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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong's 김현중 Round 3 Album Tops Olleh Music Daily Charts



[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Guerilla Date in Gangnam Station


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[Preview] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Comeback Next Week


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[Article + Vid] 'Episode Zero' of Kim Hyun Joong's 김현중 Starring Drama 'City Conquest' Gives a Peek at the Drama That Will Never Air

Kim Hyun Joong's starring drama 'City Conquest' was previously canceled with KBS deciding to drop the show from its line up, leading Kim Hyun Joong himself to withdraw from the drama as well. However, fans are now able to get a peek at what the drama could have been like if it had aired with the reveal of an 'Episode Zero'.

DATV, a Japanese cable channel, recently decided to air the finished scenes of 'City Conquest' which were shot in Japan in a special preview titled, 'City Conquest, Episode Zero'.

Through the snippets of the drama that never made it to the small screen, you can check out Kim Hyun Joong's acting skills as well as BTS footage above!


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[Translation] 50 Q&A with Kim Hyun Joong 김현중

this section is from the official Unlimited Photobook.

(I dont have the original Korean ver, so if there’s any mistakes, please let me know)

#1. One word you use to describe your performance this year?
- Invincible

#2. What’s your lucky number?
- 6

#3. 3 things your will bring with you to a deserted island?
- Diving appliances, water, soju

#4. The most difficult part of learning Japanese?
- The part about the difference in pronouciating ‘tsu’ and ‘su’

#5. One Japanese culture that you find it hard to understand is?
- The color for shampoo bottle and conditioner bottle is the opposite of what it is in Korea. (In korea, the shampoo bottle is of a darker color)

#6. In Japan, it is usually asked like this ‘Sir, would you like to have a bottle of beer first?’. For you, what do you drink first?
- Soju

#7. One Japanese dish that you dislike?
- None.

#8. Most favourite place in Japan?

- (sorry I dont know the place.. its called Tang Ji Ke De in Chinese. I dont know how to translate this)

#9. Most favourite place in Seoul?
- My house.

#10. One korean dish that you have the most confidence in making?

- Bimbimbap

#11. There are many rules to follow in Korea when drinking with elders, what’s the most importance thing to take note of?
- Less talking.

#12. When you are suppose to meet a friend, but the friend is late. How long will you wait?
- 1 hour

#13. How long do you take to get out of the house?
- 1 hour

#14. At home, are you barefooted, wear socks, or slippers?
- Barefooted

#15. The first thing you do when you get home?
- Shower

#16. A recent photo taken using your phone
- Dog food

#17. Recently, what appliance you want to buy?

- Natural gas powered oven

#18. Prefer phone calls or text messaging?

- Phone calls

#19. Do you have any collections?
- Guitar

#20. What do you do when you feel depressed?
- I drink

#21. What do you like to play when you were young?
- Soccer

#22. Are you the type that will finish homework early during summer holidays?
- I do them at one go in the final days.

#23. The part time job you wished for when you were a student?

- Cooking assistant

#24. If you were to give advice to ‘the future you’ or ‘the past you’, what would you say?
- To ‘the past me’, live with more energy!

#25. Up till now, one thing that you feel most awkward?
- When in primary school, meeting pretty girls in public baths.

#26. Up till now, the most happy thing?

- Often feel that the most happy moment is ‘now’.

#27. Favourite season and why?
- Winter, there’s no mosquitoes, and can dress fashionably.

#28. What fragrance do you like and why?
- Baby powder, it gives a very comforting smell.

#29. (Your hairstyle) Long or short, which one your prefer?
- Long

#30. How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror?
- I feel a slight satisfaction.

#31. If you were to be an animal, which one you want to be?

- Koala

#32. If possible, which superpower you want to have?
- Teleport

#33. If you can become transparent for a day, what will you do?

- Shoot the person I dislike using a water gun.

#34. If there’s only 3 days before the world ends, what do u do?
- I will die first on that 3 days before it ends.

#35. One thing you wish to do before you die?
- A free concert with 100 thousands people.

#36. One thing you must do before going on stage?
- Stretching exercise.

#37. One particular place that you wish to sing at?
- On a boat/ship

#38. What song will u sing to your girlfriend?
- Rain

#39. What if your girlfriend likes another celeb?
- I will break up with her.

#40. When was ur first love?
- middle school year 1.

#41. What if your ideal type suddenly appears in front of you.
- I want to date her.

#42. Ideal dating venue, at home or out in public places?
- At home.

#43. Are u more of a meat eating or vegetable eating person?
- I prefer meat.

#44. One condition that u will not give in for marriage?
- must have at least 2 children.

#45. If u have a girlfriend now, do u wish her to marry you now? (Now as in the KHJ now, but not in terms of time)
- no

#46. When do you think girls are scary?
- not scary, but when they pretend to be scared at appropriate times.

#47. The dream that you remember recently?
- I thought i was girl then found out im a guy.

#48. What do you want the most now?
- an empty wallet.

#49. What do you worry the most now?
- not able to get married.

#50. When do u feel you are the happiest?

- when I finish a day’s work and go to sleep.


Chinese to English trans : babyvfan

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Guerilla Date at Gangnam Station


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