Sunday, October 28, 2012

[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Happy Camp Recording ; Prince Style


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courtesy of @wangziqi / @Khjlovesbuin

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Happy Camp Recording ; "Prince Style"

Kim Hyun Joong – Happy Camp recording, “王子style”

Happy camp is one of the most famous variety programme in china. I’m glad that Hyun Joong has the chance to attend Happy Camp recording. This will help him to advance more quickly into the Chinese market and let more people to know about him.

Hyun Joong has become more muscular, for his new drama City of Conquest. During his break time today, he even requested for weights at the hotel, so he can continue to exercise and tone up his muscles~~ he also had his lunch in his room, it was packed, looked spicy!

In the afternoon, he went to the recording set to rehearse. From what I heard, he sang break down and please. The official recording will be starting at 6pm tonight. However, it’s highly likely to be delayed a little, which is quite normal.

The theme for hyun joong ‘s happy camp is called “王子style” , in English is “prince style” , in Korean is “왕자 스타일” . Aren’t you looking forward to his episode?? I know I’m ! Some fans said that hj’s ep will be aired next next week~ .

I wonder whats in for hyun joong later tonight, because there’s a session for happy camp which is called ‘prank session’. Lots of weird things might happen or he will be asked to do really weird stuffs. Some common ones are guess what’s in the box by putting ur hands into it and feel it. There might be all sorts of animals in those boxes, eg bugs, rabbits, or even snakes (not poisonous ones of course). He may also be asked to act out some scenes with the MCs.

This is all I got for now~ I don’t expect much live updates tonight, hopefully. Because director will ask those ‘leaked’ parts to be edited away, so if u want to see more of what hj did tonight, it’s better not to leak out photos or videos of tonight’s recording.



[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Recording for Happy Camp ; Leaving at his Hotel


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courtesy of @Khjlovesbuin