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[Tweetbits] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Variety Show in Indonesia (Day 3)

  • Good morning! Ready to have a journey with barefoot friends team 3rd day?
  • The staffs already check out from hotel. The team will be going to the next filming location
  • HJ just out and wearing white t-shirt. I think he wanna wash his face first~ oh his bareface really handsome :)
  • Kkkk~ the staffs brought many freshener air cause Jogja's weather is really hot and hot :p
  • HJ has washed his face and change his cloth to grey and green one :). OMG!!! I lost my breath see him kkkk~
  • For all fans who are waiting here please behave well, keep calm and dont make some noices. Ok :)
  • I'm not sure the casts only wash their face or take a bath cause we couldn't see inside kkkk~
  • HJ looks like a walking statue! Kkkk~
  • The casts are out and said " Terima Kasih" to the house's owner.
  • HJ is super duper handsome. He's really cute when give a bow and said "Terima Kasih" (thanks) to house's owner :)
  • They opened window's car and waving to all fans who are waiting here. So kindly :)
  • Heading to the next filming location~
  • The mini buses are really so fast. But I'm still behind them. Go go go kkk~
  • For all fans who follow the team using motorcycle, please calm down and be safe!
  • Nobody cant reach near the location on the top of hill. Because it's for safety during filming
  • We have to walk for abt 2 kilometre to the location. Because the way to reach there is too difficult
  • Tonight, I'm still at where the casts are. I'll give you some updates what were the casts doing during a whole day~
  • After the casts slept for a night at Kasongan, they went to the next location "Timang Beach"
  • Timang Beach is located at Wonisari Gunung Kidul Jogja. The way to there was very far and difficult
  • At first, the staffs didn't allow us to go there. But we have another way to there so we can follow them
  • Unfortunately, our car couldn't go inside the location so we need to walk to reach there abt 2 kilometre
  • After we saw their buses, we felt better but again we couldn't watch when they're filming with Gondola
  • The casts took a "Gondola" (cable car) for a mission accross the sea to the coral in the seasore. Maybe they looking for lobster (?)
  • After they finished their filming at Timang Beach, they go to the next location. It's located at SD Sidoarjo (primary school)
  • At the primary school they doing a rehearsal first before filming. They did a dance that will teach to the students there.
  • When the filming start at first they're devided by 2 teams. HJ's team with Kang Ho Dong & Kim Bum So
  • I borrowed a local outfit from an auntie so the bodyguard couldn't know us as a fan. I can follow HJ's team wherever they go kkkk~
  • When HJ's team did their mission is kinda teach the dance to a few student. HJ holding a mini radio, play the music then they start to dance
  • HJ's wearing black outfit tonight. Really handsome! Since I could follow HJ's team during filming I felt wanna die see him kkkk~
  • Give applause to the fans who were in the location. They're very calm and support alot of filming prosess :)
  • I really died everytime I heard HJ's voice lol. I love when HJ said "Terima Kasih" (thanks) during filming
  • After each team finished their mission they gathered again at school and guess what we can go inside school to allow the filming
  • So, they start with introduce their self. And Hyun Joong said "Halo, nama saya Kim Hyun Joong" (Indonesia language) :)
  • Kyaaaa... So happy heard Hyun Joong spoke in Indonesia kkkk~ cute! lol
  • After the casts finished introduce their self. They start doing a dance and invite the student to follow them
  • Since we allowed to watch filming process inside the school, I sat in front of and saw HJ clearly :)


by @tripleSkaltim

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Variety Show in Indonesia (Day 3)


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