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[English Subbed] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 SBS Barefoot Friends Episode 28


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[News] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 Says His Goodbye Before His Enlistment Today

Fans will have to say goodbye to Heo Young Saeng as he enlists today for his mandatory military service. Since he can't reach out to everyone individually, he took to Twitter to say his goodbye.

Heo Young Saeng shared on his Twitter on the 31st, "Hoo ah~~~ I am finally going.. It feels like just the other day that I sent off Kyu Jong keke By the way, this cold I have...ㅠㅠ I will return in good health!!! Please be healthy everyone~ I wish that all your work may be daebak!! keke There are no photos!! Because I'm still feeling awkward about it.... keke"

The singer will enter the Nonsan Training Canter later today at 2 PM KST and serve 21 months as an active-duty soldier.

We'll miss you Heo Young Saeng!


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[Media Photo] Fans Gather to Send Off Heo Young Saeng 허영생 for Military Service


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[News] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 to Enlist Today (10/31)

Ready to serve his country, Heo Young Saeng will be enlisting in the army today.

On October 31 at 2 p.m. (KST), Heo Young Saeng will enter the army for the next two years at the Nonsan Training Center. Following his basic training, he will be transferred over to become a government-drafted police officer. He is the second SS501 member after Kim Kyu Jong to enter the army.

B2M Entertainment spoke with enews on October 31, saying, “Heo Young Saeng will be enlisting. After spending some quality time with his family, he will head for the training center.”

Heo Young Saeng debuted in 2005 with SS501 and became a solo singer when each member signed with a different agency. He received a lot of love as the main vocal of the group.

He released his third mini album, Life in March and appeared in the musical Three Musketeers and KBS’ I Need a Fairy.


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[News] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 to Leave 'Barefoot Friends'

Kim Hyun Joong has been confirmed to be leaving 'Barefoot Friends'.

Kim Hyun Joong's agency Key East Entertainment stated on the 31st, "Kim Hyun Joong plans to leave 'Barefoot Friends'. Due to scheduling conflicts with filming for his drama, he inevitably had to leave. We have already told the production crew about his leave."

Kim Hyun Joong will enter filming for the new KBS 2TV drama 'Generation of Youth' as the lead actor this November. Kim Hyun Joong's leave brought up rumors of the leave of other actors among the cast of 'Barefoot Friends' as Yoon Si Yoon is also in a similar predicament having been cast for the new KBS 2TV drama 'Prime Minister and I' which will air this December.

Yoon Si Yoon's agency Taxi Entertainment however assured fans that he will stay on the show, stating, "We've never discussed anything about his possible leave from 'Barefoot Friends'. Even if he has a drama schedule, the filming takes place during the weekend so there will be no difficulty."

According to a broadcast insider, UEE who is currently filming her new MBC weekend drama 'Golden Rainbow', is also in talks to possibly leave 'Barefoot Friends' but is leaning towards the direction of staying on and trying to work out the schedules.


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[Tutorial] How to Vote for Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 in Yahoo Buzz Asia 2013

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[Photo] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 Ready for His Military Haircut??


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 with Spica Member Park Joo Hyun

Kim Hyun Joong with SPICA member Park Joo Hyun and signed SPICA's album.


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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Ranks #3 in Arirang's Top 5 Stars with Odd and Unique Personality


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[Article] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 Reveals How He'll Spend His Final Day Prior to His Enlistment

Heo Young Saeng will spend some quality time with his family on the final day before his enlistment on October 31.

His agency B2M Entertainment stated on the 30th, "Heo Young Saeng will spend his final day before his enlistment on the 31st with his family and also have some time for himself."

Heo Young Saeng is the second SS501 member after Kim Kyu Jong to enlist. He will enter the Nonsan Training Canter on the 31st at 2 PM KST and serve 21 months as an active-duty soldier.


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[Media Photo] Kim Hyung Jun 김형준 Love Through Song Press Conference


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[News] SS501 Members Reunite at Concert (on Philippine Entertainment News)

Heo Young-saeng (center) with fellow SS501 members (from left) Park Jung-min, Kim Kyu-jong, Kim Hyung-jun and Kim Hyun Joong. (Courtesy of

The dream of many SS501 fans finally came true when the members of the boy band reunited at a concert.

SS501 member Heo Young-saeng held his farewell concert titled “0513 MY STORY” before his military enlistment scheduled on Oct. 31. His special guests for the show were his fellow SS501 members Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Kyu-jong, Kim Hyung-jun and Park Jung-min, who joined him in entertaining the fans.

Heo Young-saeng performed about 20 songs at the concert including “Let It Go,” “Crying,” “Maria,” “Intimidated” and “Out Of Club.”

Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young-saeng performed “Thank You.”

