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[Translation / Romanization] Kim Hyung Jun 김형준 & Kota of Sunny Hill "Always Love You (우리둘이)" Lyrics


사랑한다는 말도
나를 아껴준다는 말도
나에게는 너무나 힘이 돼 My lover lover
기분 좋은 이 시간
너를 보면 난 행복해져
(Dreaming my Dreams)
언제 또 이런 행복이 찾아올까
함께하는 동안에
멀리 있을 때에도
서롤 아껴주는 (my love)
따뜻한 그 모습
때론 오빠처럼 (친구처럼)
때론 남자처럼 (동생처럼)
널 이해하고 사랑하는 나

언제나 너를 사랑해
내 마음 변치 않을게
우리의 소중한 시간
지금부터 영원히
날 바라보는 너
그런 널 바라보는 나
늘 지금처럼 함께해 우리둘이
I need you 우리둘이
oh no oh

바라보기만 해도
빠져들것 같은 그 미소
세상 누구 보다도 특별해 My lover lover
커져가는 내 맘을
아낌없이 다 주고 싶어
(Dreaming my Dreams)
무슨 말로 어떻게 다 표현할까

함께 있을 때도
자꾸만 보고싶은
비교 할수없는 (My Love)
귀여운 내 사랑
때론 힘들어도 (속상해도)
이 손 놓지 말고 (꼭 안고서)
지금처럼 행복하길 바랄게

언제나 너를 사랑해
내 마음 변치 않을게
우리의 소중한 시간
지금부터 영원히
날 바라보는 너
그런 널 바라보는 나
늘 지금처럼 함께해 우리둘이

아주 다른 인연이 만나
서롤 아껴준다는게
어려울 수 있겠지
그땐 서로 생각하며
우리 함께 노력해요

너만을 위한 내 사랑
다주고 싶은 내 마음
언제나 변치 않기를
약속할게 영원히
나 언제까지나
이렇게 언제까지나
늘 지금처럼 함께해 우리둘이
I need you 우리둘이
oh no oh


saranghandaneun maldo
nareul akkyeojundaneun maldo
naegeneun neomuna himi dwae My lover lover
gibun joheun i sigan
neoreul bomyeon nan haengbokhaejyeo
(Dreaming my Dreams)
eonje tto ireon haengbogi chajaolkka
hamkkehaneun dongane
meolli isseul ttaeedo
seorol akkyeojuneun (my love)
ttatteutan geu moseup
ttaeron oppacheoreom (chingucheoreom)
ttaeron namjacheoreom (dongsaengcheoreom)
neol ihaehago saranghaneun na

eonjena neoreul saranghae
nae maeum byeonchi anheulge
uriui sojunghan sigan
jigeumbuteo yeongwonhi
nal baraboneun neo
geureon neol baraboneun na
neul jigeumcheoreom hamkkehae uriduri
I need you uriduri
oh no oh

barabogiman haedo
ppajyeodeulgeot gateun geu miso
sesang nugu bodado teukbyeolhae My lover lover
keojyeoganeun nae mameul
akkimeobsi da jugo sipeo
(Dreaming my Dreams)
museun mallo eotteoke da pyohyeonhalkka

hamkke isseul ttaedo
jakkuman bogosipeun
bigyo halsueomneun (My Love)
gwiyeoun nae sarang
ttaeron himdeureodo (soksanghaedo)
i son nochi malgo (kkok angoseo)
jigeumcheoreom haengbokhagil baralge

eonjena neoreul saranghae
nae maeum byeonchi anheulge
uriui sojunghan sigan
jigeumbuteo yeongwonhi
nal baraboneun neo
geureon neol baraboneun na
neul jigeumcheoreom hamkkehae uriduri

aju dareun inyeoni manna
seorol akkyeojundaneunge
eoryeoul su itgetji
geuttaen seoro saenggakhamyeo
uri hamkke noryeokhaeyo

neomaneul wihan nae sarang
dajugo sipeun nae maeum
eonjena byeonchi ankireul
yaksokhalge yeongwonhi
na eonjekkajina
ireoke eonjekkajina
neul jigeumcheoreom hamkkehae uriduri
I need you uriduri
oh no oh


