Monday, September 19, 2011

[Photo] AEON HEATFACT Public PressCon Venue [Sneak Peak]

Hyun Joong is schedule to attend on 'HeatFact' Public Press conference in Japan..

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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun MNet Wide Entertainment News Recording

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[Vid] Park Jung Min 韓ラブ [Han Love]

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[Info] Heo Young Saeng "The Three Musketeer" Musical Screening Schedule

Young Saeng's "The Three Musketeer" Musical Schedule:

Nov. 15 @ 08.00 PM

Nov. 17 @ 08.00 PM

Nov. 19 @ 04.00 PM

Nov. 20 @ 03.00 PM & 07.00 PM

Nov. 27 @ 03.00 PM

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Features on 香港新聞- The Sun

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[Translation] Staff Blog of Kim Hyun Joong's Japan Mobile Site

■ In the midst of Interview!!

2011/09/18 DA Manager S
Hello, Digital Adventure staff Manager, S!
Through the staff blog, I would like to show what Hyun Joong is doing while he is in Japan now!
Let's start with Hyun Joong today↓

Today is scheduled to have interview the whole day from morning.His schedule in Japan this time will also be very busy and all staff will work hard too, so please give your support☆

■ In the midst of Photoshooting!!

2011/09/18 DA Manager S
Hello, Digital Adventure, Manager S!
Next let's start off with Hyun Joong in the midst of a photoshoot↓

■ Today's Dinner is…

2011/09/18 DA Manager S
Digital Adventure, Manager S!
Today's schedule had finally ended a while ago☆
Near to 11 long hours of interview had ended without any problems, having dinner with the staff now♪

We have came to Hyun Joong's favourite 『Jangara Ramen』(^^)Eating delicious ramen, Hyun Joong and staff will work hard together for tomorrow too!

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[News] Kim Kyu Jong makes an Unexpected Transformation

SS501‘s member Kim Kyu Jong will be the last member of the group to debut as a solo artist. Today, a dramatic photo of the idol with white hair, pearls and a dash of make-up will definitely catch people’s attention.

According to B2M Entertainment, also home to Heo Young Saeng and Lee Hyori, Kim Kyu Jong will be releasing his first solo mini album, ‘Turn Me On’, on Spetember 27th.

With the release of his solo album, all the members of SS501 (Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Joon, Heo Young Saeng & Kim Hyun Joong) will all have made their solo debut.

B2M Entertainment stated, “With the other 4 members having made their debut and started promotions, Kim Kyu Jong is now being featured as the last member to comeback as a solo”, and that “Kim Kyu Jong has made his debut as a musical actor in ’2011 Musical Goong’ in the meantime, and has finished all the performances in Korea on the 17th.”

They continued, “Kim Kyu Jong, in order to make a transformation that hasn’t been seen before until now, took an active role in participating in concept meetings and song composition… All album preparations and music video filming have been completed and on the 22nd, ‘Turn Me On’ teaser will be revealed, and album promotions will start.”

Kim Kyu Jong has fans eager with anticipation with the release of a picture from the album jacket, featuring a dramatic transformation that includes white hair and strong makeup.

Source + Photo: Star News

[News] Kim Kyu Jong Release a Shocking Photo Jacket for his Solo Comeback on September 27.

SS501’s Kim KyuJong will be releasing his very first mini album ‘TURN ME ON’ on 27-Sep and make his comeback to the music industry. This is about 1.5 years since his activities as SS501.

Kim KyuJong released his shocking concept album jacket photo on 19-Sep, and fans’ anticipations are high. In the photo, Kim KyuJong dyed his hair white, showing a whole new white image.

His agency said “In this album, Kim KyuJong showed his enthusiasm by participating in meeting for album/image concept and song production in order to have a transformed image which was never been seen before till date.”

Meanwhile, Kim KyuJong debuted as a musical actor through 2011 musical ‘Goong’ in Minamiza, Kyoto, Japan, where all performances were sold-out.

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[Photo] Kim Kyu Jong 'TURN ME ON' Teaser

Representatives from the agency has said that, in order to show a side of him that was never before seen as in these teaser pictures, he has had directly shown interest to participate in the concept meeting and song production, even though he has been really busy rehearsing for musical, drama and other misc album preparations.

He is also the member who gave the biggest shock with his transformation.

He has also completed his music video (M/V) shooting and most other album preparation works.

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