Friday, April 4, 2014

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Shares his Final Thoughts on 'Generation of Youth'

Kim Hyun Joong shared what it was like to return to the small screen for the KBS 2TVdrama 'Generation of Youth', which aired its finale on April 3.

Kim Hyun Joong shared on the set of the final filming on the morning of the 3rd, "As I acted with respected sunbaenims, I learned a lot, and I think I was able to work harder in my acting because I met such a cool character like Shin Jung Tae... Although I am lacking a lot, thank you to the fans who supported me until the end and all of the viewers who loved 'Generation of Youth'."

"I will enjoy a break for the time being and prepare for my next activities. I will greet you again with improved acting and singing through what I learned from this drama."

'Generation of Youth' came to an end at #1 in its time slot, confirming Kim Hyun Joong's successful return as an actor after four years.


source: allkpop

[Translation] Gaya's Letter to Shin Jung Tae

To Shin Jung Tae

The fortune teller in Shiniju saved Chung Ah from jumping off the cliff.
He seek help from a German missionary couple and they took Chung Ah to Germany and had an successful operation too.
Dokku who has been watching this all along told me about it.
Later Shinichi discovered about it, I kept it from him and secretly brought Chung Ah away from Germany, and settled her in a secluded place in Japan.
I'm sorry, for you and your sister's safety, I've been keeping quiet about it.
Hope we can live in a new era in future.
You must live happily.
You and me, me and you, did we ever had affection?


credit: @501wangja

[Article] 'Generation of Youth' Ends on a High Note as #1 Among Wed-Thurs Dramas

'Generation of Youth' ended its run on a high note as #1 in its time slot!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the April 3rd finale of KBS 2TV's 'Generation of Youth' achieved a 12.3% viewer rating on Thursday which is a 1.2% increase from its previous viewer rating of 11.1% on Wednesday

The other dramas also saw a rise in viewer ratings overall with SBS' Three Days' coming close in second place with a 1.5% increase from a 10.4% (Weds) to 11.9% (Thurs) viewer rating. MBC's 'Cunning Single Lady' also saw a rise of 0.9% from a 7.9% to 8.8% viewer rating.


source: allkpop

[Article] "Inspiring Generation" Achieves Victory in The Ratings

"Inspiring Generation took a page from "Bridal Mask" this week and sacrificed an important character after a romantic scene that falsely promised a happy future. And although the ratings fell slightly from the previous episode the drama took first place.

"Inspiring Generation" fell slightly to 11.1 percent as hero Shin Jung Tae lost his love and started to exact his revenge on Hwang Bang.



[Photo + Translation] Inspiring Generation Casts Celebration Party


Inspiring Generation has ended. It seem like it will not end but had already sent Gaya off, feeling heartpain.. I like that the people that I love in the drama gathering together, giving support to each other and doing their best till the end. Thank you for the love for Inspiring Generation all this while and I will show an even better side to everyone. To you, to me, we are inspired..!


source: 임수향 @me2day
translated by @501wangja