Saturday, April 27, 2013

[Tweetbits] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Variety Show in Indonesia ( Day 2)

  • The filming location of Barefoot Friends team is unpredictable. They can change the location suddenly.
  • This morning KHJ's fine and feel better I think. we know we love him and will keep him safely, support the filming :)
  • The casts are having breakfast~ Enjoy ur meal ~^^
  • The casts is out from the restaurant. HJ's wearing white green t-shirt & a cap. Oh so a fresh man!
  • HJ's waving to us~ aaahhh so kind uri King ~^^
  • Good job Henecia & TripleS. When HJ's out from restaurant they keep calm and not make some noices! Just waving our hand :)
  • The bus is on the way to go to the next location~
  • Sorry for all of you who keep contact me I cant go with u guys. Bcause they leaving so fast and keep changing the location~
  • The casts and staffs have arrived in next filming location~
  • Please be coorperate with us. We wanna the filming goes well, right? It's a reason why we not inform u abt the location
  • I love this situation, very calm during the filming. Henecia & TripleS daebak!!
  • They're having a rest for a while at ...~
  • Actually, if the fans are more calmly last night for welcoming Barefoot Friends team. They will allow us to watch near them.
  • But, last night the fans are over excited and make some casts scared that's why they're filming secretly~
  • But I know the fans really get more excited because it's the first time many Korean artist shoot for a variety show in Jogja :)
  • Barefoot Friends team is going to filming location~
  • Seems like many fans follow the team so please stay calm and support the filming :)
  • Barefoot friends team have arrived at the location. And many fans here support the filming. They're really calm. Thanks :)
  • Barefoot Friends casts are having their meal~
  • It's raining so hard here. They have arrived at the next filming location~
  • I am at one of filming location and Hyun Joong isn't here~ some said they are divided. One bus for one member. But still don't know yet~
  • The members are divided into a few team for the mission tonight~
  • HJ and other BF casts still at one of filming location~
  • Kkk~ where's Hyun Joong?


by @tripleSkaltim

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Variety Show in Indonesia (Day 2)


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