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[Vid / Raw] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 SBS Barefoot Friends Episode 28


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[Star of the Week] Heo Young Saeng’s 허영생 Web of Celebrity Friends

As a singer and sometimes actor, Heo Young Saeng naturally has ties to top stars in the idol and acting worlds, and we’re delving into the star’s celebrity friendships

Seo Ji Suk

Heo Young Saeng is known to be close friends with actor Seo Ji Suk and even served as the MC at the actor’s wedding.

The two stars have displayed their close friendship professionally as well, as Heo Young Saeng lent his voice to the song the actor and Lee Chung Ah composed and wrote on MBC reality show Music & Lyrics 2.

Seo Ji Suk returned the favor by making a cameo in Heo Young Saeng’s music video for The Art of Seduction.

The two stars are also on the same celebrity soccer team.


Park Ji Bin

Young actor Park Ji Bin is also known to be Heo Young Saeng’s close friend, as the two stars have been spotted at VIP screenings together frequently.

Park Ji Bin is also an avid soccer fan, and Heo Young Saeng has often tweeted about their soccer adventures.


MBLAQ’s Mir revealed he was close friends with Heo Young Saeng, when he appeared on Mnet’s Star VJ Show and chose to call up his hyung on the ‘Friendship Test’ segment of the show.

When Mir texted Heo Young Saeng to test their friendship, the quick SS501 member responded, “Why? Is this a psychology test?”

Go Ara
Heo Young Saeng boasted his close friendship with actress Go Ara when he tweeted a photo with the star back in 2012, writing “I went to the screening of Ara’s ‘Pacemaker.’ I enjoyed it!! I hope it hits the jackpot!! FIghting. This is a proof shot. Thanks for inviting me.”

Heo Young Saeng has often shown his support for the actress by appearing at her film’s screenings.

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong

Before Heo Young Saeng made his debut with SS501, he was an SM Entertainment trainee, where he met fellow trainee and current JYJ member Kim Jae Joong.

We’re not surprised by this history, however, as SM overfloweth with pretty boys.


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[Star of the Week] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 Over the Years

SS501’s Heo Young Saeng is set to take off for the army on October 31, but before we send him off, we’re looking back on how far the star has come over the years.

Prince Heo Young Saeng

Heo Young Saeng was always a natural perfomer

Heo Young Saeng in uniform then

Heo Young Saeng in uniform now

Oh, Heo Young Saeng just being his good looking self on ′I Need a Fairy′

Did you know Heo Young Saeng was once a musketeer?

He has the battle wounds to prove it

But he will forever be known as a SS501 member...who once rocked a mean mullet

Beginning with numerous rookie awards in 2005, SS501 went on to receive an array of awards

Then he went solo in 2011 and couldn′t ′Let It Go.′ ′It′ being the top of the music charts

And now we don′t want to let him go

But alas, duty calls, and we wish Heo Young Saeng nothing but the best of luck as he goes off to protect the country. Come back to us soon!


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[Translation] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 1st Concert in Seoul ; SS501 Reunion Talk Time


Young Saeng: Suddenly at a lost to how to continue, very warm… ah… really… really very thankful to everyone who came, especially when everyone has their own schedule. Hyun Joong has his drama, Hyun Jun too, Jung Min is preparing for his musical, especially Kyu Jong, who is serving his military duties at JeonJu. Really very precious times.

Jung Min: Although everyone is working very hard at different areas, but thinking that there will be such a day, like this when all 5 gather together. Hope everyone work even harder, cheering for us while waiting~

Kyu Jong: So before we leave the stage, starting from Hyun Joong Hyung, say something simple to Yong Saeng Hyung who will be entering the Army soon~

Jung Min: It will be a little regretful if we don’t say 501 before we end right? Have to say Heo Young Saeng Mansae~

All Members: 1 2 3~ SS501 Mansae~ Heo YoungSaeng Mansae~

Hyung Joong: Now we will do the last greeting, we are…

All Members: SS501


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Chinese Translation: 阿宝的小伙伴&阿四
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[Star of the Week] 5 Reasons Why Heo Young Saeng 허영생 is the Biggest Shinhwa Fanboy Ever

Many stars are pretty vocal about being a fan of Shinhwa, especially as a respected sunbae group, but no one is probably as loud as Heo Young Saeng.

