Tuesday, January 27, 2009

[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong in Car Accident

SS501 / F4 member Kim Hyun Joong got into a minor automobile accident on his way to film “Boys over Flowers.” He was riding in a van in Seoul when the van was hit by another vehicle at an intersection.

He was sent to the hospital just for precautionary measures and thankfully wasn’t hurt. He should be able to continue filming immediately.

He also said that this accident was nothing and that it pales in comparison to the time he was rear ended by Heechul and how he couldn’t walk for days after that…


credit: allkpop

[News] Kim Hyun Joong U R Perfect Man

SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong made a shocking confession on the January 26th SBS Yashinmanman Show. He confesses that he almost died, not once, not twice but a SHOCKING three times over a period of six months while he lived as a runaway. He left home during his sophomore year of high school and lived like a bum with friends and local transients. He almost died from starvation, and was almost beaten to death. From what I understand he also was close to death by being almost fatally squished.

Kim Hyun Joong said that he was starving to the point that he and his friends ordered food at a restaurant, ate, and then ran away without paying with fistfuls of fried foods in hand. Wow, what a bad ass.

On the time he was almost beaten to death, Hyun Joong says that he and his ragtag group of friends ran into the a couple of drunken thugs and and got into a not-so-friendly argument, which resulted in his friend being beaten by the gangsters. Hyun Joong jumped in the middle of the beating, being beaten himself and luckily rendered the assailant unconscious by slipping on some newly fallen snow.

His final encounter with Death was when he was sleeping at an apartment complex construction site and was awaken just in time by the loud construction noises. Later he saw that the entire area was demolished except for the spot where he had been asleep just moments earlier.

And now it’s been revealed that this miracle boy runs a chicken shop with his friends (based on a pact he made with his preschool friends) and he also made 100 million won (around $75,000) by working all kinds of jobs. He says he hasn’t relied on his parents for money since junior high.

My, my… our little pretty boy has had quite the bad boy life. A Runaway, an actor, leader of SS501, CEO of a chicken house and now he can put escape artist on his resume too. Really? Is there anything this guy can’t do? Perhaps, act?

I swear, I think Koreans are so good at being all melodramatic that the PR people make this kinda stuff up. I mean, really how much more publicity do you need, homeboy?! We get it, you’re perfect. This guy was living on the streets and working his way into a pop group, and avoiding death and being best childhood friends with DBSK’s JaeJoong and TOP from Big Bang??!? Really? And now he’s on one of the top tv shows on air, working alongside a mere mortal like Lee MinHo? Yeah, we’re not worthy.