit-detailed’ shirt with a vintage black jean, along with black sneakers to finish the all-black airport look.

In related news, the Kim brothers will be promoting in Japan for 5 days. After going solo, Kim Hyung Jun released his first single album in Japan and will be promoting in Japan through the ‘Kim Hyung Jun Summer Festival‘.

Additionally, Kim Kibum, who has expanded his career into character entrepreneurship and MC-ing, will also be promoting in Japan.

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[News] Park Jung Min Walks on Red Carpet Along with Taiwan Top Actress

Even before being released, You’re the Apple of My Eye, one of the most anticipatedTaiwan films, has brought in over TWD 20 million. The film threw a preview event.

The VIP preview of the film attracted lots of celebrities, as well as influential figures in the film industry. Park Jung Min, one of the members of SS501, attended the luxurious event, proving himself to be a promising actor who has received lots of interest from people concerned in the Asian film industries.

In particular, he has garnered much attention when he showed his fluent command of Chinese in interviews. What’s more, he walked on the red carpet of the preview along withTaiwan’s most favored singer and actor Rainie Yang.


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[News] Kim Kyu Jong Displayed Powerful Musical Ticketing

In the 1st ticketing for musical ‘Goong’ opened on 16-Aug, the VIP seats for the sessions which Kim KyuJong will appear in has sold a lot in just 6 minutes. The remaining R-seats and S-seats were also left with just one or two seats, becoming an almost sold-out situation. Not just in Korea, but fans from other Asia countries also joined in, confirming Kim KyuJong’s popularity once again. Kim KyuJong who finished his first stage in musical in Japan last June, shocked the fans with his stable acting and outstanding singing & dancing abilities, which is hard to believe that it was his first performance.

Musical ‘Goong’ is a unique setting of constitutional monarchy in the current 2011 Republic of Korea, with the sweet love story between a lively high school student ChaeKyung and arrogant prince Shin, it will start on 16-Sep at a theatre in National Museum of Korea.

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong was Selected # 1 which Most Fans are Willing to Cook a Meal

In the episode of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment News, a reporter said to Kim Hyun Joong that he is selected no. 1 in the field that most fans are willing to cook a meal for, Hyun Joong replied wittily, “I think that’s because they have a pity on me when they see dark circles below my eyes. Well, to remove the dark circles, salmon and broccolis are the best.”

When asked by a question of his recent interests, Hyun Joong replied, “I’m into skirt meat these days. My agency accepts it since it’s cheaper than Korean beef.”

Also, Kim Hyun Joong confessed that he got some callus for exercising excessively on the horizontal bar for two weeks to make six packs on his abs.


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[News] Kim Hyung Jun Posted Pictures of himself in Hong Kong

Kim Hyung Joon posted pictures that he took in Hong Kong on his twitter account.

Kim Hyung Joon’s official twitter account, posted pictures, commenting, “These pictures were taken last July when he was on tour in Hong Kong. Thank you for your love and support.”

In the picture, many fans gathered to see Kim Hyung Joon. The picture proves he is popular in Hong Kong.

Kim Hyung Joon met his fans in Singapore and on July 17, he met over 1,000 fans in Hong Kong. He worked hard and captured many fans’s hearts with his smile. He performed sexy dance moves with several dancers.

People responded, “He also captured Hong Kong after Singapore?” “You must have been nervous because it’s your first solo debut,” “I love your smile. Fans from other countries love you because of that smile,” “I can’t wait to see you in Korea too.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Joon will release his new album in October.

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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong as Seoul Ambassador

Seoul Travel Promotion Cf

[Vid] THE FACE SHOP Asia Tour with Kim Hyun Joong Press Conference [1/2]

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[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun Mnet Wide Entertainment News

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Lugging Fans' Love Not Leaving Anything & Bringing All Away

Kim Hyun Joong left Taiwan on 17 August, around 200 over fans squeezed in the airport to send their idol off, he made his stop in Taiwan for 4 days 3 night, the number of luggages he had were massive, he said that inside all those luggages were gifts he received from Taiwan fans, he had specially reminded his staff to pack all back, not leaving back even a single gift. Because of Kim HyunJoong's consideration for his fans, his check-in luggages were overweight 121kg, and need to pay more than NT42000 (Around S$2100).

His staff said, although knowing that he will need to pay the fines, Kim Hyun Joong still insisted to bring the gifts along with him. Since young his family was not very well off, so he has caltivated a bit of being thrifty, but because of fans' love gifts, he doesn't feel heart pain, but smile briliantly.

During Kim Hyun Joong's visit in Taiwan, he had an exclusive interview with MTV channel 'JK Music Craze' MC Calvin Chen. He said that his hobby is playing soccer and revealed that he has joined a Korean Celebrity Soccer team, and would gather his celebrity friends to rent a soccer field to play all they want. He even played the 'Fishing Competition' game with Calvin Chen, upon hearing that the prize was spicy beef jerky, Kim HyunJoong who favour spicy food put in all his might to win the competition, when he won the beef jerky he immediately opened it up to eat, and kept saying: "It is really spicy! delicious! delicious!'


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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Arrival in Singapore

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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Departure at Taiwan Airport


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[Vid] August Hallyu Wave brought by Kim Hyun Joong at Taiwan

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong is the First Korean Artist to Guest in Top Taiwanese Talk Show, ‘The Person’

Hallyu star SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong guested as the first ever Korean star on Taiwan’s TVBS program, ‘The Person‘.

‘The Person’ is said to be one of the representative programs of TVBS, and it also consistently records #1 in viewer ratings. Through TVBS-Asia, the show airs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Malaysia, the Unite States, and other locations.

Top stars who have previously guested on the program include Andrea Bocelli and Jay Chou.

During his appearance, Kim Hyun Joong talked about his youth, his debut, his acting career, and his debut solo mini-album. When he was requested to perform his new song “Break Down” right then and there for his Taiwanese fans, he didn’t hesitate at all and got up to throw a spectacular performance that would’ve been on par with a real stage live.

Announcer Fang Nian Hua, a famous figure to the Taiwanese, was the MC of the program and was reported to have come in with questions that she had prepared with herself.

Kim Hyun Joong charmed the studio with his suave, yet humble attitude. Staff commented, “He’s not only charismatic, but he also has such great manners. Truly worthy of being the best star of Korea.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s episode will broadcast on August 21st.

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[Vid + Article] Park Jung Min’s OST track for “The Princess’ Man” Revealed!

SS501 Park Jung Min’s OST track, “Missing You” for KBS2’s “The Princess’ Man” has been released.

Entertainment agency CNR Media said, “The drama ‘The Princess’ Man’ is currently doing very well with its number one ranking with OST tracks sung by Baek Ji Young, Lee Jung, Ha Dong Gyoon, and more. ‘Missing You’ will especially present the best OST by increasing the drama’s touching elements with Park Jung Min’s melancholy and tender voice.”

Park Jung Min has increased expectations for the track by affectionately recording the song despite his busy schedule before leaving to film for his Taiwanese drama.

“Missing You” was composed by the hit composer Park Jung Wook, whose previous works were included in the “Secret Garden,” “Iris,” and “Bad Love” OSTs. Won Tae Yeon, lyricist for “That Woman” from “Secret Garden,” also participated in its creation.

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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong being Pushed by Fans

Hyun Joong was pushed and scratched by some overenthusiastic fans. 

Please don't make him hurt anymore. Everyone should remain calm.   
 Thank you so much!

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