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[HD Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 in Kagawa


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[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 in Takamatsu , Kagawa

  • Good evening to people from UDON prefecture! This is Kim Hyun Joong . Thanks that a lot of fans came to tonight show. To tell you the truth, i had the fact which i didn't know..
  • One year has been already passed since I've debuted in Japan? When was that? nijyuugo? (25th?) I'm still a fresh singer in Japan (big laugh). As I have now, I can have the concert in Kagawa, it's because of your support.
  • According to the staff, I'm the first korean artist to have a concert in Kagawa. It might be wrong. Is it famous from UDON in Kagawa, right? Tangerine is also famous, right? My staff told me that and bought me that. haha
  • Hyun joong laughed out when he introduced the next song saying “it's the proposal song". "I feel like i'm speaking out what i shouldn't say.“ and he kept laughing. but he didn't say the reason why he laughed out.But he said “It's the wedding ceremony for Wondergirls, Sonne-ssi in Korea.
  • Hyun Joong said “i really don't relate to her at all, but as the same artist, i wanna sing the song! It's for her husband!Don't tell me strange, funny (?) things, I'm gonna be misunderstood what i mean!“
  • Hyun Joong danced a lot tonight. He danced “bench dance“? from KISS KISS at steps on the stage, of course, the one, hand closing n opening one too.
  • While Hyun Joong sang a song? his muffler stuck to something, and the fans near there took it off. Then he said, “i thought i was gonna die to be tided my neck up, because it was too hard to breath“!
  • Hyun Joong said, “there're fans i've seen a lot of times and the first time. i surely remember all of them.“
  • Hyun Joong gave away his scarf to the first row fans after singing Your Story....
  • Hyun Joong run out audience seats when he sang Lucky guy!
  • He said “I say this every venues... If there're some reason fans aren't able to join tonight show,I'm sure to come over here again, I' gonna come to Kagawa again, I promise you. Even if a few fans,if these fans are waiting for me, i'm surely willing to come here again.“
  • There was a live mv that shows Hyun Joong went off the stage n get ready to the encore. It shows Hyun Joong went back to the staff room and drank water and encouraged fans to call for encore.
  • Hyun Joong came to down to audience seats!
  • the last last song 4 anchor was U, he walked audience seats.
  • Hyun Joong sang 5 songs for anchor tonight!


by @yukirin518 / @SS501KHJ606
Translated by: Die Hard Henecians

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[Article] Kim Kyu Jong on Venezuelan Newspaper ; The K-pop Singer Entered Compulsory Army on July 2012

Kim Kyu Jong: With SS501 until the end

The Comeback of ‘Yesterday’ Interpreter, would symbolize the union of Triple S movement.

Kim Kyu Jong is a singer, composer, actor, model, host and announcer of 25
years old, born in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea. Kyu Jong is represented
by B2M Entertainment agency, where his partner Heo Young Saeng from
SS501 belongs. Since July 2012 –during 24 months- he will be at compulsory
military service in his country.

This artist debuted as a member of a recognized k-pop idol Group, SS501,
in June 2005. He began his acting career with a role in Mnet hip-hop music
drama Break in 2006 and he lent his voice to the korean version of animated
movie ‘Pi’s Story’.

In August 2006 he had the opportunity to take over as DJ with his teammate
Park Jun Min, radio program SS501 in Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) to
replacing another SS501, Young Saeng, who had to leave for health problems.
In November 2008, Kyu Jong joined as one of the regular hosts of the program
Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) God of Cookery Expedition.

This same year he was part of the sub unit ‘SS501 Project Group’ with Young
Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun because of the solo activities of their peers Park
Jung Min and Kim Hyun Joong.

On November, Kyu Jong with SS501 Project Group released an album
named ‘UR Man’, this homonymous song won in the category ‘February
Song’ on Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009. Also, the singer wrote his solo
song ‘Never Let You Go’ and wrote the lyrics for his part of the song ‘Green
Peas’ dedicated to their fans, from ‘Rebirth’ album.

Boosting his career
In 2010 after the expiry of his contract with Daesung Enertainment, agency
that represented SS501, Kyu Jong decides to follow the path of his peers and
being part of the agency B2M Entertainment to start his solo career.

In December he had a fanmeeting with Young Saeng, his partner of firm in
B2M, in Seoul, South Korea, continuing in Hong Kong, China, Japan and other
Asian countries.

He did his debut in theater with the musical Goong, an adaptation of the TV
series where he did the principal male role, Lee Shin, in Japan and Korea.

In September 2011, he released his mini album debut ‘Turn me on’ with the
song ‘Yesterday’ as his promotional song and later he made his acting debut in
the drama Saving Madame Go Bong Shil. In November he appeared alongside
other Korean and Japanese singers at the ‘Seoul Music Festival 2011’ at
Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

In June 2012, Kyu Jong had a fanmeeting called ‘Thank U, ThanKYU’ with
Triple S fans (SS501) at Yonsei University in Sinchondong, Seoul. The meeting
was a farewell before enlisting in the army and that was the first time in two
years that five members of SS501 met.

In July, released a limited Edition of a mini album called ‘Meet me again’
dedicated to his fans. The production had three songs, including ‘Thank
You’ composed by the same Kyu Jong and ‘One Luv’, a duet with ‘Shorry J’
from ‘Mighty Mouth’, composed by Tae Wan.

- His fanclub is named ‘ThanKYU’ and it means how thankful is Kyu Jong for
the existence of them, leading to become the forever grateful ThanKyu.

- His slogan is ‘challenge with no regrets’.

- He is the only one that was selected as a member of SS501 through an
audition and is nicknamed ‘Gorilla’ and ‘Praying Mantis’. He was terrified of

- Usually he meets with Young Saeng and they rap, because this is one of their
favorite activities. He says that him with the other boys continues supporting
and loving each other as when they were together.

- At first he was exempt of his military service because he was a carrier of
Hepatitis B but with the new laws and to when he approved the medical
examinations, he was selected.


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[Translation] Heo Young Saeng Album Info and Membership Extension Details


* Heo YoungSaeng Album Information
* Fan club extension request bonus information

[Heo YoungSaeng Album Information]

Heo YoungSaeng is preparing for the release of his 3rd mini album!
Heo YoungSaeng’s 3rd mini album progress?

- 80% of album recording has been completed
There might be additional songs later, currently left with mixing and mastering.
- Album jacket photo shooting has been completed!
Currently left with photo selecting and designing.
- Title song(????)
Title song has been decided since the early stages of album production, currently practicing dance choreography with dancers!
- Music video shooting
Music video will be filmed in the last week of January!

—–> Album release schedule
Album production is on the go, targeted to be on sale on end February~early March.
We will announce the confirmed release date later on.

[Fan Club Extension Request Bonus Information]

Y.E.S membership period extension request has started.
Extension request period is different based on the join approval date.
We have sent mails about the extension request based on member’s membership period expiry date.
Please remember! To check the mail.

Y.E.S extension request members – Bonus goods

We are issuing membership cards only for the very first batch of members.
As a bonus for the members who requested for membership extension, we are having goods selection.

OO wants the Y.E.S goods! Hope that OO can receive it! Etc etc…
Please leave a tweet to Y.E.S_STAFF twitter account if you have any queries.
We will consider the goods selection.


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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun Twitter Site Update

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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong Lotte Duty Free Models in Action

Kim Hyun Joong's suit in the ad was auctioned and the earnings will go to Charity... 


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Lotte Duty Free Behind The Scenes Photo SHoot


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