Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong on STARAZ Magazine

Q: Do you yourself feel your acting has improved a lot?

  • HJ: Hmm, I've done my best (laugh). During the filming I completely lived as Shin Jung Tae. Every time we shoot I used about 100% of all my power. After pouring everything like that, I don’t have any regret left. I used to believe that if (my acting) could not get acknowledged here as well, then I really don't have what it takes / not qualified (to be an actor). But because I received many compliments I'm very thankful, and in the other hand I also become apprehensive.

Q: Among the dramas you've done all this time, your acting got positive reviews the most in this drama.

  • HJ: As time passes, of course I will get better (laugh). What's important is that I'm not satisfied right here, I want to show another appearance that can outdo Shin Jung Tae; I will show something that will surpass Shin Jung Tae. Acting is an art, and there is no limit to art.

Q: What do you think your identity is, a singer or an actor?

  • HJ: There is a singer’s blood, and there’s also an actor’s blood in me. I’m not exceptional in any one of those two (laugh), but it’s true that I have both of them. But I think what's important is that there should be a space between singing activities and acting activities. For me also, singers or actors when they want to show a new appearance, there needs to be some time for the public to accept the new image.When I think about why actors who were originally singers couldn’t get acknowledged by the public, I concluded that it’s because a singer's image is really strong. If the public already grow tired of a singer's image when he/she's dressing up fancily and dancing while singing, the public will no longer be curious about that person. When they stand on stage they shine over anyone else but to do as much when acting, I think there should be some time to get immersed in the role.

Q: Right now many junior idols are challenging acting. As a sunbae who walked this path before them is there anything you want to say to them?

  • HJ: I was also the same, those friends are going to start acting because they’re told by the agency as well. Even if they don't know acting, they start it with curiosity and pressure. But even though they start it against their own will, I want to say to them that they shouldn't lose their seriousness.It’s not just for a simple curiosity, but they also need to have the right attitude of mind. Just like how much they shed their sweats during trainee days wanting to become a singer, when challenging acting they should also come with that spirit. I hope they can engage into acting by having a passion which is the same as how much they wanted to be a singer.


photo cr: @DSCS-KHJ
source: blog.sina.com.cn
credit translation: @AlienPrinceKHJ