Sunday, January 13, 2013

[Audio] Kim Hyung Jun SBS Power FM Music High


by SexyBoyJun

[Fan Account + Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 in Saitama

Firstly, major thanks to a certain lady, God-sent with a spare ticket when i asked for the possibility of getting a ticket.

Here’s my feel on my very first concert ever in Japan….


the photos and the fancams posted so far are fantastic but i tell you, truly truly, they simply don’t convey the reason i got goosebumps on the 1st minute after the arena lights dimmed.

The moment the light dimmed, lightsticks lit, a sea of green within a second, the whole arena on their feet. Within the first bar of Heat, the audience cheered and even cheered even louder when hyunjoong’s voice was heard. The adrenalin rush was electrifying and in listening to his strong delivery, was certain his adrenalin had shot past the arena ceiling. i had goosebumps within that minute. and it was because of the audience, not the singer yet.

While i’ve not seen his concerts in taiwan nor korea, my guess is the japanese fans are unparalleled, unrivalled. i doubt any other country’s audience stands for two hours nonstop, wave lightsticks coordinated for two hours. It is so amazing. Which artiste having such an audio visual response won’t come back for more? It is far far far beyond gratitude. It is not the japanese fans who are lucky. It is hyunjoong who is so very lucky to have such fans.

Heat was a great kickstart to the evening. The fans rose to it like no other song though Love like This came a close second. Which surprised me later on because i never expected that the japanese fans like Love like This this major much. Anyways, back to sequence, Rize Up kept the momentum going. (haiz, i was such a coward in not giving in to my impulse to jump to that song). Save Today and I’m Yours sounds better on stage than on CD. i particularly liked the vibe in I’m Yours.

But the first rendition that gave me goosebumps was surprisingly, Because I’m Stupid. Frankly i never fancied that song. i don’t dislike it nor like it. BUT, this round, maybe because it was a fan’s request, he sang it so slow and mellow. WAH. the feeling…. i stopped waving my lightstick and held it to my heart. (indescribable)
The next round of goosebumps came with his If You’re Like Me. my all-time fave ballad by him.


It’s amusing how much hyunjoong wants to rock the stage as a band singer but then it’s like he misses dancing to music as well. at the end of Smile, i think he was wishing us to ask him to dance a bit, and so then the three seconds of butt dance on stage right (arena left). i was delighted to see him let go a bit of dance during Do You Like That. i sorely miss watching him dance to DYLT and Lucky Guy. love the cheeky choreo to bits.


This is just my feel, ok…. so don’t shoot me for what i say next. it seemed as though his voice buckled towards the end of I’m Your Man. and so then the next few songs sounded like he was struggling to keep it together. which was a pity because i had looked forward to hearing my all-time dance fave, PBNTM. i had liked how the original angst matched the original sharp moves. i liked even better the jazzy version which he did in the goodbye concert for Playful Kiss. i miss the necktie dance part and the rap that went with it. Anyways, the start of PBNTM was soft and i liked it. but then soon he went back to the original angst. The rap part potentially sounds good. probably a few more concerts later he would have nailed it.

The video break was good. When he came back, voice rested, with Love like This, the fans’ response of loud cheers was a second adrenalin rush.
but it was not Love like This but LMBTO that got me missing SS501′s harmonising. it really made them five as one. i miss the way their voices gelled.


i was glad to hear Your Story sung again, this time with his strength back. i love the vibe he gives… ‘i’m saying goodbye but i’m not letting you go.’ Which, when followed by hyper interactive U, made him a Badass Uzoosin. He left us high and dry. Hyunjoong left the stage saying ‘thank you’ continuously as though he was apologising he had a train to catch.

here are my pics for saitama before nagoya kicks off later this evening.

coming from my right facing terrace

turning around toward floor area

giving floor area fans some FaceTime

back to facing terrace, about 10-15m in front of me and jacq

back facing stage, right at back of floor area.

I just love this particular pic. Seeing him in the midst of tens of thousands spectators is just overwhelming for me. So proud of my Angel.

pics of band and backup singers are a must. without them, no music. (these are taken off the video screen)

First time someone posted pics of the band. A really good idea.

watch the red balloon burst…. (kiss kiss)


Credit: auntyjo62 of LKHJ