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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong 'Chuseok Special'

Kim Hyun Joong wearing Hanbok

past to present

**deep sigh**

Really suits him! He's reaLLy so damn gorgeous whatever he wear! 

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[Photo + Translation] Park Jung Min Recent photo

입국하자 마자 병원부터ㅠ_ㅠ.. 완치는 무리였고, 계속 통증이 있었겠지. 힘내

 As soon as you enter from the hospital ㅠ ㅠ _ .. The crowd was cured, she had to keep the pain. Come


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong on Sudden Weekly Magazine

Kim Hyun Joong's Evolution.... ^_^

so gorgeous.... ever since!

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[Photo] kim Kyu Jong MV Shooting Site

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[Vid] Heo Young Saeng Message for Special DVD First Solo Story


01 ティーザー
02 PVフルバージョン
03 メイキング
04 スペシャル・アングル1(CLOSE-UP Ver.)
05 スペシャル・アングル2(DANCE Ver.)
06 スペシャル・アングル3(DIRECTOR'S Ver.)
01 PVフルバージョン
02 メイキング映像
03 スペシャル・アングル1(CLOSE-UP Ver.)

02 インタビュー
02 NG集

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong Donates $100,000 to Charities

SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong donated $100,000 in honor of his loving fans in Asia.

Kim Hyun Joong recently concluded his Asian Tour where he visited seven different countries across Asia, including Japan, China, and Thailand. In conjunction with this tour, he conducted various charity auction events at the local tour locations. All the proceeds from these auction events were donated to charity.

An official at Kim Hyun Joong’s agency, ‘Key East‘ stated, “We conducted an auction on each of the stops for Kim Hyun Joong’s Asian Tour. The total proceeds from the 7 country tour amounted to $100,000 and he sent all the proceeds to charity so it can be used to help the less fortunate. Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong thought about how to repay all of his fans for the love he has received all over Asia and it was his idea to repay his heartfelt gratitude through this auction“.

It was reported that Kim Hyun Joong donated personable autographed memorabilia including t-shirts, shoes, albums, and various other items for the auction.

Since finishing his Asian tour, Kim Hyun Joong now plans to spend some time with his family for Chuseok. He’s also in preparations to release his second album at the end of the year.

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Source : XSportsnews
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[Staff Notice + Translation] Heo Young Saeng - Recruitment of Y.E.S in Mid-October

This is the person in charge.
Autumn is just round the corner ^^

I came to deliver a little message to everyone.

The gift to those who participated in the Fan Club Naming Contest will be sent out after Mid-Autumn Thanksgiving Day, on 14th September.
We will not be contacting the individuals~ The others besides the winner of the naming contest, will be sent via normal post,,, please check your mailbox once you return home^^

And also the 1st ~ 5th winners of the attendance check event during LET IT GO activities period,
As well the gift event, we are planning to send it out in mid-October.
We will contact the individuals by 30-Sep ^^
Please!! Definitely pick up the call if you receive the call from our office number.

For the recruitment of Y.E.S which you’ve been waiting for the longest time,
We are currently still building the membership administration system.
And because the interior and several others are running concurrently,
It seems like we will be able to start the recruitment from mid-October only TT-TT;;;;
Please wait for awhile more~~

We will return back again with a great news in our next staff report then.

Please have an enjoyable Thanksgiving day.

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong 'Chuseok Special Events' by Lotte Duty Free

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[Photos + Translation] Kim Hyung Jun 'Summer Festival' Behind Story #3

Rehearsal started again!!!!! Have to make sure the throat is loosen up.. if not.. “Will go out of tune” ^^;;;

In the middle middle (of practice) it is necessary to replenish water!!!! But cannot drink too much!! Ah~ Cooling~!!

