Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[Fan Account / Diary] 24 Hours with Kim Hyun Joong

It’s been slightly over a month since Monghwan concert in Seoul and IG’s fanmeet in Beijing. I decided to pen down my experience since I may not have a time to do so once school starts.

Firstly, please note that my title ’24 hours with Kim Hyun Joong’ does not mean I spent 24 hours with KHJ. Just in case some people misunderstands :) It’s just that I went for Monghwan concert in Seoul on the 28th and IG FM on 29th June, which is day-to-day and I happened to take the same flight as KHJ~

MongHwan concert was a really wonderful one. KHJ’s family, friends (Steven Lee, a A-jax memebr and a lady. Saw them outside the venue taking photo with the rice sacks before the concert) were there to support him.

The security was rather strict, as usual for concerts in Korea. A number of fans were escorted out during the concert to have their sd card erased TT.

One thing I really felt uncomfortable watching was the choreography for ‘As Usual’, it’s appeared to be a bit sexual for me. But that seemed to be THE ‘trend’ for KHJ after he went solo. (recall, ‘Please’, ‘Your Story’)

KHJ also revealed new songs from his ‘Timing’ album at the seoul concert, being able to hear it live prior to its release felt great~! I used my phone to do voice recording so I can listen to them again. I’m sure that other fans did similar things too and I’m glad to see NOBODY uploaded or shared the songs before the official release. Fans of KHJ, thumbs up to all of you/us!

After the concert ended, my friends and I went to wait outside the parking area, where KHJ will come out and leave. He came out really fast and waved to fans as usual.

Originally I thought he will go back to rest since he has schedules on the next day as well. But in the end, I heard that he went to drink at after party, somewhere in Hongdae TT .

On 29th, when I arrived at Incheon Airport, there were already many fans waiting for him to arrive. I had to do my tax refund stuffs so I didnt stick around to wait for him. After I went into the customs, I heard screams from fans, took a peak through the windows, before I knew it, KHJ was already checking in, he walks really really fast. KHJ queued per normal at the security check area. After coming out from the security check, KHJ queue behind me at the customs~! Just looking at him without any words feel really amazing.

Fast forward ==

On the plane, KHJ sat in the middle of the three-seater, with one body guard on each side.
There were quite a number of fans taking the same plane. When the plan touched down, fans were eagerly following behind KHJ. But KHJ walked really really fast, fans had to run abit to keep up with him. His coordi, manager were walking far behind. lol

I didn’t take videos since I really just wanted to look at him closely and just follow. At the immigration counter, KHJ queued at a separate counter which was for foreigners. Which is one row to my right. We were queuing along the same line, so I had a chance to make long moment of eye contact with him, behind our shades.

(KHJ’s pace was seriously super fast, his arms swing widely as he walks ^^) At one point in time, he walked past me, like really just beside me, while his body guard walked on the other side of me. I think that must the nearest I have ever gotten to him TT .

My parents, who came to the airport to fetch me saw KHJ too, their comment was “Why is he so dark and skinny now” ..

Grabbed lunch with my parents and my father drove me to IG’s FM venue in the afternoon. There was scheduled to be a media interview session with KHJ. After meeting the staffs, we were told that KHJ wasn’t feeling well so he went to hospital straight after coming out from the airport. (Sore throat must have been due to the improper rest of throat the night before at the party =.=!) Minutes before the interview start, we were told that KHJ will no longer answer questions as he wants to save his voice for the fanmeet. He will do the usual greetings instead. Even though he looked tired, but he still is handsome to me.

During the fm, there were a few awkward moments where fans gave all attention to KHJ, and nothing to the other casts. But can’t blame them, people who went to watch are all fans of KHJ. And we werent told that there were other casts coming. Even during the interview session, media was only notified that other casts were here like 30s before they came in…

Seated behind us were the Korean director and Chinese actress who took photo with KHJ backstage. They talked about KHJ and stuffs.

From 28th to 29th, the experience of seeing KHJ so many times within a day is so precious to me. I don’t know when will I ever see him again and how long I will continue to like him. And will KHJ return as a singer after army service? He seemed to want to go the acting route in the future..

So henecians, treasure every chance u have to meet him~


Source : http://www.babyvfan.wordpress.com
photo credit: @MurdererQ