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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Casts Leaving Alun-alun Utara Yogyakarta



[Tweetbits] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Variety Show in Indonesia (Day 4)

  • Barefoot Friends team just arrived in the next filming location for this morning~
  • This location is very famous in Jogja. You can go here now if u know kkk~ but today the air is so soooo hot!
  • We can watch them during filming but we need to calm down and no shouting :)
  • All of casts are walking to the set place in front of us
  • Hyun Joong always make us died! Kkkkk~
  • HJ's wearing a black cap, green scarf, and grey outfit. They will start filming soon
  • Seems like they're divided into 2 teams. And start the mission.
  • Kyaaaa my friend from Japan & Hongkong are sooo lucky. They're invited to take a picture with HJ's team
  • When HJ walked in front of me I call him Hyun Joong ssi,he smile to me and also waving. Kyaaaa >.<
  • Seems like all fans are doing the mission too. We run and run to follow the team kkkk~
  • I think each team has to find some foreigners to take a picture with them~
  • HJ's team going to somewhere by car. Still dont know yet where will they go
  • Even though I still cant take a picture with Hyun Joong but I had a photo with his manager~ kkkkk
  • The casts are having their lunch and the staffs still preparing at the set place~
  • Oh sorry, they havent lunch yet. They still doing a mission
  • I could see Hyun Joong clearly! Yeey :D
  • HJ's team take a rest for a while. Err.. HJ's sweating alot kkkk
  • I'm going to die day by day see Hyun Joong. Help me, God! :)
  • The casts will filming under twins tree~
  • If HJ oppa can pass the twin trees with eyes closed it mean he will come back to Jogja
  • HJ's team at a restaurant now. Having their meal. I'm eating here too :D
  • I cant breath OMG. I'm at same restaurant with Hyun Joong's team. So close with him :)
  • Kkkk~ UEE made us very shock. Cause she fainted suddenly. But actually she just pretending. Hyun Joong laughing so much lol
  • The casts have to order their meal and they trying hard speak in Indonesia. Soooo cute lol
  • I can see clearly all 7 casts and hear their conversation even though I dont understand kkkk~
  • HJ's laughing~~ err.... >.<
  • HJ's team are eating. Not sure what he has ordered but looks like noodle
  • Seems like HJ is really hungry. He eat so fast! Lol
  • HJ's team already left the restaurant. Still dont know yet where will they go~
  • Barefoot Friends team will back to Jakarta tonight then to Korea. Bye guys, thanks for filming in Jogja, Indonesia.
  • Many fans send off BFF team at Adi Sucipto AP, Jogja :)
  • Hyun Joong's wearing black outfit at airport. Looks like he is in a good mood today. He jump and jump like a child kkk~
  • HJ's flight to Jakarta tonight by Garuda Indonesia GA217 at 8.30 pm (Jogja time)
  • Good bye to all BFF team. Wish u have a good time in Jogja. Please come back again later~ kkk


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[Article] Wonderful Comments on Kim Hyun Joong and the Rest of Barefoot Friends Variety Show

Article: 'Barefeet Friends' Kim Hyun Joong "Living normally is the hardest, I'm happy with everything now"

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+129, -23] Every single thing he says just makes you laugh out loud ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+123, -20] He's charming

3. [+108, -21] The broadcast showed even people in the Vietnamese countryside recognizing and liking Kim Hyun Joong ㅋㅋㅋ seriously daebak~ ㅎㅎㅎ

4. [+45, -19] This guy is seriously daebak, his variety skills ㅋㅋㅋ Bursts of laughter with everything he says... He's honest, aggressive, but still warm and full of respect. His four dimensional personality is coming through perfectly.. Today's episode was seriously the best ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+40, -4] Because he's so handsome and has had consistent popularity since his debut, you'd think that he's never suffered a day in his life... But I actually think it was charming of him to choose a program that makes you suffer and let down the walls around your image.

6. [+39, -14] He totally showed his four dimensional gag today ㅋㅋ So funny, you guys really need to watch this! this! episode no matter what ㅋㅋ

7. [+37, -4] He's hilarious, everything he says is funny but touches the heart.

8. [+37, -13] Really shows what a four dimensional variety should be like ㅋㅋㅋ Everything he says was impactful and made you wonder what in the world he's thinking ㅋㅋㅋ He doesn't shove himself in your face but takes every opportunity given to him to be funny ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+33, -4] Laughed a whole bunch because of Kim Hyun Joong today

10. [+32, -2] What I would give to live as his face for a day...



[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong SBS Barefoot Friends Variety Show in Indonesia (Day 4) Part 2


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