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[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong Asia Tour 2011 Interview; Q&A at “HI FIVE! TOUCH EVENT” in the Philippine Press Conference

As an expression of my excitement and solidarity with fellow Kim Hyun Joong fans all over the Philippines, I humbly offer you my blow-by-blow account of his “Hi Five! Touch Event” Philippine Press Conference held yesterday, August 25 at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel. This entry is dedicated to all my K-Pop loving friends and fellow Henecians.

Before Kim Hyun Joong arrived

PolyEast Records informed the press that the call time for the press conference is at 230PM. Since I wanted to grab a good seat, I was there by 2PM. I met Ethel of Polyeast Records and she told me that the conference time will be pushed to around 4PM. I wasn’t really angry since I expected it already. I had been to several press conferences where I waited for a while before the star emerged (i.e., 2NE1).

I registered and they provided me with the basic press kit containing Kim Hyun Joong information, the Break Down CD and a CD with official press photos. After entering the venue, I sat and prepared my iPad and recorder app for the conference. I reviewed the questions I initially sent to PolyEast Records in the hopes that maybe I can have a chance to ask them myself. My questions included the following:

1. As a Hallyu star, you have conquered many areas in the entertainment field including singing, acting and modeling. What is the next field Kim Hyun Joong wishes to conquer?

2. With the hallyu phenomenon taking over the world, what are the top three things you wish to present to the world as a representative of Korea?

3. Although you are young, you have thousands of female fans over 30, what will be your message to them?

As I mentioned, there was a long wait but it was fun because I met a lot of people there including beautiful (and super nice!) MYX VJ Bianca, Kring Elenzano, and die-hard Kim Hyun Joong fans Tita Maru who wrote an open letter to Kim Hyun Joong and her mother, a 74-year old Henecian named Lola Pat. Just talking to Tita Maru and Lola Pat is enough to inspire fan worship. They were nice enough to talk to me for a little while and even gave me a small fan pack with a button that said “I heart Kim Hyun Joong”. That button has officially become my memory charm for August 25.

One of the things I noticed was the sad fact that they misspelled Kim Hyun Joong’s name. The tag said “Kim Hyoon Joong”. Good thing this was corrected before the press conference officially began!

MYX VJ Bianca was the host for the event and she took time and effort to interview some fans who were there. It was interesting to see that Kim Hyun Joong fans spanned all age groups as there was a young girl, a teenager, a single woman and an elder woman who professed their love for him without shame.

Kim Hyun Joong’s Arrival

The press conference started at around 426PM with Kim Hyun Joong handsomely entering the pressroom wearing a semi-formal black suit with shiny leather details. As expected, his hair was impeccably styled and his face glowed as he confidently greeted the press immediately upon going up on stage.

MYX VJ Bianca led the press in greeting him with the traditional “Kim Hyun Joong sshi, Anyeong Haseyo!” which she learned from interviewing one of his fans in the pressroom who actually learned Korean language to be able to speak to her favorite star.

VJ Bianca greeted him again and said: “Welcome to the Philippines! How is your stay so far?” Kim Hyun Joong replied that “Well, it is my second visit officially. I got very shocked and then amazed by the fans from the airport up to here and I am excited to meet my fans officially.”

It was so cute that Kim Hyun Joong did not sit on his designated chair until he was tapped by his interpreter to do so.

VJ Bianca informed the press that PolyEast collected advanced press questions and that she will be asking Kim Hyun Joong the questions one by one. Well, there goes my hope of being able to ask him myself but it’s ok. I probably would have been too nervous to ask my questions properly! Hahaha!

Still, I got my thrill when the very first question asked was my question! Yahoo!

So as not to miss anything, I offer you the the transcript of the conference.

MYX VJ Bianca: As a Hallyu star, you have conquered many areas in the entertainment field including singing, acting and modeling. What is the next field Kim Hyun Joong wishes to conquer?

KHJ: I think being a singer and actor at the same time is a great task for me so I am concentrating in what I was doing as that is my line.

MYX VJ Bianca: How involved were you in developing your album? How is the response of your fans?

KHJ: It is my official album. I was involved with all the process including jacket design, lyrics, melody…all in all and with you guys’ love, this will be a great success.

MYX VJ Bianca: Of course, it will be a great success. Everyone here will surely support you. Where is this album now? I’m gonna buy ten! You are a fashion icon in Korea, how will you describe your taste in fashion?