It takes a lot for a man to be fan of a boy man group, and Heo Young Saeng must have definitely seen something in Shinhwa that caught his attention, because he certainly is not shy about proclaiming his love and respect for the first generation group.

He Debuted as a Singer Because of Lee Min Woo

He may respect all six members of Shinhwa, but only one of them really encouraged and pushed Heo Young Saeng to become the singer that he is today, and that was Lee Min Woo.

Heo Young Saeng has named Lee Min Woo as his role model on more than one occasion, even receiving jealous scowls from the other Shinhwa members.

Likewise, Lee Min Woo was very touched and proud to be named Heo Young Saeng’s role model and still remembers the time Heo Young Saeng first told him of the fact.

He Wears Orange

And not just any orange clothing.

Heo Young Saeng is famous in the Shinhwa fan community because he was once a part of Shinhwa’s official fanclub, Shinhwa Changjo. To be more specific, it’s said that he joined the fourth unit of Shinhwa Changjo back in the early 2000s.

We wonder if he still has the orange Shinhwa Changjo raincoat lying around in his closet somewhere.

He Watches Shinhwa’s Programs on TV

Not only did he have the lucky opportunity to come out on KBS’ Happy Together with his role models, Heo Young Saeng mentioned that he watches programs that Shinhwa comes on.

He grew up watching by Lee Min Woo’s charismatic performances, hoping to be a good dancer. He also told Shinhwa that he watched Shinhwa’s episode of KBS’ Win Win and was inspired.

When he gets back from the army, can Heo Young Saeng be a guest on Shinhwa Broadcast? (If it’s still on air?)

He goes to Shinhwa Concerts

Watching Shinhwa on a small screen just wasn’t cutting it for Heo Young Saeng, so he ended up going to see his sunbaenims live at their concert in August.

He tweeted on August 4 writing, “I went to go see the Shinhwa concert~~~keke. Shinhwa hyung, you are all cool!! When I get to be your age, will I be able to dance like you…? Ke. But the bigger worry is that my songs have high notes. What if I can’t hit them later on…? Keke. Be strong! Ke.”

He Hopes SS501 Will Be Like Shinhwa

As mentioned before, Heo Young Saeng watched the programs Shinhwa was on, feeling inspired and jealous of the chemistry between the members.

When he contacted the SS501 members to watch the show, it turned out all the other members were already watching the program and all feeling the same way Heo Young Saeng was feeling.

They ended up meeting up and talking about coming back as a group again Kim Dong Wan then encouraged Heo Young Saeng that they will be together one day.

Heo Young Saeng also mentioned that he hopes SS501 can be like Shinhwa, where the members don’t hold grudges against each other and clear the air when a conflict happens.

We’ll be waiting for the day SS501 reunites as five on stage!


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[Article] SS501 Made Fans Go Wild With Their Reunion Stage

In fans’ words ‘It’s a night to treasure and remember’. Heo Young Saeng held his 1st solo concert in Seoul on 26th October, fans from all over the world made their way to Korea to show their love and support before his enlistment. One of the biggest highlight of the show has to be when Heo Young Saeng started to sing songs from SS501′s past albums and his group members started to appear on stage one by one.

‘We have been waiting for this moment for 3 years’ says fans of SS501.

Indeed, since SS501 ended their contract with DSP, 5 members have been focusing on their solo activities. Even though the members were also at Kim Kyu Jong’s fanmeet before his enlistment, but not all 5 could appear on stage and perform together. This time, with so much anticipation from the fans, the 5 members appeared on stage together in dashing outfits and sang their songs for the first time ever in 3 years, bringing back all the memories.

“Hello, we are SS501!” – SS501 members greeted the audience.

As SS501 reunited on stage, fans at the concert were all screaming at the top of their lungs, the screams were definitely deafening as one can imagine with all the excitements after waiting for this stage for such a long time.

SS501 members singing ‘Green Peas’ – A song for Triple S

This reunion stage has definitely given hopes and reassurance to fans that SS501 will comeback as 5 again.


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[Article] FINALLY! SS501 Reunite at Heo Yyoung Saeng Concert

one of my TS sister from the US wrote this article in one of SS501 fan sites. Reading this made me reminisce my long years being SS501 fan... a proud Triple S! 
thanks for this wonderful article.. and to all Triple S around the world, Let's keep stop doubting and keep on believing in them.. They made their promise! Let's keep on waiting for their official comeback as one again!
SS501 and Triple S Mansae!!! 

