Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Media Photo + Translation] Inspiring Generation : Kim Hyun Joong Reveals His Good Looks in Changpao

Kim Hyun Joong from upcoming KBS2 Wed-Thu drama 'Inspirinig Generation : the Birth of the GOD of battles' reveals his nice look in Chinese dress chángpáo on 18th by the production company.

In the photo, Kim Hyun Joong is wearing white chángpáo (Chinese dress) and offering incense to mourn someone's death, suppressing sadness.
The white chángpáo presents Kim Hyun Joong's determined and sober feelings boldly.

Inspiring Generation is set in Shanghai in 1930's, so Kim Hyun Joong's perfect look in chángpáo attracts people's attention.

Choi Il Hwa, who's playing as 'Hwang Bang Pa''s big boss 'Seol Doo Sung' in 'Bang Sam Tong' in Shanghai, also looks good in chángpáo. He is broad-minded with remarkable strategies, and will help Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong) to stand against 'Il Kook Hwoi (Japanese Yakuza)' which intends to swallow the continent. 

Jung Tae's another helper is 'Wang Baek San', charismatic actor Jung Ho Bin is playing as, who is the 'Hwang Bang Pa''s under boss. (in black chángpáo in the pix) 

It is said Choi Il Hwa and Jung Ho Bin attentively taught and discussed about acting with Kim Hyun Joong when camera was off in the filming set. Kim Hyun Joong said "I am very glad to work with these big seniors. I will definitely do my best" 

The production company 'Ray&Mo''s source said "The actors work in perfect harmony between older and younger and that creates a synergy effect. Please expect famous supporting actors' transformation into something different roles and Kim Hyun Joong's significant growth as well. 
 Inspiring Generation is a huge scaled 'emotional romantic noir' with first-class action, set in 1930's Shanghai, showing love and royalty between young fighters from Korea· China· Japan.

It is planned to premiere in January 15 following 'Pretty Man'.


English Translation: @howlovelylala