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[Audio] Kim Hyung Jun SBS Power FM Music High


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[Article] A Die-Hard Fan's Fair Love For Kim Hyun Joong

This piece was made by my ever dearest eonnie @Khjlovesbuin (formerly @Khjean14) to express her feelings and explain her side at the same time regarding about the misundersatndings between KHJ fans and Ssangchu Fans.. 
I decided to post it here in my site to enlighten other fans and to know both sides' point of view.. 


Hello to all "Ssangchu-Lettuce Joongboers" around the world.. I am writing my piece which is from my Heart.

I've watched BOF, at first I didn't enjoy it. I watched the second time around and it was LMH that caught my attention.! But my brother told me that he likes Ji hoo, so I searched KHJ and began to watched all his videos n youtube,until I came across WGM. I really enjoyed the show.well in fact I've watched it 10 times already. I enjoyed there "chemistry". this is where I see the "real " KHJ"-what you see is what you get. It's where I started to adore this Couple. I can't stop Loving them till then.

Now I became a"Fan" of Ssangchu Couple- Is it a Crime? Do I need to ask permission from anyone that I will start adoring this Couple.? No!! I don't have to My dears..Everyone is entitled to choose and adore whom they love and can make them Happy.

I posted an "edited" picture of CC from d News. which a Fan changed d head of Yu Mi to Buin is it a crime? Did KE prohibit not to edit any pictures from them?-No!! It was made for all SSangchu fans. For God sake!! KHJ is a public Figure!! You Korean fans doesn't own Him FYI!!! Don't you know that KHJ's overseas fans are always behind him why he is winning always in any Polls? We respect your fandoms Pls do respect us also. Be rational enough to be a fan. Again you "Do Not " own Kim Hyun Joong..!!!!

Am I a "threat" to you? that's so funny cos they are spreading to "Unfollow" me. Lol.. this is the thinking of "Immature, Insecured and Pathetic Fans.. Shame on you.. I never ask you people to follow me in the first place. its your own choice gosh!!! Grow up!!!

You big fandoms are suppose to be a good example to small fandoms, yet you are the ones that's very "Rude " and "mean" !!
KHJ is a very Humble person, Can't you copy his Humility? Or can you say it in a proper way if we did mistake? You are showing your own true colors and how Imperfect and Disrespectful you are.!!!
I am "khjean14" I changed my username to Khjlovesbuin. It's my choice. soo many Korean Fans Unfollowed me. did I die? No!! Im still Alive and Kicking!!. But I do unfoll0wed you also . You know who you are..!! I'm not scared of you. who do you think you are? Do you own the world? Are you feeding me? Lol No!!! well God Bless you instead.

I just do what I believe is true . If "God is with me. who can be against me? I just wanna sing- Inhale-Exhale-Smile-God Loves Me.!

Segyero to all "Joongboers around the World.!!

this is khjean14== este Khjlovesbuin now!!

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@Woojusin0606 @4everhyun @howlovelylala @LazerKim @lnprz

I"m Posting this in response to @Woojusin0606 "Ridiculous Massive Unfollow Campaign against Me ! this one -- and 3rd this post in her Blog

This "ridiculous" Massive Unfollow Campaign against me started with just an edited CC picture from d news in which a Ssanchu fan posted in weibo and I also re posted in twitter, Excuse me they are called Ssangchu couple/fans not SS.
I posted it in twitter as I always do all edited Psed pictures from any very artistic fan. In my point of view those edited pictures are for fan, its no big deal. C'mmon are we mature enough to understand d power of internet and cyberworld. President Obama and my own President has been photohopped to anything whether its an animal or any person. Did they sue the one who photoshopped it? We'll I've never heard.

Now! Because of this Ssangchu Photoshopped picture ,Perfect which is KHJ huge fanbase in Korea caught my attention. should I say she ordered me to delete d picture.which is in the first place is not from there camp.The Picture has credit. which means I did not edit it by myself.And the way she told me is rude and very arrogant -its here-- 

1. PERFECT does not allow to edit or use any pictures. PLEASE delete this right now.- my response-- I did not edit the picture FYI. I just re-post it from weibo. And you can say it in a nice way I can understand.

2.PERFECT does not share anything with Joongboers (Ssangchu) like you. Unfollow PERFECT and do NOT re-post anything from Perfect. my response-- I unfollow those who are sarcastic what’s the use of following. The picture I posted is from Weibo. How come you don’t stop the one who posted in weibo first before barking on me.

I didn't see any wrong to my response to her. this is the second time that she did that to me that's why my response was like that and I unfollow Perfect its because of that incident.

Granting without argument that I"m at fault. is it the proper way to say to a fan? For me its not. I mean its because you are a Giant fanbase you can just say that to the smallest fan of KHJ?
KHJ himself said that eventhough its only one fan ,it is still a fan. If you will be rude to a one fan , that fan will spread all over .
There is a proper way of telling to a fan so you won't hurt his/her feelings.

