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[HD Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Inspiring Generation Fan Meet in Beijing by MurdererQ


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[News] Tax Agency to Offer Privilege in Immigration Inspections for Honest Taxpayers : Kim Hyun Joong on the List!

good citizen! a true role model indeed!! So Proud of you Leader-ssi! 

SEOUL, July 1 (Korea Bizwire) – The National Tax Service decided to offer special benefits to faithful taxpayers including Figure Queen Kim Yuna in their customs inspection allowing them to use designated inspection desks or inspection check points for flight attendants.

When they use the inspection desks reserved exclusively for flight attendants, they can reduce time in security check or immigration inspection, which makes it easy for them to fly away or walk out of the airport.

The tax agency selected the 702 beneficiaries in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice among candidates who applied for the service such as citation awardees from the tax service director, awardees of large taxpayer trophies and those who were recommended by local tax service directors. Their special benefits begin on July 1 for the next three years.

Among the selected was Yuna Kim. According to Forbes, she earned US$14 million last year and ranked 6th among the world women sports stars. The tax service recognized her faithful tax payment and granted the benefits. Other celebrities like Ha Ji-won,Song Seung-heon, Cho Jae-hyun, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Kyung-kyu, Kim Hyun Joong and so on were included in the list.

The National Tax Service will select some 700 beneficiaries of the service annually and endow them with the benefits. When reasons for disqualification are found among them like tax evasion, their privileges will be revoked.

They can use the service in all of the domestic airports including Incheon International Airport together with up to two companions. For outbound flights, they use the service at the exclusive gate for the flight attendants by showing the faithful taxpayer card issued by the tax service. For inbound flights, they just need to get immigration check through the route for faithful taxpayers.

The tax service plans to expand the service to help their business by offering easy customs inspection at the airports and to make them proud of their faithful tax payments together with the justice ministry.


Written by John Choi (johnchoi@koreabizwire.com)
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[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on High Cut Magazine Volume #5 Japan Edition


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[HD Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Departure at Beijing Airport by MurdererQ


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[Article] Fans Spent a Memorable Night With Casts of ‘Inspiring Generation’ in Beijing

Despite of the hot weather and scorching sun, fans from mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and more flocked to Theater of The Beijing Exhibition Centre for Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Inspiring Generation’ fanmeet. Alongside Kim Hyun Joong, co-stars Yoon Hyun Min, Joo Ta Yeong and Kwok Dong Yeon also took the stage to meet the fans.

The fanmeet kicked start with Kim Hyun Joong singing the OST song ‘If Tonight Passes’. Since it has been a long time since Kim Hyun Joong last came to China for a fanmeet, fans screamed hard as soon as Kim Hyun Joong appeared on the stage. As light deems, green colour light sticks filled up the theater and fans sang along with Kim Hyun Joong.

After the opening song, Kim Hyun Joong and his ‘rival’ Yoon Hyun Min sat down with the MC and had a talk session. The talk session was definitely a joyous and entertaining one with fans bursting into laughter continuously.

Highlight #1 – A hip like Kim Hyun Joong’s
When asked about what type of work-out routine Kim Hyun Joong follows to gain such a hot body, Kim Hyun Joong recommended that Yoon Hyun Min who was once a baseball player to show the audience some work-out moves.

Yoon Hyun Min humorously said “I don’t think girls will look good with the type of muscular body that Shin Jung Tae has”, causing a round of laughter from the fans. Instead Hyun Min suggested a back kick move for girls, which helps to tighten the hip area, with Hyun Joong as the illustrator.

After doing for a few times, Kim Hyun Joong commented “I feel my hip is really tightening, it feels harder now. When I was young and did something wrong, my teacher punished me and asked me to do this. I haven’t done this ever since”.

Yoon Hyun Min continued by saying “If you were to do this exercise often, you will get a hip like that of Kim Hyun Joong’s”.

Upon hearing this, Kim Hyun Joong remarked “But I feel that it won’t look nice too if a girl were to have a hip like mine”, causing even more laughter from the audience.

Highlight #2 – Friend vs wife / Mother vs wife
4D prince is at his work again! Who will Kim Hyun Joong save if both his friend and wife fell into the water? Kim Hyun Joong give no hesitation and said that he will save his wife. However, that is not how people plays it in China. MC said that “In China, we are always asked which one to save if both your mother and wife falls into the water”.

While fans were wondering who will Kim Hyun Joong save, he gave an unique answer that “If both of them fell into the water, I will jump in too and die together“.

On the other hand, Yoon Hyun Min said “I will marry someone who is a good swimmer”.

Highlight #3 – 100 vs -100 degrees acting challenge
Both Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Hyun Min were tasked to act out their reaction according to the temperature degrees instructed by the MC.

Yoon Hyun Min remarked at the end of his acts, “I feel like I have just acted an octopus“.
When it is Kim Hyun Joong’s turn, he asked the MC “Is there even -100 degrees”? MC replied that it’s just that we have yet to been there. Seems like there’s no way for him to escape this acting game!

When MC said 100 degrees, Kim Hyun Joong took off his jacket, making fans scream even louder. Kim Hyun Joong demonstrated -100 degrees by freezing in action like a statue. Looking good even when he freezes in action, it is no wonder that Kim Hyun Joong was crowned the title ‘The Walking Statue’ (under normal temperature)!

Moving on from the talk session, a mysterious guest appeared on stage singing ‘Flying Bird’ (direct translation). Turned out, it’s Chinese singer, Liang Chen Kai, who is also the organiser who brought the casts of ‘Inspiring Generation’ to Beijing. The soothing ballad song gave the audience a peaceful state of mind.

As the host of the fanmeet, Liang Chen Kai also presented two gifts to Kim Hyun Joong, a fruit basket to wish him good luck for his upcoming concert tour and a piece of handwritten word art with letters “Believe.Love.Endure.Peace’.

Yoon Hyun Min joked that if Kim Hyun Joong can stick to these words well, he can be the next president of Korea. To this, Kim Hyun Joong denied saying “The chances of me being the president is zero”.

After a short break, the casts returned to the stage for another Q&A session. When asked to describe ‘Inspiring Generation’ in one sentence, Kim Hyun Joong said “Inspiring” and Joo Ta Yeong said “Generation”. When it comes to Kwok Dong Yeon who was the next in line, he said “Inspiring Generation”, totally summing up what Kim Hyun Joong and Joo Ta Yeong said.

Before ending off the night, Kim Hyun Joong took the stage again with two more songs, ‘I’m your man’ and ‘Your Story’, bringing the atmosphere to the highest touch.

Korea.com would like to thank Beijing TianMeiHengYuan Culture Media for giving us the opportunity to cover ‘Inspiring Generation’ fanmeeting in Beijing!


source: babyvfan / en.korea.com