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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong at Ballantyne Flagship Store Open Event

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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong 2012 Fan Meeting Uzoosin Goods Set

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong on Asia One Showbiz; Arriving To Much Fanfare

South Korean superstar Kim Hyun Joong, whose seductive gaze can melt even the hardest of hearts, said he decided to kick off his upcoming Asian tour in Singapore next month for one simple reason.

"I've visited Singapore several times and whenever I am there, I always get great energy,"
the singer-actor told LOUD in an exclusive e-mail interview.

"Singapore audiences give me good, passionate responses. So, I've designated Singapore to be the first country for my fan meetings... Hopefully, I'll get the same positive energy this time round."

Kim Hyun Joong will be in Singapore for a fan meet at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on May 4.

The 25-year-old, who found fame through leading roles in popular idol dramas, Boys Over Flowers (2009) and Playful Kiss (2010), never fails to create a stir when he's in Singapore.

In December 2010, at his autograph-signing-cum-charity-auction, ardent female fans went into a bidding frenzy for his life-size cardboard standee.

The winning bidder paid nearly $7,000.

Last November, at the Mnet Asian Music Awards held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kim Hyun Joong, who bagged Best Male Solo Artiste, elicited some of the night's loudest screams.

He has come a long way since his pretty boy days in K-pop group, SS501, and when he was first appointed ambassador of beauty brand The Face Shop.

Gone are those youthful floppy locks and clean-cut looks. With the release of his mini-albums, Break Down and Lucky, Kim has opted for a masculine, cool-cat image.

He's pleased with the hot reception to his solo efforts (his songs have topped charts from Japan to Taiwan to Billboard's World Chart) and attributes his success once again to his massive fan base.

"I gave my albums a lot of thought and carefully considered all aspects... I wanted my music to not only be suitable for myself, but also be easy on the ears to others," Kim Hyun Joong said.

"Finally, I was able to do it and make music that is welcomed by so many people."

Those who have caught the music video of his latest digital single, Marry Me, may be puzzled by its sand animation concept - there isn't a single visual of Kim Hyun Joong's face in the video, which is slightly odd by K-pop standards.

Kim Hyun Joong explained that he did the music video as "a way of showing appreciation" to his fans.

"This idea brewed in my head - I collected meaningful photographs from my fans and included them at the end of Marry Me's video."

And there may be even more awesome news for Kim Hyun Joong's fans here.

Come May 4, not only will they be able to catch their idol in the flesh, some lucky ones will get a chance to give him a high-five.

According to event organiser Running Into The Sun, 500 fans who have bought tickets to the fan meet will get to attend a special "high-five session" with Kim Hyun Joong.

These winners will be balloted from all ticket-holders across all categories.

In any case, Kim Hyun Joong promises to dazzle audiences with a "perfect performance".

But his nifty footwork didn't emerge overnight - it was a result of training and hard work.

"I practise my dance moves every day," he said. "Of course it is physically very tough, but it is essential for perfection...

"There was a time when I reduced my sleep time drastically, just to practise."

What: Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012
Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium
When: May 4, 8pm
Tickets: $138, $168 and $198 from Sistic (6348-5555 or


source; By Tan Kee Yun The New Paper

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Hong Kong Fan Meet Promotional Video


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