At his concert, fans around the world, including those from the Philippines, donated rice, eggs and coal briquettes for charity.

Fan club Triple S Philippines donated 40 kilos of rice. The donations were displayed at the concert.

A total of 1.23 tons of rice, 200 eggs and 2,400 coal briquettes were collected from fans from different countries and territories including Philippines, Singapore, Japan, US, Poland, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Peru and Taiwan.

Last Oct. 16, Heo Young-saeng released a special album called “She” as a gift to fans. The album contains the tracks “Weak Child,” “Fall Recipe,” “Whew,” and “Not The End Of The Story.”

His last performance on TV was on “Music Bank” on Oct. 25.

He is the second member of SS501 to enter the military. In July last year, Kim Kyu-jong enlisted for his two-year military service.

SS501 debuted in 2005 and performed together as a group until 2010.

The boy band is on hiatus since June 2010 when its members transferred to other entertainment agencies after their contracts with DSP Media expired.

SS501′s last album was “Destination” released in May 2010.

Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong signed with Lee Hyori’s B2M Entertainment.

Heo Young-saeng has since released mini and studio albums including “Let It Go,” “Solo,” “Life,” “Overjoyed” and “Memories To You.” He also appeared in musicals.


by Jonathan M. Hicap / Manila Bulletin

[Photo] Park Jung Min and Kim Kyu Jong Poses with Steven Lee : Promoting Heo Young Saeng's Latest Album


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[Info] Kim Hyung Jun 김형준 and Heo Young Saeng 허영생 Ranks #1 and #3 at Kstyle Weekly Ranking MV


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[Photo] Park Jung Min Summer Snow Promotional Poster


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[News] Heo Young Saeng's 허영생 Fans Donate 1.23 Tons of Rice, 200 Eggs, and 2,400 Coal Briquettes for His Concert

Heo Young Saeng's fans have celebrated his fist Seoul concert with a thoughtful gesture by donating to the needy.

Fans from all over the world including Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Germany, England, and Poland participated in the donation. The fans came up with 1.23 tons of rice, 200 eggs, and 2,400 coal briquettes.

The items will be donated to a charity that Heo Young Saeng chooses to help children in need, the elderly who live alone, or any others who need the aid.


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[Full Translation] SS501 Talk at Heo Young Saeng's Concert

JM: Let's greet everyone together

YS: Go ahead , Leader

HJL: Hello everyone

Group: We're SS501

JM: It's been really long time . Let's take turn introducing ourselves.

HJB: Let's start from your side (referring to JM's side)

JM: I've always accepted this type of arrangement.. Hi everyone.. it's been really long time since five of us stand together on stage infront of all of you.. I'm Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min.

KJ: Hi everyone! Long time no see.. I'm the forever center of SS501 Kyu Jong..I'm really happy to see you all...

YS: uh.. Hi I'm SS501's little prince , Heo Young Saeng

HJB: Hello eveyone, I'm SS501's magnae Kim Hyung Jun.. really happy to see you ..

HJL: Hello everyone. I'm SS501's Leader, Kim Hyun Joong, really happy to see you..

YS: Kyu Jong, can you sing? Is there still a lot of time left? (referring to the military service)

KJ: uh.. no need for a microphone. The fact is, I'd really wanted to stand together with all of you on stage, but because i'm still in the military duties, I can't sing,.. but not singing isn't good.. after much thoughts. I'd decided to come and meet everyone..

Fans: it's okay

YS: The members are all busy but they came.. Thank you.. So the time spent with the members has come to this points..

HJB: You worked hard to get all of us here, and now you want to end it so easily?? Geez...

JM:  Putting it that way is a bit... but I've prepared the stage for URMan.. But YS wanted us to come out at a time, he had planned that type of concept.. but ending it like this is a bit sad... why don't we do something?

YS: Like what?

JM: Ending this abruptly is sad, isn't it?

HJL: well, we defitenitely didn't rehease this... didn't we sing 'In the Still of the Night before? Will be able to do an impromptu performance for this song.. Can we?

HJB: I've found that key..

HJL: We have no choice, even if we can't...

JM: Can we? Can we? hold on a second...

Fans: Oppa.. what are you doing?

(while singing, someone realized the lead singer had forgotten the words of the song..)


HJB: Because he's too nervous (it's been long since KJ sings)

KJ: It's really like this ... Can you hear my heartbeat... it really is... a long time has past...

HJB: sure

YS: If it was just me singing... haha

Fans: It's alright... it's alright...

KJ: You guys can understand right? This song should be from 2005..

HJL: It's winter of 2004

HJB: in the rehearsal room

KJ: we were together in the rehearsal room, playing piano, seriously playing... time flies... can't believe we're already this age... have to do our military duties..

