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[Info] Kim Kyu Jong - Schedule of this week

[26th of September to 2nd of October]
*사정에 따라 변경 될수도 있습니다. Changes to be updated regularly.

26th Sept (MONDAY)
[INTERVIEW] E-News, Sports World, TV Report (규종/Kyujong)

27th Sept (TUESDAY)
[PLAN] 「Turn Me On」 Digital Release/Offline Album Sale (규종/Kyujong)
[PLAY] Musical Goong (규종/Kyujong)
[FANSIGN] Musical Goong (after play) (규종/Kyujong)

28th Sept (WEDNESDAY)
[RECORD] Inkigayo Special @ Changwon (규종/Kyujong) (Airs 2nd Oct)

29th Sept (THURSDAY)
[TV] M-Countdown (First stage) (규종/Kyujong)

30th Sept (FRIDAY)
[TV] Music Bank (규종/Kyujong) | unconfirm |

1st Oct (SATURDAY)
[TV] Music Core (규종/Kyujong) | unconfirm |

2nd Oct (SUNDAY)
[TV] Inkigayo Special (규종/Kyujong) (recorded 28th Sept)
[FANSIGN] Album fansign (규종/Kyujong) | new |



[Vid] Kim Kyu Jong 'Yesterday' Official MV Released!

Daebak Kyu!! ^_^ Chukkae..



[Info] HyunJoong's 2nd album Miclub (Powerful S) Support Plan

Dear all,
We, Miclub(Powerful S) is going to support HyunJoong's 2nd album just like we did for his 1st album.

Our support plan is as below;

1. Album bulk buying
Album will be released in Oct. but release date and price is not known yet.
Please let us know your purchasing quantity even roughly so that we can forecast.

2. Digital download and streaming
(For example, if you send donation, we can use it for download and streaming.)

3. Direct support to HyunJoong such as food service
For your understanding, please refer to below links;

If you want to join our support, please contact us.
We will include your fan club name(or your name) in support list if you join.
Please give our e-mail address to other fans or fan clubs who want to join our support.

As always thank you for your support to Hyun Joong.
We, Miclub(Powerful S) will do our best for HyunJoong's 2nd album.

Best Regards,
Miclub(Powerful S)


Credit: Powerful Mi club+kathy1218

[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun at Wide Entertainment Recording


credits: @prettyboy_jun + 우리준이

[Photo] Heo Young Saeng's 'The Three Musketeer" Musical #1 at Interpark Show Ranking


credits: @Mazel_c4

[Photo / Sponsor] Park Jung Min on VANTVAART Clothing


credits: + SS501 Baidu

[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on WINK UP Magazine

October 2011 Issue



[Vid] Kim Kyu Jong Talks about his album 'Turn Me On'



[News] Kim Kyu Jong - Concept Photo Part 3, Transforms into ‘Solitary Guy’

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong released the 3rd concept photo from his first solo album.

Kim Kyu Jong, who released his first concept photo with an extreme make-up and white hair, then released the 2nd concept photo showing a androgynous yet masculine charisma. On 25-Sep midnight, his teaser mv was released through B2M Youtube channel, showing a trendy charisma with a luxurious background setting.

On 26-Sep, the 3rd concept photo was released, showing another type of attraction different from the 1st and 2nd concept photo, making even more anticipation towards Kim Kyu Jong’s new music and performance. In the 3rd photo released, Kim KyuJong looks like a solitary prince in a Fortress in the Middle Ages, representing the return of a perfect man.

Meanwhile, Kim Kyu Jong will be releasing all songs from his solo album and the music video on 27-Sep.


credits: + (English translation)

[News] Malaysia feels the Hallyu Wave, thanks to SS501's Park Jung Min

On September 24th, SS501‘s Park Jung Min attended the ‘2011 Korea Music Wave in Malaysia‘ concert, and received an explosive response from foreign fans.

He’s been staying in Taiwan for a while now to film his new drama, but made the trip to Malaysia to perform at the festival. News of his attendance led fans to swarm the entrance of the Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur and line up for seats even before he had entered the country.

A representative of the concert stated, “His presence really helped us realize the full potential of the popularity of Hallyu. Throughout the concert, he received the widespread support and cheers of his foreign fans.”

Representatives of Park Jung Min added, “Park Jung Min is currently filming a drama with a Chinese script so he couldn’t prepare as much as the other singers at the concert did. In order to show a perfect stage, however, he would take time off every chance he got to look over his choreography rehearsals and practice.”

