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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 in Hiroshima ; Leaving HBG Hall



[Account] Meeting Kim Hyung Jun upclose and personal / When the camera’s not rolling..

This is really THE account that I have no idea to begin with. (It’s been 2 weeks since the event) Writing this now, when the memory is not that fresh but yet lingering…

It started with a message from a friend, telling me that Kim Hyung Jun is coming and I should go and cover for the event. Prior to this, I had no idea that he is coming, since I have not been paying much attention to their updates (except for leader’s) for the past 1-2 years.

The last time I saw Kim Hyung Jun was while covering for his Singapore FM in 2011. (2 years back!?) Time does fly~

So on 17th March, I went to SPD Chairty Show, to cover the event for korea.com. Since I only write kpop news, so I only goes into the studio to film/take photos only when Kim Hyung Jun or Ye Eun goes in. For the rest of the time, I stayed with other medias at the reception area right outside the studio.

I shall not write about how good the performances were since all of you would have seen it on TV or watched him perform live. So, im just gonna share a bit about him when the camera wasn’t rolling….

After the opening of show where all the performers gathered, Kim Hyung Jun exited via backstage, and coincidentally I was there as well. He seemed happy and was all smiles. His first segment will be starting in about 30 minutes time, (as i was told) so i went back to media reception area. A short while later, Kim Hyung Jun also came over to reception area to watch the show on TV. I guess it’s really nice of him to do so, i would have expected him to go back to his waiting room and get some rest or touch ups on his make-up. Other local artistes were not seen to wait outside the studio for their turn. Personally, i think it really shows that not only is he just performing here, but also he is here to attend the show with full heart.

Fast forward…

After his first segment ended, we were brought to the waiting room to have an interview with him. Although that was not my first time doing an interview, but it was my first time interviewing someone from SS501, my personal favourite KPOP group~ Prior to the interview, i spent a quality amount of time drafting the questions, trying to make it not as ‘factual’ and ‘boring’ as the usual questions. So instead of coming up with the usual’s which most fans already known or read about in other interviews, I focused on getting fans to know more about him. At the same time, I was avoiding the usual sensitive topics (for kpop idol interviews) such as ‘plastic surgery’, ‘current relationships’ and in his case, ‘ss501′.

However, he proved me wrong! All those usually ‘sensitive topics’ were actually answered by him without a doubt when asked by other medias. There was no restrictions on the type of questions asked that day, and he addressed everyone’s questions seriously.

The interview lasted for about 30-40 minutes, then we have end it there since his next segment is coming up soon.

Back to backstage…
After Ye Eun finished her performance, I was waiting to do an interview with her. As she walks over, Kim Hyung Jun who was already waiting for his turn, went to shook Ye Eun’s hand and told her that she did a really good job~ (During the interview, Kim also said the Ye Eun is very famous in Korea.)
After Hyung Jun’s second segment, he came out to media reception area again to watch the show on TV.

To sum it all up, Hyung Jun seems to be a really down to earth, friendly and charismatic person.
I’m really glad and fortunate to report the event and it was a pleasure to meet him.

p.s. just a side track here – I actually saw him before the show, in the lift, when the door opened. With me then there was another lady, who was saying how handsome Kim Hyung Jun is

pp.s. A little bit about Ye Eun – Ye Eun, although she was born blind, but her talent really amazes me. She was really a cute girl, like a little angel. She was also very nervous when meeting people. During the interview with Ye Eun, as i asked in English, she cutely remarked “there’s Chinese people too?” ^^ (cause the other 2 reporters are korean).


original account by babyvfan

[Photo] Heo Young Saeng Art of Seduction at Arirang's Simply K-Pop


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[News] Kim Hyun Joong in Tears as Tour Ends

On March 25th, during the final concert of Kim Hyun Joong’s “Unlimited” Japan Tour 2013, audience members were treated to an unusual sight… the “Break Down” singer and popular leader of ss501 broke down into tears as the concert came to an end.

An emotional Kim Hyun Joong fought back tears as he thanked his audience, . As fans continued to cheer, he finally lost control and started crying. Overcome with emotion, KHJ was unable to speak and had to wipe away his tears with a towel from the stage. As he tried to regain his composure, the delighted fans just kept cheering.

Kim Hyun Joong then went on to thank the popular rock band “Down Hell” who toured with him throughout Japan. They then closed out the tour with a cake onstage. After a final thank you and a gracious bow, KHJ gathered flowers, notes, and other items from the audience before exiting the stage.

