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[Fan Account by Xiaofei Teng ] Kim Hyun Joong Phantasm World Tour 2014 in Guangzhou

I’m so amazed by what happened in Guangzhou last night. As a fan of hyun joong, I feel so bad that I could not be there last night with other fans to cheer him up, but at the same time, I’m so proud to be in the henecia and tripleS family. Our love and support toward kim hyun joong is so deep and sincere that words are really not necessary. Even the producers in china got shocked that hundreds of bouquets were delivered to the venue from fan clubs all over the world. They mentioned that usually if the k-idol is having a tough time in front of media, their events will get postponed or cancelled, tickets won’t sell well and ppl will refuse to show up at events…but this time regarding of this case, everything is totally opposite. His popularity keeps raising, fans are united much tighter and are more supportive to him.

I have been reading all kinds of posts in social networks. In order to designate a perfect concert to hyun joong, Chinese fans are well prepared for every single song, for each line, they memorize the lyrics and know exactly what to sing or where to add their supportive messages so that hyun Joong will get it. They turn off the green light stick and turn on their light in mobles concurrently to creat a beautiful star light for hyun joong during his “if you are like me”. They keep shouting out I love you, oppa fighting, and his Chinese name 金贤重 during the whole concert. They really don’t care abt their voice anymore, they keep screaming louder and louder just trying to convey their endless love and support toward their one and only. I assume hyun joong must be surprised and touched a lot.

Fans sang a very popular and touching Chinese ballad song “the moon represents my heart” to
Kim hyun joong together.

During hi5, everyone encouraged him and told him to keep fighting.

The whole 2-hours concert must give fans and hyun joong such a beautiful and precious memory that they will never forget.

More surprisingly, without even receiving many supportive messages from fans at the beginning , hyun joong started to say, I understand, please don’t worry. The bond between henecia and him is so amazing and unbreakable that words are useless.

At the end he told fans he would work hard to stay on stage, fans are the reason he’s not giving up. He said He’ll keep it up and asked fans not to worry. He said he felt happy and comfortable here, and he will never forget this concert in Guangzhou, never forget all those moments he’s spent with his beloved fans tonight. He got cheered up a lot by Chinese fans.

We might be biased but we are not blinded. Kim hyun joong is and will always be the one whom henecia stand firmly by. If you’d ever got to know him, even if it’s just a little bit, probably u will understand the reason behind.

He is unbreakable.
We are unbreakable.


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[HD Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Departure at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport by MurdererQ


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Posing with a Fan and a Dog


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[Translation] Kpop Stars' Article About Kim Hyun Joong Phantasm World Tour 2014 in Guangzhou

[Eng Trans] for KpopStarz's chinese article on HJ's Phantasm World Tour in Guangzhou on 30Aug14 (金贤重广州演唱会感动不已,粉丝特别应援温暖陪伴)

Kim Hyun Joong (HJ) held his Phantasm World Tour Concert in Guangzhou, China on 30 August 2014. During the concert, Chinese fans had specially prepared many support activities for HJ, giving HJ a very unforgettable and touching concert.

During the concert, in between HJ's performance, all the audiences sang <月亮代表我的心〉(The moon represents my heart) to him. In addition, when HJ sang the song <그대도 나와 같다면> (If you are like me), everyone in the audience switched on the light on their hand phones and held it up in the air, turning the whole concert venue into a beautiful "sea of stars". It was mentioned in the article that HJ's manager was so impressed by the sight of the 'sea of stars' that he took out his hand phone and took pictures of the beautiful scene. HJ was really touched by the special support efforts from the fans that he commented that he felt that he was the audience instead as everyone had prepared so much surprises for him. He added that whenever he thought of the Guangzhou concert in the future, he would remember never to give up.

The article mentioned that there was a hi5 session as part of the concert arrangement. During the hi5 session, many fans conveyed their support for HJ. It was mentioned in the article that HJ was deeply touched by the strong support he felt from his fans. He told the audiences at the concert that many people said "Fighting" to him during the hi5 session as well as during the concert and he understood what everyone wants to say to him. It was mentioned that at the end of the concert many fans cried too.

Ticket sales of his Guangzhou concert had been on the rise and the organizer mentioned that many fans felt that this would be an important time to show great support for HJ. It was mentioned that more than 100 flower support for HJ were received from fans across the country. Such large quantity of flower support is very rarely seen among Korean artistes' concert in China.

The article ended with the mention of HJ's Phantasm World Tour concert in Beijing on 19 September 2014.


Translated by @Princessmich123
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