Arm too stretch out~ Leg also lift up!! Treat rehearsal like a real thing! For the real thing, it will then emerge well like during practice~ 1, 2, 3, 4 Let’s Go~

“2am and you haven’t sleep?!” Music High Rehearsal.. So many interesting stories what should I do… Too spoilt for choices ㅠㅠ

Do I look ti..tired^^;;;? Now in front of me there is nothing but I’ll think of everyone who will be coming a while later! Rehearsal a little more… ^^;;;;;

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[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on 'Spicy' and 'Seoul Star' Thai Magazine September 2011 Issue

'Spicy' Vol.9 Issue 363 September 10-16, 2011

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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun Arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

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[Info] Kim Kyu Jong's Album Registration at Copyright Association

Sub Title : Sadder Today Than Yesterday
Company : B2M Entertainment
Release Date : 2011/09/27
Album Name : Kim KyuJong Mini 1st Album
First line of lyrics : Cannot believe, MY LOVE, Cruelly pretending not seeing me
[Singer Name : Kim KyuJong]
Lyrics by : Lee Ji Eun, Han Sang Won
Composed by : Han Sang Won

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[Vid] Park Jung Min Greetings to Malaysian Fans

credits: JungMinShine@youtube

[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong Asia Tour 2011 in Manila ; Still Can't Get Over You.. KIM HYUN JOONG! ^_^

16 DAYS... to be exact after August 25 event had happened.. and until now I still can't get over it! I could still feel the 'Kim Hyun Joong Phenomenon'.. well as you can see, atlast! am done with this story-writing aftermath! it's sssoooo Late.. I know! but I still want to share with you the exact feeLing that I have at that very moment...

August 25,2011......

THIS IS IT!! After almost a month of waiting for this day to come, FINALLY! it's here!

With all of my excitement for this EVENT, I said that I will be going there as earLy as 6:00 in the morning just to be sure that I will be one of those 'lucky' first 400 fans/buyers of "Break Down" CD which entitles us to have that 'HI FIVE' [as the event says] with leader of my fave Kpop band SS501Korea's TOP superstar, and now conquering the world... the ONLY ONE and my ONLY ONE.... KIM HYUN JOONG

But unfortunately I didn't met my plan [ as I expected] so, I arrived at Trinoma at 7:30 am and to my surprise hundreds of excited Triple S and Henecians are already falling in line..

All of my excitement that day vanished as I saw these huge crowd patiently came at the venue as early as 4am and some said they even sLept there.. Actually I don't have too much patience in waiting most especially falling in line outside the building just to watch such an event, but with my fondness and affection with Hyun Joong... for the very first time in my life I had tons of patience to do so! ^_^ 

 30 minutes had passed and I was just standing infront of this, Hyun Joong's poster with mechanics regarding about how the 'Hi Five' event will flow... Because I don't have any companion that day, I don't even have the courage to ask somebody on how many people already waiting for their queue..

I can't even remember how many times I read this... I'm just reading it over and over and over again.. As I was thinking about that time of my life, I could say it was too blur for me to remember.. I don't know if it's because of too much excitement or it's because of I'm too scared to know that I will not be able to join the event...

 I save all my courage to asked the mall guard regarding the number of people falling in line outside the venue, and with his answer to my question gave me the most scariest nightmare I ever had! T_T   It's over for me... That's life.. better Luck next time! I said   "it's okay.. as long I will get to see him personally I will be the happiest girl!" But.. wait...  HELL.. NO! The counting is not yet started.. I will still try!  "Chin,keep your fingers cross... Fighting!" ... 

 My feet dragged me at the end of this Line..
I meet some fans waiting beside me.. Because I don't have anybody to be with I tried to talk to them and feel with ease [just for the sake of this.. I said!] But as time passed by I realized how wonderful people they are..

My new found friends![from L-R] Lexen, Jheng, Kitte, eonnie Tess and Eonnie Azeth

I really enjoyed these company so much! Just to add a little bit more patience in waiting, we diverted our attention by talking about anything and everything about KHJ & other Kpop superstars..

