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[Vid] Kim Kyu Jong JJ's M!Studio Behind The Scene


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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong & Heo Young Saeng on Kyobo Hot Tracks Sale Ranking 2011

According to 'Hot tracks sale ranking in 2011' , which release by Kyobo, Young Saeng's "Let It Go" ranked #11, Hyun Joong's "Break Down" #17 and "Lucky Guy" #29.


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[News] Kim Hyung Jun Turns Into a Cold-Hearted But Cute Character

SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon is currently acquiring a favorable reputation through his first appearance in a drama series Glowing She for his stable acting skill as well as his realistic comic expressions. In the series, he is playing a cold-hearted top star, but his cute expressions are hard to make viewers hate him.

In the series, he gets to be stuck in a solitary hospital ward because he turned out to be infected by hepatitis B virus, but no one visit him, which leads him to severely suffer from hunger and loneliness.

On the January 14 episode of Glowing She, his realistic expressions especially caught many eyes of viewers. The scene where he is planning up a serious strategy to cover up his wicked behavior served up some fantastic entertainment for viewers.

People who watched the episode left various responses: “Hyung Joon, you are a real cutie.” “How can you make such realistic facial expressions?” “I’m gradually falling into the magnetism of his character.” “Your character naturally crossing between cold-hearted and comic modes feels interesting.” “I cannot wait to watch Glowing She’s next episode.”

Glowing She, KBS Drama’s cheerful mini series made up of 12 episodes, features a titillating triangular love affair between Jeon Ji Hyun, played by So Yi Hyun, Gang Min, played by Hyung Joon and Noh Yong Woo, played by Park Gwang Hyun.


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[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on Candy Magazine

after having a day off outside my U:zoosin worLd... this is what I found... ^_^ 


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[Info] Who is the Most Successful Hallyu Star?

It seems like anyone who steps foot outside of Korea is considered a hallyu star today, but we know it takes much more to reach true hallyu star status. We all define success differently, but we want to know who you, our readers, consider to be the most successful hallyu star right now.

Is true hallyu stardom determined by the number of records an artist has sold, how many concertgoers they draw out or how many countries they’ve taken over? Vote based on what matters most to you, and let us know why you voted for who you did in the comments below.

Jang Keun Suk

We didn’t name him the World Dominator of 2011 for nothing. We know he’s popular. Jang Keun Suk himself knows he’s popular.

The actor, singer and shuffler extraordinaire draws in the viewer ratings in Korea and abroad, tops chartsand fills arena concert seats in Japan and has hung out with American electro pop duo LMFAO backstage.

Despite his high and mighty position as one of the highest paid celebrities in Japan, communicating with fans all around the world via Twitter and his official YouTube channel as well as giving back are still top priorities for the multi-entertainer.

KBS even aired a documentary about Jang’s popularity in Japan called The Center of Hallyu, I Am Jang Keun Suk. That’s pretty hard to compete with, but does the self-professed ‘Prince of Asia’ really rule over Asia? Vote now!

Lee Min Ho

Since SBS drama City Hunter made Lee Min Ho a household name in China, the country has been wild for the actor. From appearing on Chinese English tests to inking a deal with a Chinese clothing brand, Lee has quickly become one of the most influential foreign celebrities in China. Oh, and Russian fans wouldn’t mind being stranded on an island with the actor.

Another sign you’ve reached hallyu star status? Being snapped by the paparazzi at the airport. True hallyu stars are constantly traveling, not hopping around from city to city but country to country, and we have theairport fashion photos to prove Lee is one star who is constantly on the go.

We love Lee Min Ho. China loves Lee Min Ho. Russia loves Lee Min Ho. But do you love Lee Min Ho?

Kim Hyun Joong

If Jang Keun Suk is the Prince of Asia, Kim Hyun Joong is the ‘god of the universe.’ Okay, that’s according to one fan, but Jang should keep an eye on the former SS501 member, who has been shaking things up in China, Japan and Asia at large.

Not only did 2011 releases Breakdown and Lucky rank number one on the Oricon chart in Japan, he is one of the artists the country is most excited about for 2012.

He was a crowd pleaser in China and Yahoo! Asia was abuzz about the singer.

Girls’ Generation

From topping album charts in Japan to wowing crowds in Singapore and enlisting American rapper Snoop Dogg for the remix of hit single The Boys, it would be safe to say that Girls’ Generation is well on its way to becoming an international sensation. And the girls say they’re ready to take on the universe.

They’re only getting hotter overseas, but do you think the group is the most successful hallyu star of the moment?


Girl’s Generation has been battling it out, literally, with Kara in Japan, with the two girl groups often facing off on various music charts in the country. Not only has Kara made its mark in Japan, where one can expect anything Kara-related, from albums to DVDs, to fly off shelves as soon as they’re released, the five-member girl group has left quite an impression in Taiwan.

If their packed schedules are any indication, the girls have definitely achieved hallyu star status, but is Kara the most successful hallyu artist? Cast your vote now!

Remember, the poll will be open until the end of the week, so get your votes in now. (The poll is juuuust to your right!) 


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[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on ON STAR Magazine 2012 Issue


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[Scan] Kim Kyu Jong B2M Official Photo Set

sssoooo handsome KYU!! *_*



[Audio] Kim Hyung Jun Music High Update


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