HJL: Are you the one going? Why are you crying? Are you crying because you still have a lot of time left to serve? Shouldn't YS be the one crying? Why are you crying?

JM: I know YS isn't crying because he doesn't understand the situation . KJ is in midst of his enlistment, that's why he's crying... hahahaha -- KJ will have to continue doing his military duties.. Hope everyone will give him lots of support. I will also say something to YS, first of, your health is pretty good... a lot of things will happen in the military, it'd be good if you can take some things away from that experience and conquer it easily..

Fans: Cut you hair!!!

(JM acts as if he didn't know what the fans has said) 

HJB: (they) told you to cut your hair!!!

JM: During rehearsal. Hyung Jun told me "I'm Goo Jun Pyo"

HJB: Go to Taiwan

JM: I'm surprise.. it's okay if I'm Goo Jun Pyo, Mal is okay... we have dog (HJL), turtle (HJB).. all are here

KJ: Other than saying SS501 mansae together. Let's say HYS Mansae

JM: It'd be regrettable if we don't say SS501 Mansae.. HYS Mansae...

GROUP: 1-2-3 SS501 Mansae, HYS Mansae

HJL: today, we've come to this point.. this is...

Group: SS501

Here's another translation: 

*this is translated from Chinese trans which is translated by ALLPJM

PJM: Everyone Let's give our greetings

HYS: Leader

HJL: Hi Everyone 

501: We are SS501

PJM: it has really been a long time, let's start off with our members' introduction

HJB: Let's start with you...

PJM: I'm always under this kind of arrangement....

Hi everyone, it has been really long time the 5 of us stood on stage to meet everyone.. I am Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min..^^

KKJ: Hi everyone, long time no meet... I am the one doing my national service at JeongJu, eternal center of SS501, nice to meet everyone here..

HYS: Yes, responsibilities coming out...

Hi everyone, I'm SS501's little prince Heo Young Saeng 

HJB: Hi everyone. I am SS501's... eehh.. maknae Kim Hyung Jun, nice to meet everyone

HJL: Hi everyone, I'm SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong, nice to meet everyone

HYS: can Kyu sing now? How much time left?

KKJ: Yes, Not using mic anymore.. Actually I really wanted to stand with you guys but I am still doing my national services, so I can't sing .. but if that's the case (not singing) it doesn't seem right. With such thoughts,I came up to meet you guys..

Triple S: it's okay....

HYS: With all the members schedules so tight and still being able to come, I'm really thankful.. Really , really thankful.. Then, the time with the members shall end here...

HJB: Took so much effort to ask us to come here, how can we end it so easily? Really....

YS: Suddenly, don’t know how to continue anymore, there’s no script as well…. (Me: haha. YS who always don’t know what to say)

YS: ah~ Really~ Really…. Thankful for the members turning up. Now, everyone needs to rush back for their schedules

Fans: Don’t go~~

YS: Hyun Joong has too film drama, Hyung Jun has a drama filming too, Jung Min has to prepare for his musical, especially Kyu Jong, he has to fulfill his national duties at JeongJu….it seems like everyone has to squeeze out time……………………

JM: Even though we are busy with our individual activities, but thinking about the day.. a day like this when the 5 of us can stand on stage together…..Hopefully, everyone will support us even more as you wait for us~

KJ: Then before we leave, starting from Hyun Joong hyung, everyone give Young Saeng a message~

HJL: In today’s concert, there’s alot of people who like Young Saeng, people who love him. Even though you can’t meet him everyday, just let the 2 years past (Me: I’m not very sure), so don’t feel bored/sad. You can write him letters (if u r bored). 2 years later, I hope everyone gives him more love.

HJB: I will go to visit (YS’s army place) often~ Even though, it 2 years, but during this period of rest, its a good time to energise and reflect. I believe he will come back with an even better stage for everyone…then, you will always be our otter, have a safe trip and come back safely. You see there’s lots of people here so u need to come back safely, all the best~

KJ: uh….eh? Firstly, I will return in July next year. When I return, Young Saeng hyung will still be serving his duty… Now that YS hyung is the one entering, I will be the one visiting him. Before entering the army, Young Saeng has been working hard as a SS501 member. After he returns, there will always be a better position for YS hyung. Now, it feels weird. Ah~~ it’s really weird~

Because from a long time, I have been looking, suddenly (YS) is going to enlist…that’s why it’s really weird….really…

(Fans: Don’t cry)

JM: actually, saying this is a bit…but actually, I prepared the U R man stage. But Young Sang wanted us to come up one by one. It was the concept he prepared… but if we just end it this way, its going to be a pity… then, let’s do something?

YS: What?

JM: isn’t it a pity to leave so hurriedly?