KHJ: Well, I prefer black, something calm, steady and something manly.

MYX VJ Bianca (to the press): Do you think it suits him?

Press: Yes!

MYX VJ Bianca: How does it feel to be a solo artist for the past six years?

This question elicited weird looks from the fans. We corrected her and said that it has only been one year.

MYX VJ Bianca: How does it feel to be a solo artist for the past year?

KHJ: There was a lot of actions and moments while doing my activities and I expect more to come.
MYX VJ Bianca: What is your next project? Drama or movie?

KHJ: In the month of October, there will be a second album coming out and then in December, there’s a concert–an Asia tour, I hope Philippines will be included.

Fan echo: Where is it going to be?

KHJ: I am not so sure yet but I will try to include the Philippines.

MYX VJ Bianca: One of your dreams is to have a free concert for your Triple S fans, do you know if this is going to be happening and is this anytime soon?

KHJ: There is a plan under discussion but not yet so sure. I will try to cope with it given my schedule.

MYX VJ: What is the most memorable music video that you have done in this album?

KHJ: I tried all my best for all the music videos I made so I cannot say right away…

Fan echo: “What about Kiss Kiss?”

KHJ: Well, I’m telling the truth, ‘Kiss Kiss’ was the lowest budget (smile) music video…

The press laughed at this answer. It’s the 4-D idol we all know and love.

MYX VJ Bianca: What inspires you every time you conceptualize your music videos?

KHJ: Actually, there’s no certain time for me to think about music videos. It’s constantly kept in my head and I use iPad or memo to take in ideas.

MYX VJ Bianca: Let’s now talk about what makes you happy. What are the three things that make you happy?

KHJ: I cannot say… it’s really all related to me singing and doing my job. Acting… That makes me happy.

Someone from the press expressed “Louder please” since the translator cannot be heard clearly. Something wrong with his microphone.

4D moment! Realizing the situation, Kim Hyun Joong gave his mic to his translator. This was the start of the mic moving from Hyun Joong to his translator and Hyun Joong trying to fix the “defective” microphone by taking it apart at some point. Hahaha! Adorable!

MYX VJ Bianca: Who are your musical influences?

KHJ: There are a lot of Korean musicians who helped me out and brought me to where I am today but if there’s one person, it is Seo Teiji sunbae. He is a famous Korean singer. A legend.

MYX VJ Bianca: What do you love the most about performing?

KHJ: If I am on the stage, the energy is burning up. I feel like I’m getting tired. When I get contact with the fans, that’s the time I get recharged. It’s good for me.

MYX VJ Bianca: It’s the love of the fans that keeps him going. Between acting and singing, which field do you like better and why?

KHJ: Again, it’s very hard to pick. Both is my profession and I’m loving it.

MYX VJ Bianca: Do you also write songs?

KHJ: Well, I am preparing to compose but I feel it is not yet the time probably later on when I’m ready…

MYX VJ Bianca: Of the songs in “Break Down”, which one is your favorite track?

KHJ: I think, of course, most of the songs are great but “Break Down”, that particular song is the best.

MYX VJ Bianca: Do you have any plans of filming a movie soon and if ever, what is your desired role in a movie?

KHJ: After my Asia tour next year, I’m planning to do a drama and probably a movie later on too.

MYX VJ Bianca: What about the role you want to play?

KHJ: I want to play the role of a man full of charisma.

MYX VJ Bianca: Which you already are now.
This comment was followed by resounding agreement from the fans in the room.

MYX VJ Bianca: For our last question, do you have a message to your Filipino fans who are here supporting you?

KHJ: Thank you for all the love that you have towards me. I’ll be trying to add the Philippines in my Asian tour. I would like to bring you better songs, better performances later on. Thank you.


Kim Hyun Joong “Hi Five! Touch Event” Philippine Press Conference: 
An Account and Transcription – Written by: Catherine Deen, Photos courtesy of Weng Antonio. 

[Article] Korean star Kim Hyun Joong meets 74-year-old Filipina fan

On his second day in Manila, The Korean Actor and Singer Kim Hyun Joong once again appeared to the press for his endorsement of The Face Shop.

The Press Conference was held August 26 at Palm Grove Rockwell. The star of Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss answered about his grooming secrets. He loves to use moisturizer (BB Cream, TFS) to maintain his soft and smooth skin. He just proves that beauty products are not for women only but can also be use by gentlemen like him, to be able to maintain the young and healthy skin.