One of my new found friend, Mommy Tess said that she just accompanied her friend Ate Zeth (KHJ die-hard), but to my surprise she  herself is really a die-hard fan of Kpop most especially of Jang Geun Suk.. ^_^
[I'm thinking of having this kind of bonding with my mom! Kpop addiction!] hahaha

The moment we're all been waiting for.. the counting starts.. with God's grace.... I made it! ^_^  if it's okay to scream at that time, am gonna scream my heart out! 316 was my lucky number..

It was almost lunch time when we got inside the venue.. You think this is already over?? Hell No! This is another beginning of WAITING.. **deep sigh** Seriously...

 I never engaged to any kind of event being a fan girl or should I say die-hard fan and waited for almost 12 hours just to see your idol in person.. Now I could understand the emotions of those people who are truly die-hard fans ever since..

At around 2:30 in the afternoon, everyone screamed as they started to play all of Kim Hyun Joong  MV's on the big screen! My friends and I we're all startled as if Hyun Joong really arrived there! We we're all laughing with that scenario! Before I knew it I'm screaming too!! hahaha and with others energy I'm already singing with them and even dancing with the beat! I can't reaLLy imagine I actually did that! hahaha but I Love these new kind of experience as if I went back to my high school life! *_*  

 [I even wondered  WHAT  IF?? what if he's actually performing infront of us.. ohh  boy! just seeing him on that big screen and all of us just gone crazy.. what more If we already saw him in person.. uuhhhh I might faint!]  *_*

By 4pm I actually memorized the whole choreography of 'Break Down' uuhhhhh and we're not yet inside the cordoned area.. My feet started to hurt already.. and I think my 'so called' patience will disappear in a moment! 

At around 5pm some people started to scream again and we we're like "Did he arrive already?" ANSWER: "NO"! And why some fangirls keep on screaming and screaming?? The REASON: It's Kim Hyun Joong's bodyguard has arrived! "Okay.. just the bodyguard.. but why they still keep on screaming??" 

As I saw him.. I understood what's the spazzing was all about.. Hyun Joong's bodyguard Mr.Jeong is also good looking like him! [if you don't have any idea about him, you could even say that he's so damn gorgeous as if he's also a member of Kpop group!] *_*

6pm the event should be starting already, but as usual.... they didn't met the scheduled time! oohh myy li'l bit more patience... tsk tsk tsk! [more photo taking...] ^_^ hehehe 

my friends with my fave coupLe on the poster! SEGYERO SSANGCHU!!!

At around 6:40pm Atlast... we had our sits inside the venue.... I could hear my heart thumping so loud!! am having goosebumps... it's not that cold inside the venue because of too many crowd but God! I'm shivering... I don't know why!! 

Just Like any other event before having the Main attraction the MC held some mini-games.. and some guests performed.. 

At exactly 7pm the moment that I've been waiting for or should I say.. The moment we're all been waiting for! Kim Hyun Joong arrived at the Trinoma wearing all black attire and having that dazzling look and killer smile as he appeared on stage, waving towards us[from ground level of the mall up to the 4th level! imagine how many people tried to wait just to see him...] 

The crowd really screamed their hearts out.. shouting his name.. and you could feel  as if the whole place was roaring!! 

FINALLY... I saw him!! KIM HYUN JOONG... that face..that eyes.. and that smile that I can only be seen on my laptop before.. Finally I saw him in fLesh! This is the best moment in my life! *_*

 After 12 hours.... it's all worth the wait!! Even just a glance with him.. You could say "wwhhooooaaa there's really such a person with that kind of beauty.... what a God-given beauty!!"  All of us screamed more when he finally greeted us.. Even his voice is soo handsome!! *_* 

As the moment of touching his hand is drawing nearer... I can't help but feel nervous.. My hands are sweating and cold, I have these mix feeLings whenever am too excited for something.. And this day is way too much excited to come up the stage and be near with this "Flower Boy"... 

As the 'Hi Five' started some fans not just had that 'Hi Five' or shake hands with him.. At first,everything was done orderly,Then some fans tried to hugged him, some girls even tried to kiss him...