When you tell me you love me
When you tell me you care for me
It gives me such great strength, my lover lover
I feel so good right now
I get happier when I see you
(Dreaming my dreams)
When will this happiness ever find me again?
When we’re together
When we’re far apart
We care for each other (my love)
Sometimes like an oppa (sometimes like a friend)
Sometimes like a man (sometimes like a dongseng)
I will understand you and love you

I always love you
My heart won’t change
Our precious time
Will be from now to eternity
I look at you
And you look at me
Let’s always be together like now
I need you
Oh no oh

Just by looking at you
I feel like I could fall into your smile
You’re more special than anyone, my lover lover
My feelings are growing bigger
I want to give it all without holding back
(Dreaming my dreams)
Which words should I use to express it all?

Even if we’re together
I keep missing you
I can’t compare (my love)
My cute love
Even if it’s hard sometimes (even if you’re upset)
Don’t let go of this hand (hug me tightly)
I hope we can be happy like we are now

I always love you
My heart won’t change
Our precious time
Will be from now to eternity
I look at you
And you look at me
Let’s always be together like now

When different fates meet
And start to care for each other
It might be hard
Then, let’s think of each other
And try together

My love is only for you
I want to give you all of my heart
I’ll never change
I’ll promise you forever
Till always,
Till always like this
Let’s be together like now
I need you
Oh no oh


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courtesy of @SakuraDream

[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun 김형준 Message for Always Love You MV


source: Sakura Dream

[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun 김형준 Always Love You MV Behind The Scenes


credit: Sakura Dream

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Lotte Duty Free Music Video Making Film Korea Version



[Vid + Translation] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Sketchbook Interview

YHY: The return of the Hallyu Star, Kim Hyun Joong. Welcome~

  • KHJ: Hello audience of ‘Sketchbook’, I’m Kim Hyun Joong

YHY: It’s your first appearance in Sketchbook..how do you feel?

  • KHJ: I’ve watched Sketchbook in the plane..

YHY: You can watch Sketchbook in the plane too

  • KHJ: So I was thinking it would be great if I could see myself on the show too. And the day finally came & I feel honored to be in this show

YHY: Oh, so you mean you’ve been watching me (through the show) in the plane?

  • KHJ: Yeah, I’ve been watching your show

YHY: Now you’ve seen me in person, do you feel like you are seeing a celebrity/star?

  • KHJ: I feel a little unfamiliar yet intimate too..because I’ve been keeping an eye on you..

YHY: Oh..

  • KHJ: But really…you are able to turn a dull topic into something funny

YHY: Me?

  • KHJ: So after watching, I think that you are someone with mysterious charms

YHY: I don’t get the connection here but I feel happy listening to this. Have you have any thoughts on my looks after seeing me (in person)?

  • KHJ: There is

YHY: What do you think?

  • KHJ: You look the same in TV

YHY: That’s right, it means I look great too (in TV and in person). I get it
YHY: Recently we’ve seen Hyun Joong’s diving appearance on TV but it’s been a long time since you’ve been on stage on TV. So how you’ve been during these time?

  • KHJ: I’ve been diving during those off-stage time. There’s no need to plan for a holiday and I can just spend my time in the swimming pool.

YHY: Oh! Please introduce the first song you’ve just sang

  • KHJ: The first song was ‘Lucky Guy’..yeah….

YHY: Is that all? A song called ‘Lucky Guy’? And that’s the intro?

  • KHJ: Yeah..do I need to add more for the intro..?

YHY: Alright *burst into laughters*
YHY: Hyun Joong had debuted from group SS501, right? How do you feel during your solo activities after changing from the group activities?

  • KHJ: It’s difficult

YHY: And what’s the difficult point?

  • KHJ: The difficult point is I have to digest all the parts like improving my lung capacity or physical fitness. After debuting solo, I’ve been working out on my stamina

YHY: You’ve been holding your own solo concert that lasts for two to three hours and you were a dance singer. I’ve heard that you’ve been singing ballad songs in your concert too. Have you sang a lot?

