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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun Arrival at Incheon Airport from Japan


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[Article] Rebuttal from a Ssangchu Fan

I just want to post this tweet from a very dear friend of mine and also a die-hard JoongBoer Like me sis @iamjhosel , regarding about the misunderstandings or twitter war (if u wanna call it that way) in the past few days.. This issue was started when some KHJ fans reacted on what my other precious friend eonnie @Khjlovebuin (formerly @khjean14) RE-POSTED psed photo of KHJ and HB on her twitter account, which she said that she got it ORIGINALLY from weibo site.. 

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Im posting up my two cents to this post alledgely from Henecia Korea posted by @khj_khj_khj.

I don't see, in any way, that we, Joongboers are an anti to Kim Hyun Joong nor we post threat to him or to anyone else.

First things first. Lets define terms clearly.

According to Wikipedia, We Got Married (Hangul: 우리 결혼했어요) is a South Korean reality variety show, one segment of the Sunday Sunday Night program. First broadcast in 2008, the show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of the participants to reveal their thoughts and feelings.

Is it scripted? This has been an issue eversince, but PDnim in an interview before said although they give concepts/missions to the couples, its up to them to decide on how to carry it out. It has been denied by Kang Sora and Eun Jung too on several interviews.

Ssangchu Couple: Kim Hyun Joong paired with Hwangbo Hye Jung
came in the 9th episode of Season 1 as a replacement of Alex-Shinae couple who at that time took a break from WGM because of Alex' busy schedule preparing for his album.

Joongboers are fans supporting the couple, Kim Hyun JOONG and Hwang BO both individually and as a couple.

Now, on to the issue at hand.

Yes, we hope and pray and believe that they are together as a couple, BUT, we NEVER CLAIMED that they are indeed a couple. They NEVER said they are together nor they NEVER DENY that they are together.

On not contacting each other: Its been 4 years since WGM. And yes, within 4 years they also said No, they havent contacted each other everytime they are asked on interviews. BUT. Recently, its Kim Hyun Joong himself who broke the denials. *In a chinese article, he said
"as an artist, we are both busy so we can't contact OFTEN".

In the same article also, Kim Hyun Joong acknowledge himself that WGM paved his way to more success. Excerpt to that article:
He recalls, “it’s because of ‘we got married’ that I gained my first popularity from. Internet is amazing, these Korean variety shows can actually gain support in china where language is a barrier.”

On HJ being 'physically and mentally stressed' on the start of BOF filming because he had to shoot WGM episodes rigorously: IT WAS HIS CHOICE. After the Fake Farewell Episode, they were asked if they still wanted to continue on WGM or not. Both Hwangbo and Hyun Joong said yes. Hyun Joong could have said no like what the AnSol couple did but he did not. It was his choice. Besides DSP could have pulled him out if they see that filming WGM would be detrimental to him.

On manipulating facts. We had never manipulated anything. Yes, we get bits and pieces of Hyun Joong's interviews and celebrate on it especially when it fits Joongbo (for example, his ideal girl being someone who's simple, friendly and who he can drink with) but we do not manipulate or twist it. We get happy and celebrate everytime we see them wearing the same rings, accessories and such. But that is all our observations. We never invent things.

On photoshopped Joongbo pics. We edit pics just because they look good together. C'mon, should photoshopping be questioned too? Any artist I know of has every sorts of PSed pics with any other artists. Even fans do it too with their biases. Tell me a fan who in any point had never PSed their pic together with their biases. LOL.

On Joongbo fanfics to fulfill our sexual desires. Wow! Just wow. Fanfics are common in any fandom too. Its the fans way of expressing their writing skills and creativity. It so just happens that the inspiration used for the characters of the story are Hyun Joong and Hwangbo. Besides, HJ got many fanfics, with Goo Hye Sun, with Jung So Min, with Hyori, even with SS501 boys and Jaejoong! Are all that for sexual desires too? We have never desired to be with Hyun Joong. We are even in dismay to some Hyun Joong fans who would throw themselves to Hyun Joong in attempt to hug him or kiss him during his high five events. That my dear, is sexual harrassment.