Aside from the beauty Q&A, The Face Shop Philippines announced the winner of the charity auction that was held last August 18-21. They auctioned the gray sport shorts w/ signature which Kim Hyun Joong mostly used it in his dance rehearsals.

The winner is Maria Rosario Ragasa, a judge, which her reason to join is because of her 74 year old mother Patria Ragasa a very loyal and avid fan of the previous lead singer SS501, The event host, Grace Lee told everyone that Patria made a “Kim Hyun Jonng Shrine” at the room of her daughter because she really likes the actor so much. They always go to Korea to see the actor and to have just a photo with him, but it never happened. When the family found out about the action Maria Rosario told her mother, “Mom, I will try my best to win this for you so you can take a photo with him.”

As per Maria Rosario this is her gift with her mother which is also celebrating her 74th birthday on the same day the auction was held. This is one way of thanking her mother who cared primarily continued her stoked recently.

Kim Hyun Joong immediately went down to see them. Patria gave a scrapbook which she made it personally, and Kim Hyun Joong immediately hug her tight. Patria and Maria Rosario were both in teary eyed when they met the Hallyu Star.

Did not even understand much of the said Hyun Joong to mother (because it speaks in Korean), striking turn to face its heartfelt thanks to the support of his fans not only in its programs and music, but as its charity projects.

After the brief meeting the student’s mother Ragasa and KimHyun Joong is reached that the representative of Korean actor Abiertas House of Friendship, the beneficiary of the auction, the check worth Php100, 000.

Additionally, Grace Lee also announced that Kim Hyun Joong himself personally also gave one million pesos donation center to help emotional and spiritual healing of unwed mothers in the country.

Chukkae Mommy Pat.. dream come true and your birthday is indeed a Happy one! ^_^


[Photos + Article] Kim Hyun Joong Asia Tour The Face Shop Presscon at Rockwell Club, Manila

Host: Ms Grace Lee 
Time: 1:00 pm
Attendees: Afew reporters from major networks, and mostly were editors from different magazines. There were also a few reps from some local fashion websites.

At the venue, the mannequin wearing Hyun Joong's shorts that was auctioned was displayed. The winner of it is a 73 year old grandmother who paid for it for P100,000. The proceed of the auction will go to Abiertas Foundation that Hyun Joong is currently supporting. It is a foundation that helps unwed mothers in the Philippines.

The presscon started on time. When Hyun Joong came in, he greeted everyone then he started to sit down. A flower bouquet was presented to him by actress, Gelli De Belen.

Before the presscon, they announced the rules in selecting questions and the same was applied to the one-on-one interviews. The following topics are strictly prohibited: SS501, Bae Yong Joon, girlfriends, his surgery, entering the military.

As Grace Lee started to call out the editors, they approached the mic, greeted leader and asked their question.

Here are some of the questions that chae_yene gathered.

1) Your favorite TFS product. It's a new product that he is currently endorsing.

2) What he goes for in looking in a girl. With or without make up what's important is the personality and not the outside beauty.

After this question someone asked something related to it and somewhat personal. So the interpreter said that the question cannot be entertained.

3) What's the best thing about being a TFS endorser? The brand being global means it's a good product as it is popular.

4) Best TFS travel product that he carries. (chae_yene was able to get the answer to this but from the other presscon I think his answer was BB cream)

5) Favorite TFS product that he can't do without. Moisturizing products.

6) TFS products that you'd recommend Filipino women. All products.(chae_yene had to laugh at this because she thinks that Hyun Joong really doens't know the answer to this)

7) Which one he'd like to pursue more - acting or singing. Asking this question is like asking me to choose between mom or dad, so i really can't choose one.

After the questions the program proceeded to the Abiertas Foundation and awarding of the winner of the auction. Also TFS donated a huge amount and presented the check but she wasn't able to get the figure. They also asked Hyun Joong to sign a poster of TFS.
This is Mommy Pat finally meet her Long-time idoL! Mommy Pat; Patria Ragasa is a 74 year old Die-hard fan of Kim Hyun Joong.. She is the mother of Ms.Maru Ragasa who wrote the open Letter for Leader.. Mommy Pat also won the bidding for Kim Hyun Joong's sports shorts for Php 100,000.00..
  [dream come true indeed! Chukkae mommy Pat!]