Saturday, October 4, 2014

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong : A Non Fan Account "When I Worked As An Extra in Inspiring Generation

"I was a background actor appearing (in IG) a couple of times without line...
While I was listening to Hyun Joong oppa's song, I had a flash of memory, so I am writing this.

While shooting IG, it was really cold and suffering for everyone including leading actors, supporting actors, extras and staff.
One day we went back home after shooting, Hyun Joong oppa stepped on my foot.
It was not hard and he was exhausted.
Besides, he's a Hallyu star, so I didn't expect if he would apologize to an extra like me.
I have some work experiences as an extra for other dramas, and I know usually stars treat extras as thought they are invisible.
However Hyun Joong oppa apologized asking if he hurt mine and even tried to dust from my foot.
It was really kind of him when he thanked me for effort and said "Be careful on your way home".

Even if I didn't know every detail of the drama shooting as an extra (not even a supporting cast), staff members really liked Hyun Joong oppa.

I think drama shooting site is one of the best places to know stars' behind.
Since they must be really tired, and no reporter comes to interview, you might be able to see their true character.
Every time I met him like 3 times (at drama shooting), I felt he was a very warm-hearted person.

I know his fans are getting through a hard time because of this case, but I hope my account can be a little help for you.
I wrote this with the memories from his kindness to me at IG shooting.
Keep it up."


source: by an IG extra girl, Hye Byeol (from dc Hyun Joong gallery)
Translated by @howlovelylala

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