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[Translation] Kim Hyung Jun Sina Interview ; SS501 will not separate, best friends with Jang Geun Suk

Ss501′s member Kim Hyung Jun had exclusive interview with Sina Korean entertainment news, talked about behind the scenes stories of new album and most memorable moments with fans. When talked about ss501, Kim hyung jun stated that ss501will learn from Shinhwa, will not separate. At the same time, Kim hyung jun also revealed his friendships with Jang Geun Suk, DBSK, SJ etc, laughingly said “I’m best friends with Jang Geun suk. A little bit open to talk about our close relationship, but it’s a fact that we are good friends.”

Sina : please say hi to sina netizens.

  • KHJun : hello, sina netizens, it’s been a long time, I’m Kim hyung jun, nice to meet you.

Sina : not long ago, you released new album , in the making of the album, is there any unforgettable behind the scenes that perhaps you may want to share with Chinese fans?

  • KHJun : i held a showcase before official comeback, many fans came. Some good friends came too, I had a great time, it was unforgettable. Also, the concert was also broadcasted online, I feel it’s very meaningful. This time, my promotion period is very short, it’s my regret, but showcase via live broadcast online left me a great impression.

Sina : Famous actors Kangaroo Ji Hwan and Lee Ki Woo appeared in hour MV, are you very close to them?

  • KHJun : many people feels that there nothing in common among the three of us. But we are under the same company. As a junior, I sent out invitation to seniors, and they accepted my request quickly. I think it may be the fact that we are all under same management. But I was thinking, even if it’s the same management, it was not a must for them to accept my request. However, they were quick to respond, because I’m dongsaeng, they have agreed to help me out. Ji Hwan and Ki Woo hyungs are very mice to me, it was as if they were filming for their own MV. The shooting was tiring.

         I’m very grateful towards the 3 of them, ah no, besides myself, 2 people. It was a pleasant memory.

Sina : recently you held concert tour in Japan, what’s your most touching moment?

  • KHJun : actually, I did jot have too much activities within Korea, having a concert is not an easy thing. However, it was beyond my expectation to have many performances in Japan. Thus, I had 9 concerts in Japan in august, and felt this way. Maybe it’s because I did not have concert in Korea, so I was not able to feel it. Japanese fans are very passionate, no matter which city I went, especially in Sapporo. Although it’s my first time there, but I felt “why did I come only now”. Many fans came to Sapporo and I had handshake and fan sign with fans before concert.
  • Many fans came to these events, really made me feel very touched. I did not expect to receive so much love. Their love for me exceeded my expectants, and they were so caring towards me. Thus I feel their caring for me is very meaningful. Im thankful towards them, they make me feel very happy. I have spent very happy, and touching days in Japan, the feeling is great.

Sina : do you have plans to come to china for concert tour?

  • KHJun : I had one or two fanmeeting in shanghai before, but it’s very seldom. In the late three years, I have only been there less than five time, ah, not even three time, seems like I have only went there twice. So I prepare to go china next year. Originally, I heard there are a lot activities at the year end in china, but the process did not go well, so the year end loans were cancelled. Thus planning to focus on china starting early next year, I’m preparing for it now, planning to learn the language and preparing for events and new album.
  • Wish to release album in china, so everyone please wait patiently. I believe with Kim Hyung Jun’s nice voice and acting, the tome for me to give back to everyone is near. Hope to meet everyone early next year, please look forward to my performance in china.

Sina : what’s the difference of flying solo and in group?

  • KHJun : not much difference except that I’m lonely on stage. No matter what, it’s almost three years for solo activities, next year will be the third year.
  • During these years, the most hardship endured is the loneliness. During solo activities, there are many times when I felt regret for nit being to have activities as five members, a bursar too. But in the three years, this kind of feeling is becoming lesser. Now I’m trying my personal best to do good in solo career. Aside from loneliness, I’m having solo activities with a cheerful mode.

Sina : do you keep in touch with ss501 members?

  • KHJun : of course. And I’m jot kidding, we have been brothers for more than 9 years, nearing 10 years. Shinhwa sunbaes are our role model, they have stayed together. We are also working hard towards the goal to become the next long lived idol group, we will definitely not disband. Although we are having solo activities mow, but now it’s the time for us to fully charge ourselves to become better. Not long ago, when Jung min was preparing for his November album, I went to cheer for him. Kyu Jong is in army now, I went to visit him too. Young saeng and hyun Joong are often in touch too, so we have never grow apart from each other.
  • If there’s any unhappy incidents among ourselves, we would say it out straight. We do not like to hide or hold grudges towards each other, we are very straight forward, we just say it out if we were unhappy. Also we make up really fast, therefore we will be able to walk the long journey together, so don’t worry.

Sina : Now you are more involved in acting, what are your goals?

  • KHJun : I want to have new actor award. Most of the award ceremonies are next year, so I may not be able to make it. But I still wish to get new actor award. Also I wish to become an actor that everyone approves of through my acting in Korea. Many idols have been doing well in the acting industry, some become specialized actors and some are both actor and singer.  
  • I wish to become the best among them, hope you can find me when you are choosing for actors, wish to hear things like “give the script to hyung jun first’. Really wish to become hot snatched actor among the directors. For this, I have been working hard and taking acting lessons, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, I will be putting efforts into practicing, wish to become a good actor just like I have achieved as a singer.