Joongboers are Kim Hyun Joong fans too. We support him in every way we can. We buy his albums, go to his fanmeets, watch his dramas, vote for him day and night on polls and even do charity works in his name. So you can never say we are an anti.

We, too, just like you Henecians, Triple S, MinJoong shippers and what-have-yous supports Kim Hyun Joong and wishes nothing but success on his career.

Yes, we are hoping that HB and HJ are really together but remember
at the end of the day, its Kim Hyun Joong who will decide who he choose to love. Not YOU. Not us either.

But as long as both HB and HJ are single and not married, we Joongboers will continue to believe and support them.

Can't we just move on peacefully on our respective fandoms and continue to support him?

I'm sure the man himself wont be happy to see his fans arguing.

Have a great weekend everyone! Segyero!<3 br="br">

*Link to the English trans of the chinese article:
Note: This blog is not ssangchu related at all.

This is the psed issue... 

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Hi! Good morning! Thank you for replying. I'm sorry to hear that some Korean Ssangchu fans act in such a way. I don't know their side or how they do it there. But I thought Korean Ssangchu fans are actually underground and do not have much activities? Some even envy International fans because unlike them we can express our love to the the couple freely. Korean ssangchu fans from what I see are actually restrained because they know how extreme fans can get. But in your group's statement, it seems to me that you are generalizing all Ssangchu fans to be what you describe as antis. It seems to me that you are all spreading hate against Ssangchu fans and urging everyone to hate us too. That's what hurt me most as a ssangchu fan and KHj fan. If you have problems with 'some korean ssangchu fans', I'd rather you contact them personally rather than lashing it out to Ssangchus and issuing a statement making Ssangchu fans look like a crazy bunch of fans.

I'm also in awe in how Korean fans are spreading tweets to unfollow a Ssangchu fan, khjean14. Jean had done nothing wrong but share Kim Hyun Joong news and updates. She was even of one of those i know of who untirely do all her best to bring latest news and updtes on Kim Hyun Joong for international HJ fans. I don't think its a mature way of dealing things.

On HJ and HB being together or not. My dear, its our own personal choice to believe in them. Its been 4 years after WGM and our Ssangchu family is actually getting bigger and bigger around the world. I think you can't impose on us to stop believing in them. I hope you all respect our beliefs as well as we respect Kim Hyun Joong.

Again, I hope this issue would stop because HJ is a man of humility. I don't think he would want to see this happening amongst his fans. We are all nothing but fans. Have a good day!:)

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I just want to expLain myside also regarding this... I'm writing this not ONLY AS JOONGBOER but also a die-hard KHJ fan (am also a Triple S at heart) I actually explained already myside on someone's blog regarding this matter also.. She even describe me as JOONGBO fan only, now may I remind you If you already forgotten, I am a KHJ fan too not only you.. :)) The thing here is If you people ( KHJ fan as you want to call it) really cares/ support and protect KHJ, why your doing such things that have caused misunderstandings between one fandom to another?? Don't you know the meaning of psed??? Even Keyeast didn't say that psed is prohibited! oh I will accept your sarcastic way of dealing with issue IF you are the owner of that photo.. May I ask you Do you own that one?? I guess not! Coz that photo was published online.. I don't want to make this any longer... I said on my tweet before I'm done with this.. but what did you do?? some people even tweeted that they should unfollow eonnie @khjean14?? WHY??? You're even accusing her that she committed a SIN??? What the hell on earth is happening??? Are there any laws regrading PROHIBITION OF PSED??? aaiigooo  This is CITY CONQUEST era already people.. If you are not HAPPY with KHJ-HB tandem since WGM fine!! But don't bash JoongBoer who still believes on them.. We're not doing such things against you so, better do the same towards us! 



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