Friday, May 23, 2008

[News] SS501’s Jjanggu Dance

If last year’s hit was the “Tell Me dance,” this year, it is SS501’s “Jjanggu dance” for its song “A Song Calling For You” that is creating a buzz. A remix version of the said song was released as a digital single in early May.

The dance was named the “Jjanggu dance” because it looks like the dance Shin-chan, of the animated series “Crayon Shin-chan” (Korean title: Jjanggu the Unstoppable) does in the series.

The dance is popular among the group’s fans and they say that it is “cute” and “something they like seeing for so many times.”


Source: Reviewstar + krnloop

Sunday, May 18, 2008

[News] SS501′s Heo Young Saeng Reeks of Honesty

SS501 member, Heo Young Saeng, recently revealed that he’s a “real honest guy” on KBS ‘Star Golden Bell‘.

This honesty that Huh Young Sang speaks about, is that he always tells his members if he farted or not. “The other members would try to hide the fact that they farted or blame someone else, but I just tell them when I fart.” Due to his honesty, Heo Young Saeng earned the nickname (방귀쟁이), which translates into someone who farts a lot.

Honesty is a good trait and one that’s hard to find these days. But in this case, Heo Young Saeng should try to be a little less honest.


credit: allkpop

Monday, May 12, 2008

[News] SS501 Beats Tohoshinki?

Korean boy bands Tohoshinki (a.k.a. DBSK) and SS501 both debuted in Japan with the hopes of sparking their careers. Both have succeeded in making it into Japan Oricon Charts with credible ranking.

Though SM Entertainment DBSK has been working in Japan since 2006, they were outdone by late comers, SS501. DSP Entertainment SS501 had made a name for themselves in Japan after their first single made it to the top 10. On the other hand, it took DBSK eight tries to make it to the top 10 and continually stay there. It was even more shocking when SS501 second single made it to the top ten again!

SS501 success was gladly appreciated as they knew debuting in a new country, especially one as hard as Japan, would be a tough ordeal. But once again, they won the battle against DBSK by winning The Best 10 New Artist of 2008 Award at the Japan Golden Disk Award (an award that shouldn't be overlooked). Even their first album (ranking #20) outranked DBSK first Japanese album (ranking #22). The new artist awards are given to ten artists who debuted in the previous year and ranked top ten in the album sales and revenue category.

DBSK may be outselling SS501 in both Japan and China, but looks like that didn't help them win an award that night. Due to the many rumors of SM Entertainment always rigging award ceremonies and album/single sales, SS501 award can be seen as truly genuine.

Other Korean artists who were honored with a Golden Disk Award were BoA, Ryu Shi Won, and Shinhwa.


credit: allkpop