Sunday, May 11, 2014

[Photo] Super Junior's Heechul Visits Kim Hyun Joong's Jaksal Chicken Restaurant?



[Tweetbits] Park Jung Min Save Us Tonight Event in Japan

  • Jungmin has just finished his encore but fans won't leave although staff beg them to! Fans keep handclapping & calling PJM #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • #PJMSaveUsTonight 1. Night 2. Save us tonight 3. Warning 4. Not alone 5. Kimiiro 6. Nappun ingayo 7. I Feel You 8. Feel it 9. You Know 10. Gwitgae 11. Until Forever 12. Cheon nyeon gado (should be a duet with Kim Hyungjun) ENCORE 1. Beautiful 2. Wara wara 3. Save us tonight (Korean version)
  • #PJMSaveUsTonight as you can see from our previous pic, the stage was round. Jungmin today was accompanied by a 4-piece band
  • Each band member faced a different direction. They sat facing the audience, around the stage. ##PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Two male dancers also accompanied PJM tonight. They dressed in whites. They got to the stage before PJM. #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM then appear from one of the exit doors and walked the aisle to the stage, waving & hitouching fans on the left & right #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • He performed 'Night'. After that an MC, named Tomoyama Aki (@.tomoyama_aki), got to the stage to chat with PJM #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM talked about his new minialbum. Then he taught fans what to do during new single, Save us tonight. Cute song & choreo #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • After enough rehearsal of the movement PJM performed Save us tonight. Fans waved their green lightsticks to the rhythm #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM dressed in gray T-shirt, white shirt & denim, another white shirt tied around his waist, white shoes #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • The white shirt tied around his waist made fans unable to see his butt. Some fans shouted at Jungmin about this! #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • But Jungmin wouldn't lift or take off the shirt to reveal his butt.Though a fan shouted "JUNGMIN! OSHIRI! (BUTT!)" loudly! #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • MC Aki 'generously' substituted Jungmin, wriggling his butt at the fan. That's not what fans hoped for! XD #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM made sure that he spent enough time facing all directions, so that all fans could see him.Choreos were adjusted for it #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Before I Feel You, MC Aki read the seat number of a lucky fan. She would get to do a short drama scene with PJM #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM descended to floor, approaching the fan. She was so nervous she kept on stepping back each time PJM came closer XD ##PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM pretended that he came home with a fever. The fan must ask whether he got a cold. #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM then hugged the fan! And because they had to repeat the scene once again, she got hugged twice! #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM then returned to stage. 3 chairs & his dancers were already there. They performed I Feel You. A sexy song #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • To add sexiness to the song, in some parts PJM danced with eyes blindfolded #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Another new song, Feel It, is also a nice song, more upbeat, a beat jazzy when performed live with the band #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM & MC Aki were really a match! They often joked, made audience laugh, mocked each other #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • When introducing his band members, PJM didn't mind kneeling to let them use his own mic to speak. "so nice," said Aki #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • The round stage can rotate too, and it did in some songs like Until Forever when Jungmin sang alone on stage #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • When asked about what he thought about Japan, PJM said 'Familiar' #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Aki asked "What do you think about Family?" PJM: "Family? Oh! Not Family! Kazok!" (His fanclub, Japanese for 'family') #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Aki: "Sorry! Yes, what do you think about Kazok?" PJM: "Like kazoku (family)" #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • When Aki had said his last words for the night, he saluted to PJM. PJM saluted back, but then PJM waved his hand as if telling Aki to go quickly! Aki left the stage but he kept on talking! XD #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM shouted: "TURN HIS MIC OFF! MIC OFF! HE'S ANNOYING!" (Aki spoke again) PJM: "MIC OFF!" #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Cheonnyeon gado closed the main setlist. PJM hadn't even left the stage, fans already shouted for encore #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • So PJM continued with encore directly. Since it's release event of Save us tonight, the song was performed once again #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM left the hall from one of the doors. Too bad he wouldn't appear again although fans kept on shouting! #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • That's our updates from #PJMSaveUsTonight event. Tomorrow PJM will have hitouch with fans who buy the CD from TOWER RECORDS Shibuya


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