Sina : what is most hard to adjust to , when you first acted?

  • KHJun : at first, I’m nervous in front of the camera. Now, in front of interview camera and stage camera, Im not scared. But when shooting drama, have to act out every single detail in front of the tiny lens. I can’t be jumping around like I do on stage, cannot dance too, even I can’t show much facial movement. It’s hard to keep everything in the small box of lens. The next thing is the staffs, there are awkward instances with them even though we were suppose to be harmonious, they will still have thoughts about singer turning into actor. I find it hard to become close to them. Actually I feel I’m a very friendly person, but maybe I’m doing enough, but I think getting close to camera lens is the hardest for me.

Sina : what do you do when there’s no schedule? What are your hobbies?

  • KHJun : due to acting, I have been watching dramas and movies that I was not able to watch before. Also I like to drive around. I love cars a lot, so I go and see cars. Watch races, or take a drive along the beach. Thats what I do when I’m free.

Sina : never thought of joining celeb car race?

  • KHJun : although I like it slot, but I’m jot equipped with knowledge on racing. Like is like, but like and doing well are two different things. So its my hobby, I want to buy a lot of cars.
  • Lately, beside driving, I’m starting to okay soccer. Thus I want to make a soccer team, it’s in the process, not publicly. I’m the captain, having a ‘Kim hyung jun FC’, right now I’m still at the naming stage. Please anticipate. Many celebs like to play soccer, I’m ebious of it. So I want to have a soccer team, and for that, I’m working hard.

Sina : who are your celeb friends? Do you meet up often?

  • KHJun : I have many friends, Jang Geun suk, who else? Theres a lot, but I’m closest to Jang Geun suk. Saying this out too publicly, but it’s a fact. However Geun suk does not like soccer, he likes tennis. I will become soccer team captain, I will operate it first. Then I will find friends to join. Also there’s MBLAQ, DBSK and SJ…..
  • I’m close to hyungs, dong saengs who had same promotion period as me. I think in the near future, I will make a big soccer team, please support me.

Sina : entering entertainment circle with your brother, have you thought to collaborate with him?

  • KHJun : I wish to do everything with him. As older brother, k want to share everything with hi,. If Thera a chance, I want to release a duet with him next year. Ki bum is really great at composing, we wish to make our own album. As of acting, I myself have just started out, so I do nit have the ability to help him yet.
  • No matter what it is, if there’s a chance, I want to do it together with him. Although nothing is fixed, nut as an older brother, I’m always thinking of what can I do for my younger brother. Maybe we will release an album, please tune in,

Sina : your fellow member Kim Kyu Jong is now serving in army, many idols of your batch are now in army, do you have any thoughts about it?

  • KHJun : I always had a plan. It’s not honest to say I’m not stressed by it. But as a man, it’s our rightful duty to serve in army . It is a must to do so, but to make up for the no activities period, I need to be more hardworking now. Seeing kyu Jong going off to army, I think I will work hard too. Although I’m going too, but after kyu Jong went, I have been thinking hard to plan ahead for my future. Anyway when the days come, I will naturally go, now I’m just working to live everyday to it’s fullest.
  • Maybe it’s because of this pressure, man can be motivated to do better, I believe serving in rmy will be a beautiful experience.

Sina : how do you feel connecting with Chinese fans via weibo?

  • KHJun : I have been personally updating it, company is also managing it for me. I have always heard about how famous twitter it, and weibo is the china version of twitter. Although I can’t be in china physically, but through me message, I can deliver it as and when I want. I’m trying my best to keep up.
  • If you like it, I will be more active on weibo, becoming top searched in weibo is also my goal. More updates will gain more fans right? Then I will update more often.
  • I will let everyone know before I go to china, so Chinese fans please tune in more often, leave more comments. I will be reading. Everyone please visit it more often hope Kim hyung Jun’s weibo will have the most number of fans, I will be trying hard. Let’s work hard together!

Sina : what are your future plans?

  • KHJun : there was originally a drama in November, but as I’m not fully prepared, so I’m still preparing. In November and December, I will have events in Japan and Korea. Countrynwide tour and drama premiere are waiting for me. As an actor cum singer, I will be very busy at the end of the year.
  • I will be preparing for new album next year, scheduled to release in February. Also planning to go to china then, so please anticipate.
  • In addition, I’m also preparing to meet everyone as an actor. Firstly please look out for my new album. Chinese fans fighting! Everyone please give me continued attention, I like sunflower the most.

Sina : at last, please say a few words to Chinese fans!

  • KHJun : sina netizens, it’s been a long time, this is Kim hyung jun. Everyone please give more attention to my activities in the future, I will be meeting you soon. I’m not just saying and not doing, I will prove to you with my actions. The more you like me, the stronger I will be, then I will go and look for you. Please wait patiently.


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