Other performing artists included GD&TOP, Seungri, F.T. Island, 4minute, TEEN TOP, and U-KISS.


Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun MNet Wide Entertainment News

credits: PRETTYBOYJUN2@youtube

[Photo] Heo Young Saeng First Solo Story Special DVD



[B2M Notice] See you at Kim Kyu Jong C Log ^_^

[TURN ME ON] Sale Commemoration Fan Sign Event – Hottracks YoungDeungPo outlet

**there might be changes to this notice.

This is B2M Entertainment.

Kim KyuJong’s C log link :

Jjan! I am Kim KyuJong. Please give lots of love to my first mini album which will be released tonight at 12midnight. See you often in C log too.


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[B2M Notice] Kim Kyu Jong TURN ME ON Commemoration Fan Sign

[TURN ME ON] Sale Commemoration Fan Sign Event – Hottracks YoungDeungPo outlet

**there might be changes to this notice.

This is B2M Entertainment.

We have confirmed Kim KyuJong THE FIRST MINI ALBUM <TURN ME ON> sale commemoration an sign event.
Please read the method of participation as follows.

Date/Time : 2011.10.02 (Sun) 7.30PM
Venue : Hottracks YoungDeungPo outlet (Timesquare Art Room 1st Floor Round Stage)

Participation method : From 28 Sep (Wed) ~ 30 Sep (Fri), random draw of 150 from the customers who purchased Kim KyuJong’s album from Hottracks YoungDeungPo outlet, fan sign number ticket will be given to them
Announcement of winners : 01 Oct (Sat) at 3pm, please check it from Hottracks homepage

**Important Notes**
1) You will not be able to attend the fan sign if you lost the number ticket.
2) You can have repeated applications or joining on behalf of others, but only the person who got selected can attend the fan sign. (In case of repeated win, 1 person is entitled to 1 place)
3) You may be stopped by FAN STAFF if you obtain more than 2 signs on the same day.
4) Only allowed to have ‘TO’ and signature.
5) Do not take photos, videos, recordings, etc. When caught with it, data will be deleted and item may be confiscated.
6) Album that are purchased to participate for the fan sign event cannot be exchanged or refunded.


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[News] Park Jung Min; Hallyu Wave Hits Malaysia

NOTE: Only translated Jung Min’s portion :)

Korean music wave has hit Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, ‘Korean Music Wave 2011′ Korean music event was formed by 7 super groups from Korea which includes GD&TOP (Big Bang), Seungri (Big Bang), Park Jung Min (SS501) FT ISLAND, U-KISS, 4MINUTE and TEENTOP turned the Malaysia fans into a state of madness, blasting off the concert venue. U-KISS’s member Kevin and Dongho co-host with MY FM host Jeff Chin for the concert, Kevin hosting in English while Dongho hosting in Chinese which led to a series of screams from the fans. After the concert, fans that didn’t get enough shouted “encore”, but the idols failed to appear and fans left the venue with regrets.

Closest with audience, Park Jung Min

The tall and handsome Park Jung Min played a card of getting close with everyone during the concert, greeting everyone with his fluent Chinese “Hello, I am Park Jung Min. I am happy to be in Malaysia, I hope everyone enjoys the concert.” After that, he took out a Malay greeting cheat note from his pocket and wanted to greet the Malay fans but after realising he took the wrong paper, he was surprised and said “What to do?” His cute action made the fans screamed and then he added by saying “I love you Malaysia”. He who interacted with the fans the most did a sexy butt dance, kidnapping everyone’s heart. Park Jung Min also sang ‘Not Alone’, ‘Do you know?’, ‘My everyday is Christmas Day’. ‘Missing you’ and ‘Go Go’.

Park Jung Min holding a piece of cheat note, using Malay greeting the media but laughed it off because he read it wrongly

Park Jung Min

Park Jung Min who knows Chinese greets the fans with his fluent Chinese “Hello everyone, I am Park Jung Min. I am happy to be in Malaysia, I hope everyone had fun.” After that, the host Jeff also used Chinese and praised him for being tall, in the end Park Jung Min replied “No. You are tall too!” After he said this, fans who understood it laughed at him.

Songs performed by Park Jung Min:
 Not Alone, Do you know?, My everyday is Christmas Day, Missing You and Go Go.

Source: 光华日报/
English translation:

[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on Asian Plus Thailand Magazine

October Issue VOLUME 72

credit to:Hyunism

[News] Kim Kyu Jong Treats Starving Children to Musical + Special Time ‘Warmth’

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong gave a special gift to the undernourished children.

