Sunday, May 18, 2008

[News] SS501′s Heo Young Saeng Reeks of Honesty

SS501 member, Heo Young Saeng, recently revealed that he’s a “real honest guy” on KBS ‘Star Golden Bell‘.

This honesty that Huh Young Sang speaks about, is that he always tells his members if he farted or not. “The other members would try to hide the fact that they farted or blame someone else, but I just tell them when I fart.” Due to his honesty, Heo Young Saeng earned the nickname (방귀쟁이), which translates into someone who farts a lot.

Honesty is a good trait and one that’s hard to find these days. But in this case, Heo Young Saeng should try to be a little less honest.


credit: allkpop