HJL: Then…this one we have absolutely not prepared… didn’t we sing in the still of the night before? If we do it now will it be possible? Possible?

HJB:(prepares) I found the key already

HJL: there’s no choice even if we can’t….

(HJL hurriedly prepares)

PJM: is it okay? Is it okay? Hahaha ~ wait wait

Fan: what is oppa standing alone doing?

(did anyone notice the main vocal forgot the lyrics?)

(chaos after they finish singing)

HJB:because he is nervous (kyu haven’t sang in a long time)

Kyu: its really really like this ~ can U feel my heartbeat? Really… its okay..even after so long….

HJB: That’s right

HYS: If its just me singing… hehe….

Fans: its okay!

KKJ: U guys will understand right? The song should be from 2005

HJL: Its 2004 winter

HJB: In the practice room

KKJ: We were in the practice room together, playing the piano, practicing hard… unknowingly, we are already of this age…. and need to fulfil our duties to the nation….

HJL: are U the one going? Why are U crying? Are U crying because u still have a long time to serve? Young Saeng should be the one crying? Why U cry?

PJM: I know, Young Sang doesn’t know the situation that’s why he is not crying. KJ is undergoing it that’s why he is crying~ha……… Kyu is still doing his duty, pls support him everyone~

I also want to say something to young Saeng. First, originally ur body is quite healthy..haha… a lot of things will happen In the army, its no bad to learn something from it…. can compare to what’s happening in society….. the current YS is very outstanding, but hopefully can put down his pride, awaiting the opportunity to return…..

Fan: cut your hair!!

JM didn’t know what was happening initially

HJB: Fans ask u to cut hair!!!!!!

PJM: In the waiting room, HJB said I look like Dao Ming Si (Taiwan ver of gu jun biao)

HJB: just go to Taiwan

PJM: really surprised, today I can be dao ming si, I can be horse too…there’s a dog here and a turtle too…. all present

(tsk.making fun of leader and Baby?)

KKJ: in addition to saying SS501 mansae, we also need to say Young Saeng mansae~ let’s cheer for handsome YS hung, okay?

PJM: Its regretful if we don’t say 501 mansae~ then.. SS501 mansae, Young Saeng mansae~

501: 1-2-3 SS501 manse, Heo Young Saeng mansae~

HJL: lets end it here today, so far It has been….

501: SS501. thank you everyone 


source from Chinese Translations of ALLPJM

1st translations: credit to Cheezeemelt501
2nd translations by drunkenluv

photo credit to MurdererQ

video credits All credit goes to the fancam owners: rika1971325 and ILoveHyunTranslation credit : Cheezemelt for English Trans and ALLFORPJM for Hanja Trans
Subbing credit: Triple S Sri Lanka

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[Vid / Raw] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 SBS Barefoot Friends Episode 28


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[Star of the Week] Heo Young Saeng’s 허영생 Web of Celebrity Friends

As a singer and sometimes actor, Heo Young Saeng naturally has ties to top stars in the idol and acting worlds, and we’re delving into the star’s celebrity friendships

Seo Ji Suk

Heo Young Saeng is known to be close friends with actor Seo Ji Suk and even served as the MC at the actor’s wedding.

The two stars have displayed their close friendship professionally as well, as Heo Young Saeng lent his voice to the song the actor and Lee Chung Ah composed and wrote on MBC reality show Music & Lyrics 2.

Seo Ji Suk returned the favor by making a cameo in Heo Young Saeng’s music video for The Art of Seduction.

The two stars are also on the same celebrity soccer team.


Park Ji Bin

Young actor Park Ji Bin is also known to be Heo Young Saeng’s close friend, as the two stars have been spotted at VIP screenings together frequently.

Park Ji Bin is also an avid soccer fan, and Heo Young Saeng has often tweeted about their soccer adventures.


MBLAQ’s Mir revealed he was close friends with Heo Young Saeng, when he appeared on Mnet’s Star VJ Show and chose to call up his hyung on the ‘Friendship Test’ segment of the show.

When Mir texted Heo Young Saeng to test their friendship, the quick SS501 member responded, “Why? Is this a psychology test?”

Go Ara
Heo Young Saeng boasted his close friendship with actress Go Ara when he tweeted a photo with the star back in 2012, writing “I went to the screening of Ara’s ‘Pacemaker.’ I enjoyed it!! I hope it hits the jackpot!! FIghting. This is a proof shot. Thanks for inviting me.”

Heo Young Saeng has often shown his support for the actress by appearing at her film’s screenings.

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong

Before Heo Young Saeng made his debut with SS501, he was an SM Entertainment trainee, where he met fellow trainee and current JYJ member Kim Jae Joong.

We’re not surprised by this history, however, as SM overfloweth with pretty boys.


source: Mwave