The “Unlimited” Japan Tour 2013 was Kim Hyun Joong’s second tour in Japan as a solo artist. The singer has also performed in Peru and Brazil in the past month.

The videos below show Kim Hyun Joong’s farewell in two parts- the first is of his emotional thank you to the audience and the second is his thank you to the band and his final bow to the fans.


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article source: korea.com

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Your Story Performance at Unlimited Tour 2013 in Hiroshima Day 2


by Hollis Hyun

[News] Heo Young Saeng “Dated a Celebrity 2 years older”, Frank Confession on Shim Shim Ta Pa

Singer Heo Young Saeng (from group SS501) attended a radio program, confessed that he dated a celebrity 2 years older than him.

Heo Young Saeng, together with singer G.NA, attended to “Star’s Dignity”, a section off MBC program “Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa” which aired on 24th (Mar) 12:05am. DJ Shindong exposed Heo YoungSaeng by saying “I talked a lot with Heo Young Saeng through playing games, during (online) chatting he can talk so much that I was so shocked” and “He became a warrior in front of the keyboard”, (Heo Young Saeng) was embarrassed by it and replied “I’ll talk a lot when I get excited”, and the program started with burst of laughter with his reply.

With regards to his recent comeback with new song “The Art of Seduction”, Shindong asked “Having your comeback on White Day, did you prepare any special event for your fans?” “The comeback itself is the event (for them).” (Heo Young Saeng) replied showing tremendous confidence.

Heo Young Saeng continued “The first time when I heard this song, it’s not to my liking because it sounded frivolous” and “Because I was an idol, so I wanted to display a handsome or a mature feeling, but (company’s) representative personally appointed this song.” sharing his feelings and a small episode during which when he first leant of that song. But he added “Having continuously listening to the song during the preparation time, I got hooked onto it, there’s a lot of joy on the stage so this is great.”

Shindong asked “When one experiences parting, there are alot of external changes, so is that why (your music) has changed?” and Heo Young Saeng replied “(It’s been a while) I am not in any relationship so I’m feeling lonely”.

Continuing the topic on relationship, Heo Young Saeng revealed “I’ve dated someone older before” and “She was 2 years older, but was like a dongsaeng (younger sister)”. Shindong continued to interrogate “Is she a celebrity? Please reply yes or no.” “Yes, she is a celebrity” he confessed. Heo Young Saeng continued “It’s not easy to be with someone older. Women wants to depend on men, although she wants to depend on him, but because he is younger, she will be at a loss.” and “Man should be the one taking the lead, but at the thought that she is an elder sister, naturally just can’t do it.”

Shindong asked “Are you bad boy style within?” and (Heo Young Saeng) replied “I have not been in a relationship for a long time, so it seems like I will be a great guy who will put in everything if I were to get into a relationship now.”

Meanwhile ‘Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa” (PD Son HanSeo) airs every night 12mn on MBC Standard FM (95.9Mhz), section “Star’s Dignity” for stars’ comeback or rookies airs on every Saturday.


Credits: show@wowtv.co.kr + (English Translation) kelemama + xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

[HD Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Departure at Hiroshima Airport Heading to Okinawa


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[Scans] Hyun Joong on Korean Stars Magazine April 2013 Issue


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Arrival at Okinawa


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[News] Kim Hyun Joong Wraps Up Japan Tour with a Satisfying Conclusion

Kim Hyun Joong′s Japan tour came to a successful conclusion with its last concert in Hiroshima.

The singer′s Japan Tour 2013 Unlimited went off with a bang on March 25 in Hiroshima. The tour started on January 6 in Kobe, and traveled through 11 cities, including Saitama, Nagoya, Shizuoka, Miyagi, Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo.

Tickets for the concerts sold out early on soon after they were made available for sale, and concerts had to be added to the original schedule to meet demand from different areas of Japan.

Kim Hyun Joong concentrated on communicating and sharing with his fans in the concerts so that they could become one.

He met fans with passion at large venues that hold over 10,000 people, while he also stepped closer to them in smaller venues for other cities.

Most of his original hits and new songs were rearranged to band music, while splendid stage effects perfected his performances.

A talk session with fans even had him spilling out his emotions onstage.

Kim Hyun Joong will next perform at the Okinawa International Movie Festival to be held on March 28, and then he will return to Korea to prepare for his promotions in Korea as well as his world tour.


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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Departure at Hiroshima Airport Heading to Okinawa


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Departure at Hiroshima Airport Heading to Okinawa


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