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[Photo] Heo Young Saeng 2012 Double Attraction DVD The Making

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[Translation] Park Jung Min To Return in Korea For Lunar New Year, Planning to Buy a Shop For His Mother As a Gift

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Park Jung Min who has come to Taiwan for a long stay for almost half a year because of the filming of Angie Chai’s production idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’. Although the drama is still filming in progress, the director show solicitude for the actors and has decided to give a 5 days holiday for everyone. Park Jung Min can also finally return to Korea to visit his family. He also revealed that he will be buying a shop to reward his mother.

Park Jung Min will be receiving pocket-money (New Year Red Packet) from his elders but he is even generous to give his mother a shop. He said “My mother have always wanted to open a café so I will buy a shop for her to make her happy to do business.” However, his mother’s culinary skill is good and Park Jung Min feels that it’s a pity to open a café instead of a restaurant. He is still in a midst of convincing his mother.

Park Jung Min also revealed that he has already made an appointment with his brother’s children to play Korea New Year must-play game Yut/Yunnori, His nephews are delighted when he said that he will be returning home during New Year. Apart from wanting to get red packets from him, they even said that they want to win his money to subsidies their tuition fees.

Though holiday has not arrived, Park Jung Min has been eager to go home because he missed his mother’s New Year’s dishes. He said “I love the Korean Rice Cake soup and Kimchi pancake made by my mother.” Upon thinking about his mother’s cooking, he cried out and said “I really want to fly back to Korea as soon as possible to eat them.”

Idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’ starts its filming from Korea to Taiwan, filming from the rabbit year to dragon year. Jung Min whom has been having a long stay in Taiwan for nearly half a year has received a 5 days holiday. He will be rushing back to Korea on the Lunar New Year’s Eve for reunion dinner and even said that he wants to give his mother a ‘Golden Shop’ as a Lunar New Year’s gift, fulfilling his mother’s dream of opening a café.

Park Jung Min will be returning back to Korea for gathering with his relatives and friends. He has already made an appointment with his brother’s children for a game of Yut/Yunnori which is a must-play game during Lunar New Year in Korea. He praised that his mother’s cooking is the best, his relatives will also gather in his house during Lunar New Year’s Eve for reunion dinner. His mother will be in charge of cooking the dinner for everyone, “I love the Korean Rice Cake soup and Kimchi pancake made by my mother. In Korea, eating Korean Rice Cake soup during the Lunar new year also represents that you grew a year older, it’s a must eat dish among the many.


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[Translation] Kim Hyung Jun; Became an Actor After Going Solo



In the KBSN cable drama “Glowing She!”, Kim Hyung Jun (25 years old) plays the role of Kang Min who is uneducated and will depict a sweet and romantic love story with the television script writer So Yi Hyun (28 years old). One of the reasons why Kim Hyung Jun received many comments on his drama debut is because he made his debut as a member of the idol group SS501 and he’s the main lead of a drama now. However, he has no time for those prejudices because he just wants to achieve his new year’s resolutions and surpass his colleagues who are better than him.

Kim Hyung Jun expressed, “I know there are a lot of things to worry about, but I’ve been practising my acting skills diligently over the past year. I want to show you what I’ve got and win a newcomer award at the year-end drama awards ceremony.” Even though he caught a cold and couldn’t stop coughing, he still had the ambition to be an “Ambitious Idol” in the eyes of God.

The “Ambitious Idol” began his acting career

“I’ve always wanted to act and I think it’s the best way to express myself after going solo. I’ve been practicing my acting skills last year. Fortunately, I’ve been being a radio DJ for a long time and people tell me I’m quiet because of my vocalization. This is just the beginning, but isn’t a good start half way to success? So please anticipate it.”

What’s the audience’s reaction to the first drama broadcast?

“The drama casts and the director watched it together. The director said ‘You’ve worked hard. Just keep up the good work.’ The seniors also encouraged me ‘Don’t forget your initial determination. You can become a good actor if you keep up the good work.’ We’ve received a great response from the audience, I think it’s because I didn’t expect too much.”

Lost 8 kilograms

“People seem like they know why I lost some weight. I hope they can take a new look at me. I took a photo of myself before my workout and I couldn’t even recognize myself.”

Uneducated Kang Min in the drama looks realistic

“Come to think of it, my manager hyungs have made me cry before. I’ve been hurt by things they said. Kang Min doesn’t want to let others know he’s hurt so he deliberately does things wrong. If he met someone who understands he pain, he would open his heart to her. He would have feelings for her if she were to be his guardian angel.”

Being compared to Kim Hyun Joong because of his acting skills

“I think it’s a healthy competition. I was envious of hyung when he casted in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and I really wanted to act. Now I’ve begun my acting career too. I feel embarrassed when people compare me to hyung. I’ve worked 5 times harder in order to not defame SS501. I must receive a rookie actor award this year.”

Received congratulatory phone calls from his group members

“Not long ago, I talked on the phone with Kyu Jong. He said ‘I’m always watching your drama. Let’s have a drink after you finish filming your drama.’ Other members went overseas, so they sent me text messages instead. We’re all living our busy lives, thus we aren’t able to keep in touch with each other as often as last time. However, I know how much they miss me.”

Falling in love with senior TV script writer So Yi Hyun

“It’s tiring to fall in love with a noona (So Yi Hyun) who’s like a brother to me. However, she looks totally beautiful in front of the camera after applying make-up. Up until now, I had only been in relationships with younger women. When I was dating them, I was reluctant to accept the sad fact that I had to always take care of them. I’ve had some painful experiences, therefore I want to date older women from 2012 onwards.”

Once dated someone in the entertainment industry

“I’ve had feelings for a designer who’s the same age as me because we’ve got along with each other for a few months. When I was 20 years old, I easily had feelings for the girls whom I got along with. When attending dinners, I couldn’t help but pay more attention to them because their appearances attracted me. However, I’ve never contacted them.”

Ideal type

“My ideal type is Moon Chae Won. I like her voice so much. Her dignified and elegant appearance suits my style. Junior female group A Pink’s member Son Na Eun is very beautiful. 4Minute’s HyunA has sexiness that doesn’t match her age and no words can describe her charisma.”

Became a senior idol

“I feel like I’ve changed a lot as I’ve gotten older. I can fall asleep while cutting an apple or looking at my phone. I slept only 2 hours a day without feeling tired during my debut days. Nowadays, I need to adjust my sleep schedule. I eat deer antlers currently.”

Artists he recently gets along with

“Jang Geun Suk is the kind of friend who appears once every two invitations. I like his ‘coolness’. When I look at him 100 meters away, he still looks like an artist and he acts like we’re living in the same community. Song Seung Heon hyung would probably appear just once if I were to ask him out 10 times. Haha. We got closer after I attended his fanmeeting. I would like to thank him for coming to my birthday party.”

Self-evaluation of his solo career in 2011

“I have done some things well and made some mistakes. Seeing the idol groups that debuted together with us carry out their promotional activities makes me think ‘It would be great if we worked even harder in a year’s time in order to win a gayo daejun award’. I have regrets but I think we still have a chance. On the other hand, I have a clear conscience because I live up to my name ‘Ambitious Idol’ while carrying out my solo activities.”



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