All my life ever since I become a KHJ fan, all I did is to share updates to all KHJ fan and no one is paying me.I know where to get news and I can just keep it to myself, but no I want to share it to all KHJ fans. we'll in fact I have 948 Full Pix albums of KHJ in my FB.That's how I love and adore KHJ.

Now, with regards to your massive "Unfollow Campaign against me , do you think KHJ will be happy? You don't even know what i did for KHJ.
I'm not a fan of words only!

You claim that Joongboers are potential "Anti -Fan" can you explain how can they be an Anti-fan? "cos I just don't get it get it.!!

My posting of Joongbo edited Pictures doesn't even mean that I hate or I'm not a KHJ fan. Did I ever spread any false news about them? as far as I can remember I did not. I'm a Joongbo fan but to tell you Korean- Henecia I am a SOLID KHJ fan!!
Those edited pictures are just for fan especially to the one who made it. If you don't like it ,then don't look at it.It's my Prerogative if i Like Joongbo couple. There are so many Joong-Min Fan, SS501 Fan. If these all fans are united for the sake of KHJ, do you think it won't be good for him
Please don't discriminate any fandoms, because like you giant fandoms they have there own rights also.

Now being anti = fan Do you know what's the meaning of anti-fan? Don't you know that joongboers are solid KHJ fan too?

I wan't to make it straight and clear!!

1.KHJ = first album Breakdown
Can I ask you Korean fan esp. you @Woojusin0606 how much did you spend for it so KHJ will win in all music shows in your country ?
If you spent more than me I will bow 90 degrees to you.
Me- I spent $75 dollars (eonnie made a mistake here.. it's actually $175 dollars and not $75 dollars only) for digital, plus day and night streaming . You can ask @lycheerose if you want and if I'm not telling the truth.

2. KHJ's -- 2nd Lucky guy Album
Can I ask you again @Woojusin0606 how much did you spent so that KHJ will win? If you spent more than me I will bow 90 degrees to you again!
Me--I bought 15 Lucky guy (normal) Albums and 3 Limited edition albums. How about you?-- you can ask@azi767 and @kathy1218 for that.

3. All Polls that KHJ is Nominated
may I ask you @Woojusin0606 what have you done to help him win. Did you vote for him esp in Yahoo buzz and Mnet? how many Id's were you voting to help KHJ win. 10? 20? 30? 40? 50? 60? 70? Hundreds?
If you vote more than me I will salute you and bow to you 90 degrees.
You wanna know my endless, sleepless nights no eating no showering just to make sure that KHJ will win. You wanna know how many ids I'm voting?
FYI --I've got 500 id's and more for voting day and night and even asking more from @hyunstar if I can finish it early, and @iam_chin2hjb, how many hours I spent voting. Don't you know that my hands are all numb for voting? But I keep going just to make sure that KHJ will win. I've been voting endlessly KHJ for the past 4 years in any polls and esp MNET and Yahoo.
can u show me your's? If you want all d records of all Ids I have it cos I'm keeping it every year.

Now do you call me an "Anti=fan? your Ridiculous Massive Unfollow campaign--this is My answer.

I am here for KHJ I love this person soo much that I devote all my life to him. With regards to me being a Joongbo fan its my prerogative dear, it's my choice you can't dictate me.

If you Korean Henecia have problems with Ssangchu Korea. pls don't generalize all the fans. If you hate me you can directly talk to me in a good manner not by campaigning behind my back. You know what you are doing? Its an act of cowardness, cyberbully,selfisheness and Immaturity!!

I made a small group for KHJ and this solid die hard KHJ fans are working and students, but they make sure that they always have time to vote KHJ. and our mission is to make him win always.That's How I love KHJ.

With regards to "Ssangchu- Joonboers' fans.. Pls respect them because they are also fans.They are also voting day and night for KHJ, buying his albums so he will win . Do you think KHJ will discriminate them? No!!! All these different KHJ fans should Unite in order for him to win and succeed.!!
I didn't see anything bad if you are a Ssangchu fan, Joong-Min fan or solid SS501 fan-If you will discriminate them, do you think they will still vote for KHJ eventhough they are a fan? I don't think so !!

We are here for one cause one purpose and that is for KHJ to Be on Top!! Unless you don't agree.. We overseas fans are doing all we can for KHJ pls be matured,rational and descent enough to deal with any fans..

Remember KHJ is a Public Figure. He is not owned by any of you. He loves all his fans may it young , single or old poor or rich!

Pls stop this fanwar cos it won't bring any good to KHJ!!

This is written by me esp to all those who "Unfollowed me " so you may know.
You know who you are.!!!

Gobless everyone and esp KHJ!!

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