 Suddenly one fan clung onto Hyun Joong because of that daring display of guts some people started to think that it's alright to hug and even kiss Hyun Joong.. So what was Hyun Joong's unexpected reaction about that? HE JUST SMILED! :D 

And it's quite embarrasing actually!! I am sorry for telling all these but one action of a Filipino reflects the whole race.. So with some of that so called Lucky fans who got that stolen kiss and hug! **deep sigh** I really feel sorry for him.. He got shocked with those kind of act.. As we all knew he's not used of this kind of manner. 

 Koreans are too strict regarding about contract clauses.. when they said 'hi five' it's only 'hi five'.. no photo op.. no signing.. most especially no hugs.. and definitely NO KISSES! If it's a different artist probably they will not continue the activity anymore.. I could say that Hyun Joong really has a good heart.. he just accepted all of that daring skinships without any disgust, but in some point you could notice that he's a bit annoyed with that continues manner..

So as the event continues.. at this time with tight security.. I envy those who came up onstage earlier 'coz they have prolong 'moment' with him! Some fans brought their kids along on the stage, and as we all know Hyun Joong love kids, so this is the only time the event went slower.. 

He gave hug and would even posed for a souvenir photo [ uhhh so envy! hmm that one really gave me an idea! *_* hheheh so next time I would bring a kid with me! hehhehe] 

Then.. we're next in Line! I'm really shaking.. as if every step that I made where like walking in the air.. *_*    As I walked through the stage, the only thing that I could hear was my heartbeat! oommoooo!! "Chin, take a deep breath.. just relax...SMILE" am not focusing on him actually even if am just 6 foot away from him.. [What will I say to him? How will I hold his hands?] these are all my concern at that moment.. 

and NOW! my turn.. as I walked towards him.. I'm just staring at his very meaningful eyes [those I really Love! *_*] this is the first time I got stunned! I felt like there's nobody around us.. *_* I don't know if I'm just being mesmerized by his looks but he was really shinning! He was like Edward Cullen standing under the sunlight! *_* now I understood why they keep on caLLing him waLking statue in his country, when you saw him and be near at him you could say that a statue really brought to life.. He really gave justice to it... A WALKING STATUE INDEED!! 

Because of so much starstrucked, I forgot that, these event was 'HI FIVE'! GOD! You know what I did?? oh my! I just hold his hands... and to add more to my shameful memories, Hyun Joong greeted me 'Hi' first with his killer smile and staring at my eyes saying 'Thank You' so sincerely.. I really hate myself so much at that moment! I hate myself that I was being dragged again with my 'kilig moments'.. I just said 'annyeong' to him in exchanged with his greetings towards me! [aaahhhhhh!! I really hate myself for this! :( I even practiced all the things that am supposed to say..] 

That was fast.. really fast! as I got off from the stage that was only the time that all of what happened had sinked  within me.. I was like "wait.. what did I said to him?" hhhaayy  :(  stupid of me! I didn't grab the chance to say everything that I wanted to say! :(  But anyway.. am still lucky! Lucky enough to got near and held his hand.. *_* still WORTH IT!  (Because cameras are not allowed on the stage apparently,I don't have any photo at this moment.. pity me! but I'm still hoping that someone had took photos on that.. If ever guys,am begging you Let me have it! hekhekhek *_* ) 

Within 15minutes of 'Hi Five' the activity really went to fast! these wasn't even 1/4 portion of the time we waited that day.. As this event was about to end Hyun Joong talked again..

 As what had happened earlier when he arrived, people screamed and shouting his name.. screaming non-stop! and with these scenario he even signed 'ssshhh' [quiet]  (>_<)

If you could watch again the vid that I took you couldn't hear what was the Translator was talking about.. After that talked, he waved goodbye! 

This was really too fast but it doesn't matter! am still happy.. so much happy! For others, this is only a regular Idol-Fan meeting.. but for me??.........

 This is truLy the EVENT OF MY LIFE!!

 See you again... Hyun Joong-ah ^_^


photo credits to: eonnie zeth /gokpop