Heo Young Saeng, lead vocalist for ss501, held his first solo concert on October 26th. The concert,2013 Heo Young Saeng Seoul Concert 0513 My Story, was also the singer’s farewell performance before he enlists in the military at the end of this month. During the concert, all 5 members of the popular singing group ss501 appeared onstage for the first time in 3 years.

Despite their long break from group activities, ss501 continues to be one of the most popular recording artists on the charts… a fact which proves both the immense popularity the group enjoyed during their peak and their fans’ enduring loyalty. When the group’s contract ended in 2010, ss501 promised their fans (Triple S) that they had not broken up and would reunite one day. Fans were finally rewarded for their patience after 3 long years.

Heo Young Saeng opened the concert with the song Let It Go. After several more songs, a video collage began to show all 5 of the ss501 members. HYS then sang a solo version of the group’s hit song Love Ya. Afterwards, he was joined onstage by ss501 leader and Hallyu prince Kim Hyun Joong. The two talented artists sang one song together, then KHJ performed his latest song Your Story.

After Young Saeng performed another ss501 hit, UR Man, he was joined by fellow members Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun. They sang a beautiful rendition of Because I’m Stupid, the popular song from the Boys Over Flowers OST. This was one of the first songs to bring them so many international fans.

The 4 members then performed the fan song Green Peas. Many people said they could hear the 5th member, Kim Kyu Jong, singing along to Green Peas offstage. This fact seems likely since he immediately joined the other 4 members onstage after the song was finished. Facing the crowd, they then said, “We are SS501!” Hearing those words and seeing the members together again brought many fans to tears.

The 5 members went on to do a short acapella rendition of In The Still of The Night, their beautiful harmony reminding fans of why they became so popular in the first place.

For many fans, the night was a dream come true! Gabby Lumbantoruan has been a fan of ss501 since 2010. She has been a faithful supporter of ss501 and has spent time organizing special projects for Triple S USA, including a 100kg rice wreath which was sent to the HYS concert. When she finally saw the pictures and videos from the ss501 reunion, she began to cry. “It’s basically a dream come true for every Triple S to see all 5 members together on stage and introduce themselves as SS501, fulfilling their promise of not being disbanded.”

Another fan stated, “5 boys are now 5 men… most importantly they are men who kept their word.” Other fans took to twitter and other social media outlets to express their happiness and tears of joy to see the members together again onstage.

With HYS entering the military on October 31st and other members soon to follow, it may be several more years before Triple S will see their beloved group together again. Perhaps Gabby sums it up best though, “It doesn’t matter how long it takes for them to come back,” she said, ”Because Triple S will be patiently waiting…”


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[News] SS501, Heo Young Saeng 허영생 and Green Peas – Top Trends on Social Networks

On 26th October, Heo Young Saeng held his first solo concert in Seoul and reunited SS501 on stage. After 3 years, all members of SS501 stood on stage together for the first time, they sang and greeted together. Last night was definitely a dream comes true for fans as they got to see them as 5 again.

SS501′s fans, also known as Triple S, have successfully trended topics #SS501Reunion #YSMyStory0513 and #GreenPeas on mega social networks and made these top trends in many countries and even on a worldwide scale.

Below are some of the ‘moments’ we gathered from Triple S :

#Green Peas on worldwide trend (Green Peas are another name Triple S use for themselves)
This started to trend as SS501 members gathered on stage to sing ‘Green Peas’

#SS501Reunion trending in Turkey

#SS501Reunion trending in China on weibo

#SS501Reunion trending in Vietnam (2nd place)

#SS501Reunion and #YSMyStory trending in Malaysia at 2nd and 3rd places respectively (by 9pm)

#SS501Reunion and #YSMyStory0513 trending in 1st and 4th places respectively in Indonesia

#SS501Reunion and #YSMyStory0513 trending in 1st and 3rd places respectively in Singapore

However, sadly to say, this reunion (on stage) may be the first in 3 years but also the last for the time being, as Heo Young Saeng will be entering army on 31st October. Perhaps, they will reunite again when another member goes off to army?

*I will include other photos regarding this trending... -- Hyun Ae Chin

#SS501Reunion trending World Wide and in the Philippines also... that was 2 hours prior to the concert.... 


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