Kim Kyu Jong, who captured the females’ heart as Prince Lee Shin in musical ‘Goong’, personally invited these children on 22th in addition to the recent online charity event for these starving children.

Currently being the ambassador of Heart Heart Foundation, Kim KyuJong met up personally with these children after the performance and spent quality time together.

He said “After the performance of musical ‘Goong’ ended in Japan, I was very busy with the preparations for the performance in Korea as well as preparing for my solo album. I showed the children how I performed, and we talked, took photos, etc, having the time to share what I have makes me feel very happy. If I have given happiness to the children during the time spent together, then there is nothing more to wish for.”

Kim KyuJong will be actively putting in efforts in participating in campaigns of Heart Heart Foundation, which sends sunlight to areas where light doesn’t shine, and other various charity events.

Meanwhile, Kim KyuJong will release is first solo mini album ‘TURN ME ON’ on 27-Sep, making his comeback as a singer after 1.5years.

Credits: NEWSEN + (English translation)

[Photo] Kim Kyu Jong Comeback Concept

Although he’s released two sets of contrasting concept photos for his debut work, “Turn Me On“, fans have been clamoring for another teaser release. SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong indulged us by revealing this third image, which sees a return to his dark, masculine style.

On September 26th, B2M Entertainment released two new comeback photos through their official Twitter. The string of pearls seen in the previous two sets are gone, and Kim Kyu Jong is seen in all-black fashion. Enigmatic and ghostly, Kim Kyu Jong exudes a luxurious yet gothic charm.

Fans commented, “Kyu Jong, I miss you so much”, “Daebak!”, “He looks so handsome, I can’t wait for the comeback”, and “Patiently waiting!”



[News] Kim Kyu Jong “SS501 Difficulties? Being A Human..” Explodes His Variety Wits

Singer Kim KyuJong shows his unexpected wits in variety during his appearance in variety program.

Kim KyuJong showed his wits towards an awkward question during KBS 2TV ‘Go! Dream Team’ broadcasted on 25-Sep.

In the opening on that day, MC Lee ChangMyeong asked Kim KyuJong what is the difficulties faced by idol group and he replied “Being a human…” evoking a round of laughter. He added on top of this “And I quarrel with my family members too…”.

In addition, to the question ‘Not wrong to say that it’s about earning (money)?’ Kim KyuJong replied “Being a human…” slurring the words of his sentence, making the recording set roar with laughter.

He also showed his lines in the musical which was about to start performance. Kim KyuJong is acting in musical ‘Goong’ which is a unique story setting of ‘Korea constitutional monarchy in 2011’ where high school girl ChaeKyung and prince Shin makes romance and having luxurious 21st century palace stage settings, it is bound to attract audiences this autumn.

However on this day, due to the intensity of his line ‘outrageous’, it made the guests all burst out with laughter.

Adding on to this, he was humiliated by being eliminated in the first round of competition. After being eliminated, he called out for “Time out” and made an excuse that “the speed was fast in a while”, evoking a round of laughter.

Meanwhile, Dream Team on this day is an Iron Man 5-course competition with martial arts people from around the world, and dream team members consists of Lee SangIn, Kim HyunChul, Ricky Kim, Park JaeMin, Lee Hyun, Kim KyuJong, JinWoon, etc.

credits: NEWSEN + (English translation)
(Photo: KBS)

[Vid] Kim Kyu Jong Let's Go Dream Team Full Version


credits: theSHERLINDA501@youtube

[Vid] Kim Kyu Jong at MNet Serenade Recording [fanCam]

credits: + wangjanim0224@youtube

[Photo] Kim Kyu Jong at MNet Serenade [FanCam]

From lois:

I've never watched this program before so I had no idea of it.
Mnet Serenade is for TV viewers who are planning to confess their love to other one.
While the applicant are singing love serenade, special singer come up to the stage to encourage and help them.
Kyu Jong was a guest MC with Noh Hong Chul(My favorite entertainer!) and Han Gru today.
Our sweet boy seemed to be worried about the applicant who looked very nervous on stage and treat them kindly. I don't know when it'll be airing.
It was very hard to take pictures as much as I wanted cause the gaurd was too tight.
Sorry for the terrible quality. I did my best. ^^
Please REPOST with full credit


[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Min Ho wore same T-shirt

Love this! ^_^  [ i Think I should find one for myself! hekhekhek]

all credit goes to rightful owner