Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[Fan Account] From a Male Fan Attending Shanghai Concert : Kim Hyun Joong Phantasm World Tour 2014

This is my first time seeing him in person

I was seated in the front area, more to the left side. When he approached to the left, I can see his face clearly. I cannot describe the excitement within me. All i wanted is to stand as tall as I can to see him. I was standing so upright to a point that the girls behind me got irritated because I was blocking their view.

For a moment i thought he was looking over to my side and I have gotten eye contact. Or maybe it is because I am a male fan thus taller than the rest of the girls. And I am also holding my camera up high. Well, it is all my imagination. (I am the only male fan in the front area. I only saw a few guys when i was leaving and they were there with their girlfriends)

(I cannot remember when I started being obsessed with him. I remember first seeing him on my elder sister's PC wallpaper. So charismatic and handsome. I was hooked. (Sorry...Shy) Under my sister's influence, I listened to his songs, watched his movies, and became his fan. I would like to thank my sister for buying the tickets 2 months' in advance which cost her 1280. Thank you!

Actually being a male fan, i am often teased by friends. Just like yesterday, I posted some concert pics on QQ and shared some thoughts, one of my friends commented "You being a guy and being obsessed is indeed unbelievable" After that, all sorts of comments came in. I was furious, wanted to tell them it's my business, what is it to you? (the writer is someone with mild temperament) In the end, I still reply as I have mentioned. Haha...

During the concert Hyun Joong cried. I didn't notice it then. I only realised it when I saw the pic online. Yes, being in the industry for 10years now, some fans left. The attendance that day was not that good.

He is going to the army soon. 3years, it is both a long and short time. I will be in the Uni in 3 years' time. I will still be there.


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