  • KHJ: I sang 3 (ballad) songs

YHY: What kind of ballad song? It’s kind of hard to imagine..

  • KHJ: Really?

YHY: Why not sing one song for us?

  • KHJ: Shall I sing one song? I’m sorry but can I sing facing the opposite side?

YHY: Yes of course

  • KHJ: Because it’s a little awkward to sing facing a man..so I’ll sing facing the opposite side

YHY: Okay, I’ll also listen to your song facing the opposite side (against your back)..let’s give him a round of applause .The vibration in your voice was really impressive..in this part ‘If you are…’

  • KHJ: It seems that I’m feeling very nervous..there’s so many men in front of me and they don’t seemed to be very happy

YHY: Their expressions?

  • KHJ: Yeah, they keep looking at me like this and I feel a little sorry

YHY: Because you’ve been singing ‘If you are..’ facing at them, their expressions go like ‘so what?’

  • KHJ: I’m sorry

YHY: Have you ever had any ideal person whom you want to collaborate with as a singer?

  • KHJ: It’s Lee Juck sunbaenim

YHY: Why Lee Juck?

  • KHJ: I just like him

YHY: His songs since it’s soothing

  • KHJ: It’s soothing and refreshing

YHY: It seems that your voice will match well with Lee Juck’s melody like Lee Juck’s It’s Fortunate. Do you think your voice will suit in these kind of songs?

  • KHJ: Really? So can you ask him for a song for me?

YHY: Well Lee Juck is now hosting a show called ‘Enemy of Broadcasting’

  • KHJ: *wide eyed* Is this a late-night show?

YHY: No, it’s called Enemy of Broadcasting

  • KHJ: Ah, Enemy of Broadcasting..I was shocked
YHY: No way! I wouldn’t have said such words
  • KHJ: I thought it was really a rated show

YHY: How could I be like this? Lee Juck is my precious junior

  • KHJ: That (just now) was really shocking
YHY: Hyun Joong had debuted for almost 8 years and you’re 28 years old now. Soon you’ll turn 30, right? What do you wish to accomplish before you turn age 30? Firstly as a singer?
  • KHJ: I want to hold a concert for free

YHY: A free concert

  • KHJ: Yeah, it will soon be the 10th anniversary for my debut in two years time. I’ve been receiving a lot of love from the public, so to repay them, I want to hold a free concert in a large venue.

YHY: That’s good. You want to hold a free concert for fans as a singer, what about as an actor before you turn 30?

  • KHJ: I want to try for 2 drama projects

YHY: Two?

  • KHJ: Yeah, a manly character in a drama and a flowerboy in another drama

YHY: Like Jihoo sunbae from Boys Over Flowers?

  • KHJ: It would be great it I have a little more flesh compared to last time

YHY: Because you were too thin back then

  • KHJ: Back then..I looked like a joss stick

YHY: If you are using expression like this to describe yourself, how else should I describe you as? But you were really handsome

  • KHJ: But I was really thin last time

YHY: I’ve been wondering, that usually singers practice their singing by imitating other singers, so how do you practice your acting as an actor? Do you use the same method?

  • KHJ: Yeah. Similar to singing, I will try to imitate other actors’ acting too

YHY: Whom have you tried imitating?

  • KHJ: I’ve watched the movie The Man From Nowhere a lot of times

YHY: The one from Wonbin..which part of the dialogues have you been practicing?

  • KHJ: There was a really cool speech in the movie – ‘When the child dies, organs will be taken out’ . Ah..it seems like this part cannot be broadcasted..I’ll just make some correction to it..‘If the child dies, organs will be donated. Hair to Chungcheongdo, earwax to Gyeongsangdo, nose mucus to Seoul. If you did any mistake, you should apologize to that child’..and so there’s a speech in the move similar to this.Sorry~ It’s been a long time (for audience) coming out for a date but I’ve made the atmosphere like this..

