Sunday, April 6, 2014

[News] Inspiring Generation's Kim Hyun Joong Action and Acting Compliments

[A little lost returning from Shin Jung Tae to Kim Hyun Joong within a day, feeling unrealistic, despite it's just an acting character, but it's still difficult to withdraw from the character easily].

Although KBS drama [Inspiring Generation : Birth of a God of Fighter] last episode had concluded, but actor Kim Hyun Joong still has feelings of [not ended yet].

At the same time he also expressed that he will come back as a singer presenting even manlier image on stage. [Skipped. talks about previous drama characters and IG story background] Scripted based on the legendary fighter "Kim Du Han" story, received rave reviews through excellent acting of character Shin Jung Tae. Kim Hyun Joong expressed [I've done all I can, put in all my best even to the last recording].

Although there's many twists and turns of events, changed of scriptwriter, appearance fees and salary of staff unpaid, even halt of filming. Kim Hyun Joong said [No one was shaken at that time, everybody has feelings for the drama and wished to complete it successfully].

(talks about YWCFTS n rating battle with Three Days) 
HJ: Frankly, didn't win in the battle with YWCFTS. But didn't think of it like that (not bother about win-lose), am just considering the character I'm acting as.

Last episode recorded a rating of 12.3%, topping as champion among the rest that airs at the same timeslot. Played a character that is familiar to the middle-aged and elderly people, shaken off the image of an idol singer and handsome star.

Next year will be 30 years old, planning to enlist into army, will go through same life as others (referring to army enlistment), hope it will be a period where I can relook into myself.


credit / translated by: @501wangja

[Media Photo + Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Interview

Kim Hyun Joong with his changed gaze and tone/speech shook off flower boy image and transformed to real man.

  • Kim Hyun Joong planning release new album before World Cup, preparing to tour concert in Korea and will go enlistment next year.
  • Kim Hyun Joong will go for overseas tour full-scale starting from June.
  • Starting fr June 28, I'll embark on a world tour starting fr Korea. Visited countries not yet confirmed, but seems it'll be quite a lot.
  • He says wont hv much activities as singer aft army service. He wants to try composing and perform on a smaller scale.
  • KHJ says that his upcoming album will the last of him as a dancer-singer.
  • KHJ went to eat at canteen, he was recognized by drunk uncles. And they gave khj encouragement.
  • The album I'm gonna release this year probably will be the last one. I'm planning to try beyond music once I get thirty.
  • KHJ: "It still hasn't hit me that IG ended. I was greatly immersed & isn't easy to send SJT off, I feel down. I really like SJT, I was obsessed"
  • KHJ has no plans to do variety show in the future. "I only joined BFF because of Kang Ho Dong".
  • When asked if he wants to act in foreign dramas. Khj honestly replied no
  • KHJ doesnt want to act in those voice dubbing dramas, he said he doesnt want to take up jobs for the money.
  • He also thinks that since he doesnt even understand or speak that language well, it will be problematic to act in foreign dramas . Even if that means more popularity and money.
  • KHJ "when filming the scene where he hugged ok-ryeon &cried. NG-ed and destroyed the atmosphere as he accidentally called out Gaya instead"For this, he messaged Seyeon to apologize.
  • Khj likes girls who are like a puppy, would be scared if the girl is too strong. thinks seyeon is pretty, likes su hyang's personality.

  • [Q: Do you like that Jung Tae didn't end up with Gaya or Ok Ryeon and live alone at the end?]
    HJ: I really like it. Because he didn't end up with anyone it felt more bittersweet. Sirasoni (the character he's based on) originally has a very strong image of being lonely and lived a lonely life. Seems like the the character was directed based on the original.

    [Q: Sirasoni is a lonely character but what about the person Kim Hyun Joong?]
    HJ: I'm never lonely (laugh). I always try to enjoy my life. I like to meet my friends, eat and drink, and meet people. I have a lonely profession but because there are friends I become reassured. When it feels difficult & lonely, people who look after me and help me are my friends.

    [Q: Shin Jung Tae is loved by both Ok Ryeon & Gaya. If it's in real life who will you choose?]
    HJ: Ok Ryeon. Gaya is a good person but she's strong (laugh). Seems like I'll be in big trouble if we go out/date. When I was acting, I think a person like Ok Ryeon seems better. With Gaya, I have a love & hate relationship to each other. I don't want a love & hate relationship because it feels scary..


source: random media photos
Translated by : @wangziqi / @Cheezeemelt501