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[Photo] Heo Young Saeng at ATI Basketball Practice


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[Translation] Heo Young Saeng New Mini Album "SOLO" Public Notice Starts Now

too excited to see Saengie's new image! :) 

Heo Young Saeng will make his comeback after debuting as a solo singer for 1 year.

Last year thru "Let It Go" successfully debuting as a solo singer,SS501 member Heo Young Saeng will meet his fans thru his new mini album "Solo".

Currently the KBS drama "Sent From Heaven" which is still broadcasting, Heo Young Saeng who is starring as Hallyu star Kakki, will be participating in the composing of lyrics for his title song"Crying" in his new mini album.

Together with the producer of SS501 and his own album, Steven Lee, they will create a song that describe a man who has lost his love and the inner feelings of wanting his love to be back as the theme for the song.

On the other hand, Heo Young Saeng new mini album teaser vid will be release tonight thru the official B2M YouTube channel and the domestic mainstream online audio sites.


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[Photo] Park Jung Min Drama Fondant Garden Official Facebook Site Update


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[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on AN AN Magazine Vol.1807 May 2012 Issue


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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong 2012 Fan Meeting in China; Songlist Revealed

are you excited to know what he will be singing on his China tour? ^^ check out the songlist below! 

 He will be in China from 29th May till 12th June. This is the song list approved by the embassy.

This songlist applies to all of his China FM tours.


  2. 재발(Please)


  4. Yes I Will

  5. Do you like that

  6. Lucky Guy

  7. 웃어요(Smile)

  8. 나는 네 남자 (I’m ur man)

  9. U

  10. Marry Me
  11. Let me go

  12. 고맙다 (Thank You)
  13. Happiness is…

  14. LOVE

  15. Fortunate


  17. 내 머리는 나빠서 Because I’m Stupid

  18. If you’re like me


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[Vid / Full Version] Kim Hyung Jun Drama I Love You Episode 10


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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong First Impact DVD Ranks #1 on Oricon

Congratulations Leader-ssi!! ^^ 

Kim Hyun Joong First Impact DVD got No.1 on ORICON MUSIC DVD daily total sales on it's first day of release..


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[News] Kim Hyun Joong Arrived in Taiwan; Miss Chance to Meet Lady Gaga Twice

You really want to see Lady Gaga's concert huh! o.0

Korea Star Kim Hyun Joong on the 16th afternoon arrived in Taiwan for his solo Taiwan fan meeting. Living to his 'Rain God' title, he had really brought a heavy rain to Taipei!

 After leaving the airport, Kim Hyun Joong went straight to The Regent Taipei Hotel to hold his press conference, giving a preview of his fan meeting content and also talking about the Korean drama that he is going to participate in. 

When talking about Lady Gaga who also arrives in Taiwan on the same day, he said that when Lady Gaga opened his concert in Korea, he had already bought his ticket, but couldn't attend due to his work. Coincidentally he actually met with her Taiwan stop, if there is a chance he really want to attend!

Hundred over fans welcome his flight, showing good order, can be rated as model fans

Kim Hyun Joong's flight arrived at 12.05 pm in the afternoon, the staff entourage swiftly left the immigration in 20 mins. Kim Hyun Joong was wearing long trench coat and dark glasses, shyly receiving flowers from his Taiwan staff. Although arriving in Taiwan during working hours, there were hundred over fans welcoming him, mainly consisted by female fans, the crowd was in good order and screamings were very minimal, Kim Hyun Joong smiled and wave to greet them.

In the press conference, Kim Hyun Joong always showed his gratitude to the media and fans, although the weather was not good today, everybody still arrived in the airport and press conference area to support him, this gratitude could only be returned with his performance in fan meeting!

Stressing that fan meeting is modeled after concert, New drama in the line, flower boy turned into rugged tough Man

Appearing again in The Regent Taipei ballroom, Kim Hyun Joong had changed into a black jacket with matching casual tee.
 After charmingly went on stage, showing his classic shy smile, speaking in his not so fluent mandarin: 'Long time didn't meet, I am Kim Hyun Joong.'

Talking about going to meet with his fans face to face on the 18th & 19th at NTU Sports Center, he revealed, the time he spend in Taiwan last year was very short, so this time he changed to use fan meeting style to have more interaction with everybody, and definitely is modeled after a concert!

 His Singapore and Hong Kong Tour stops had received good responses from his fans, everybody enjoyed the performance and this made him very happy. At the same time, Kim Hyun Joong had also think of how to response to the support which fans have given him over these years. Therefore for Taiwan stop, he will give out his personally design brooch and T-shirt and other merchandise free, and will also Hi-5 with all fans who participate in the fan meeting, when everybody is happy he will also be happy!

After the completion of his Asia Fan Meeting Tour, Kim Hyun Joong will go into filming of his new drama. This time the character will be totally different, it is a brutal and manly person, as it is not similar to his own character, he needs to spend a lot of time and effort to understand the role. 

Because there are quite a lot of martial actions, other then getting a teacher to teach him to act, currently he is also actively toning up his body and exercising. Although Taiwan audience might not be able to watch it live, Kim Hyun Joong has diligently requested: 'Please watch it online... or use other means to watch it!'

Taiwan fan meeting clashed head on with Lady Gaga's concert, Kim Hyun Joong felt a little regretted that previously when Lady Gaga held concert in Korea, he had even bought his ticket preparing to go to her concert, but due to preparation for his Asia Tour, he couldn't go eventually.

 If there is chance, he definitely wanted to participate in the grand event! He also wished that his activity will end perfectly and achieving Lady Gaga world class scale!

Flower boy with perfect skin and no skincare, kept mentioning do not fit the 'healing idol' title

Comparing to his visit to Taiwan last year, busy superstar Kim Hyun Joong seemed to be even slimmer, weekly oversea schedule had made his eye bag turned deeper, and had serious dark circles, but living up to his flower boy title, his skin condition is very perfect, completely don't need to do any touch-up, his mysterious charm amazed Yam photographer! 

However, he seems to have no special technique in skincare, he mentioned that as an artist, his style of living is totally opposite from the normal people. Skincare.... seems like he is gifted with perfect skin!

Previously in Korea, he had been voted No. 1 place as 'Healing Idol', after hearing it, Kim Hyun Joong kept smiling, showing his few rare cute smile today. He mentioned that he had heard about this in Hong Kong, thank you for everybody's support, but, not only to make the hurt happy, it will be great if before anybody is hurt, he could bring happiness and comfort to everybody


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