YHY: From my opinion, it seems like I’m watching a solo comic gag. The feeling is strange. Have you talked to yourself like this?

  • KHJ: Yeah, sometimes I acted 7 characters alone too

YHY: Alone?

  • KHJ: Yeah

YHY: Can you show it to us?

  • KHJ: I’ve tried this once when I was alone lying on the bed..like this..

Character 1: Ah! I can’t sleep
Character 2 enters the room: Yah! You’re still not asleep yet?
Character 3 from another corner of the room: Why did you enter?
Character 4 lying beside Character 1: You’d better go to bed. All of you, get out of the room

  • KHJ: Something like this…

YHY: *speechless* It’s the 198th episode today. It feels spooky (listening to the story). Now let’s move on to the latest album that Hyun Joong had released? What is the album title?

  • KHJ: It’s called ‘Round 3′

YHY: Why is it titled ‘Round 3′?

  • KHJ: It’s the third mini album that I have released. After I have watched UFC, it ends at the third round, right? So this album was prepared as if it’s the last album I’m going to release.

YHY: I see..

  • KHJ: Besides this, fans have been asking me when will I release a full album. I don’t have plans to release a full album.

YHY: The reason being is?

  • KHJ: It confuses me. I have already released third (mini) album so far and if it suddenly becomes the first (full) album, then the fourth (mini) album following next

YHY: *nods trying to understand* Now that we have understood what Hyun Joong was trying to say..
Hyun Joong is now working with Yoon Jong Shin in the same show now, have you ever asked for a song offer from him?

  • KHJ: Never

YHY: Why?

  • KHJ: Because it’ll seem like there’s some kind of motives

YHY: As if a business motive exists. But since both of you are in the same show, had he given you any advice for your comeback?

  • KHJ: One day he suggested to me whether I wanted to cover one of his songs, and so I was choosing the songs recently, but it seemed it won’t succeed since I’m too busy.

YHY: *laughs* This is the last question. What is your dream?

  • KHJ: My dream..I don’t have a dream. Because I think today, everyday is my dream. Treasure every minute & second of each day, enjoy a stress-free life welcome tomorrow. So I don’t have a dream. My principle is ‘to enjoy living today happily’


Video Credit by: jkim606
Translations by: @HEAVENLY606

[HD Photo] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Official SIte Update ; Round 3 Album Jacket


source: hyun-joong.com

[News] Kim Hyung Jun 김형준 & Sunny Hill's Kota Sing Duet 'Always Love You' through New MV

Kim Hyung Jun has released the music video for his special digital single "Always Love You" (Korean title: "Two of Us").

The SS501 member produced the duet track, which features Sunny Hill's Kota.

The music video was directed by Kim Do Yeon, who's worked on IU's "Last Fantasy" and Wanted's "Going to You", and movie director Park Jong Chul, and the two have helped make this video one you'll want to replay a few times with its lively atmosphere!

The song is about a couple looking back on a vacation getaway and the two singers do a great job conveying the message of the song.


source: allkpop

[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun 김형준 Always Love You MV 우리 둘이 (Duet. KOTA of SunnyHill)


source: LOENENT

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong “I want to live as myself and not as an entertainer just for one day”

'Barefoot Friends' Kim Hyun Joong “I want to live as myself and not as an entertainer just for one day”

As Kim Hyun Joong was looking at the peaceful nighttime view of the sea, he confessed that he wants to live as himself and not as an entertainer just for one day.

Afterwards, he gave an example such as when a restaurant owner gave him rolled up eggs on the house after recognizing him. “It was just a bad timing. I was too full to eat, but if I hadn’t eaten it then I would’ve felt bad.”

Further, he mentioned “If I were not me only for one day…it’s not that I’m not grateful..just want to be less grateful only for one day.” One can only imagine the predicament of being an entertainer.

However, Kim Hyun Joong expressed his desire to write lyrics showing this kind of candid feelings in his own song. After singing the song, he “again wants to live with gratitude,” in which one can see how much he values his life as an entertainer.


Source: reviewstar
English trans credit: @FortheLoveofKHJ