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[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 on SBS Hwashin 'Incarnation'

Kim Hyun Joong on Bae Yong Jun & Happy Camp Guesting in China

  • KHJ said he’s close to Bae Yong-jun, like brothers. Even when they are sending text messages to each other, it’s also in a casual manner like ‘How are you doing? Treat me for a drink’. He meets up with BYJ around 1-2 times in a month.
  • One of the MC who’s also under KE, revealed that KHJ and BYJ only talks about work for around 2 minutes over the phone, but they could talk for 2 hours when they are talking about females. When MC Kim Hee-sun asked rather straightforwardly, ‘He’s still not yet married, right?’ which KHJ was flustered at the question and answered, ‘Not yet’. (I think this was regarding that rumor bettwen BYJ and Lee Na-young getting married 2 years ago?)
  • When KHJ was asked what kind of games does BYJ play usually. He answered BYJ was actually very good in the game that you got to match 3 identical animal characters togethers in order to get a combo (it’s the Kakaotalk’s Anipang game)
  • When asked how many fanclubs he has in China or any other countries, KHJ answered he has 1 or 2 fanclubs in each countries. The MC (under the same agency) reveals that in a total of 16 countries, KHJ has a total of 36 fanclubs, and those are only the official ones.

  • KHJ said he did attend one of the TV programme in China which is Happy Camp, that have also marked the highest viewership ratings with around 3 bllion viewers. MC Kim Gu-ra jokingly asked ‘Is it a..rated movie?’ (he doesn’t know Happy Camp is a variety programme. He thought it’s rated because of the word ‘Happy’..?) KHJ answered he’s not sure why is it titled ‘Happy Camp’, perhaps to bring laughters to the viewers or doing body gags..and soon all realized it’s a variety programmes
  • Among thousands of viewers who applied to the enter for the show recording, only 200 people were picked via lucky draw. KHJ also knew the case on ‘illegal ticket sales’ where the price of one entrance ticket was sold at one million Korean won.

Kim Hyun Joong & His Space Travel Plans
  • When talking about KHJ’s wish to travel to the space. He said that there is a organization to send people to travel in space but it’s really expensive, around 2 billion KRW? (he really does find out for a lot of interesting things… I think he meant it’s the Virgin Galactic’s spaceflights). KHJ said that the organization still doesn’t allow people like him to apply yet, instead they are allowing people who are richer and famous. He also knew that Justin Bieber had also applied who is currently in the waiting list. (members from N’Sync also have applied but have been rejected..).
  • So in order to get on this ‘flight’ at least once before he dies, he’ll work harder to become more famous although he might not be that rich. But at the meantime to make himself feel better (since he could not apply to go on the spaceflight(?) yet), he would convince himself to think that the flight operation is still under testing, sending off the first 100 passengers to check whether is it safe or not ㅋㅋㅋ

Kim Hyun Joong On His Shyness in Receiving Formal Greetings
  • Regarding the rumor why KHJ seemed to only greet Bae Yong-jun instead of other hoobaes…KHJ said he was just shy since he felt that he himself isn’t someone that highly. Plus they weren’t even in the army, but hoobaes(in a whole group) always comes to him and greet him ‘Hello!’ in the ‘military manner’. So he thought ‘Huh? Am I in N.Korea?’ and have no idea what to reply them, just ‘…hi’ and ran away.
  • He said if he were to reply them with such words like ‘Keep up the good work!’ makes him sounds like as if he’s a leader/head of something with power (but in fact, he’s not). KHJ himself is also a hoobae to sunbaes. He does greet his sunbaes too but not in that ‘military manner’.
  • KHJ thought that hoobaes who are able to perform so cheerfully and bright on stage..why do they seem like a ‘machine’(in their greeting method) below stage? MC said that it’s their respective agency who asked their idols to do so. KHJ said it feels weird as if they are making this greeting method a system.
  • So during music shows, KHJ doesn’t really go to the washroom because even inside the washroom, hoobaes(also in a whole group going to the washroom) greet him(or sunbaes) too even if they are in the middle of relieving themselves, hoobaes would turn around and greet him when he enters the washroom. And KHJ would quickly pull up his pants and go inside the toilet cubicle instead ㅋㅋ Here MC said because he quickly pulls up the pants and enters the toilet cubicle instead, this might cause another rumor to surface again ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • KHJ hopes that hoobaes would just greet him in a friendly and casual method like brothers and sisters, not the hoobae-sunbae method.

Kim Hyun Joong The First Gen. Hallyu Star

  • KHJ’s confused look when the MC said he’s the 1st Gen Hallyu & after a few sec..’Ah!! The 1st Idol catching the H1N1 flu before the vaccine was released in Korea’ ㅋㅋㅋ (luckily he caught the flu in Japan and the vaccine was already available in Japan~)

Kim Hyun Joong on finishing High School
  • Ohhh!! KHJ’s English level ‘improved’!!
  • MC said KHJ took the school qualification exam because he’s pursuing the singing career thus unable to proceed to senior high school. This was during the first year in high school where KHJ was really into music. But KHJ revealed that he had returned to school. The reason being because the school qualification exam was too difficult.
  • (P/S: School qualification exam or known as 검정고시 is a test for students who did not attend high school but wishes to graduate as a high school student)
  • KHJ said that the school qualification exam is not as easy as everyone think it is. Questions like ‘How are you? Fine, thank you’ and also questions that he didn’t know at all would come out. He knows what’s ‘be+ing’, ‘as’ ‘as possible’, ‘-ed’.
  • He was very confident that he knew all these so he took the school qualification exam. Once he open the leaflet, he thought right away ‘Ah..I have return to school again next year..’. He also jokingly said, ‘To understand all these (in the leaflet) would probably take 10 years whereas return to school only take 3 years’
Lastly when KHJ was asked what kind of father would he want to be next time? KHJ said, ‘I’m me, and you’re you. I will spend the money I earned and I won’t give you all that I’ve earned’

KHJ said since he himself is also living in this world, he should lead a happy life too (with money he earned). And the kids should fight for their own happiness too.


translated by @5StarsAs1

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong to Temporarily Fill in For TVXQ's Changmin on 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education'

Kim Hyun Joong will temporarily replace TVXQ's Changmin, who was unable to participate in the recent filming of 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' due to scheduling conflicts.

A representative stated, "Due to his overseas schedules, Changmin was inevitably unable to film 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education'. But starting next week, [Changmin] will return to the show and he will be able to participate in the games as normal. Since Changmin has high enthusiasm for badminton, he is very regretful that he won't be able to train with the Korean national athletes at the Taeneung Training Center."

The rep clarified that Changmin's temporary absence has nothing to do with his injured lip, and stated, "The reason why Changmin will not be able to film for the show is not because of his injury."

Kim Hyun Joong came to the rescue to fill in for Changmin and received training starting on the 7th, and will continue to carry out the badminton mission with the cast for the next 3 weeks.

Check out Kim Hyun Joong's athleticism when the episode airs on the 20th!


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