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[Translation] Barefoot Friends Who Seemed to be Moved by Kim Hyun Joong’s Effort and Sincerity

I wanna share some part of【a non-fan’s Barefoot Friends review】who seemed to be moved by Kim Hyun Joong‘s effort and sincerity.

“”I will bring this (receipt) home. I will live life to the max.” Kim Hyun Joong muttered and his face was covered in sweat. I can see how much hardship he had gone throughout the day by the receipt on his hand, which was soaked with his sweat. After the work, Kim Hyun Joong s back was stained by a lot of marks of the gendong. His back looked huge than usual. It looks like a superhero’s back, smeared with sweat and dirt, and that hurt me. I hope the show program will be well worth Kim Hyun Joong‘s sweat of the day. I hope Barefoot Friends will fight well”

Source: http://doctorcall.tistory.com/1537

Barefoot Friends’s rating is not good so far but through this show, Kim Hyun Joong‘s effort was worth it.

Kim Hyun Joong moved people and made them get to know real Kim Hyun Joong I think this is one big step.

He said he will lives life to the max, then I will enjoy Barefoot Friends to the max, since he is doing his best for his fans in the show.


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong on Cover for Hansute Magazine Vol.11


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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong's Donation for China on TV News


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[News] Kim Hyun Joong to Appear in UV′s Concert

Kim Hyun Joong will be appearing as a guest in UV′s concert.

The UV concert will take place from May 24-25.
Yoo Se Yoon′s agency announced through a press release on May 21, “Kim Hyun Joong has come to appear in the concert thanks to the ties he established with UV through SBS′ Barefooted Friends. Kim Hyun Joong will be showing a side of himself never seen on broadcast with UV.”

Yoo Se Yoon also said through his agency, “I took a liking to Kim Hyun Joong as I saw he was a sincere friend, and I was touched at how he moved the gendong. I′m thankful he took up the offer despite his busy schedule. I believe I′ll be able to put on a great performance with the support from such great friends.”

Kim Hyun Joong won′t be the only guest to appear onstage this day. UV will be, as usual, drawing a long list of all-star guests to help out with the crowd.

The duo previously featured Yoon Do Hyun, 2PM′s Wooyoung and Super Junior′s Kyuhyun at its concert held in October 2012.

UV′s Kkachi and Hani concert is also gathering interest for announcing it will put on a show using black lights.


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[News + Vid] UEE and Kim Hyun Joong Parody of ‘Wind Blows in Winter’ on ‘Barefoot Friends’

The resident actor and actress on SBS’s ‘Barefoot Friends’ stepped into impromptu roles in a parody of ‘Wind Blows in Winter’ on the latest episode.

Traveling to Indonesia, the newest broadcast found the cast and crew given the mission, once again, to survive for 24 hours in the foreign country based on only what they could provide for themselves as a normal, everyday person.

Egged on by Kang Ho Dong and Yoon Jong Shin, UEE and Kim Hyun Joong ended up working together – providing the small screen with a beauty ratio that was simply out of this world.

Taking advantage of the unique opportunity, Kang Ho Dong told them, “The two of you look like a painting. We’ll get out of the way” – secretly letting them do all the work.

Motivations aside, UEE and Kim Hyun Joong soon found themselves engrossed in the job at hand, segueing into a parody of the SBS drama, ‘Work Blows in Winter’.

“I have a lot of money, but I came here to help oppa,” UEE told him. “If you have a lot of money, give me some. Please stop this,” Kim Hyun Joong replied in a drama tone.


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[Photo] SBS Barefoot Friends Filming in Gurye, Seoul


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[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Exploded with Anger

Hard labors made Kim Hyun Joong explode.

Up coming episode of ‘Barefoot Friends’ which will be aired on 19th, will reveal how the members solved their 1st mission, ‘live like ordinary Indonesia people for 24 hours’.

Kim Hyun Joong earned the most amount of money from the work called ‘gendong’ which was carrying heavy fruit baskets. It is said he did most ‘gendong’ (among the members) to even called as ‘Indonesian rich person’s face .

Kim Hyun Joong had to earn the money for accommodation and meals but his work has never finished until late at night.

When Kang Ho Dong and Yun Jong Shin even shined up to Kim Hyun Joong like “You are still good looking whatever you do!” in order to put him to work continually, Kim Hyun Joong sprinkled water on himself acting like losing his mind, and finally threw his hat into the ground which made all the members burst out laughing.


Source: asiatoday.co.kr
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[News] Kim Hyun Joong Donated To The One Foundation For Earthquake Reconstruction

Donation Details Posted by the One Foundation

Korean artist Kim Hyun Joong donated one hundred million won to the One Foundation for Ya’an earthquake reconstruction, and hope to send his blessings to the people of Ya’an through One Foundation. The donation has been transferred & confirmed, thanks to Korean friend Kim Hyun Joong for his support of Ya’an, the One Foundation will carefully make good use of the money, and finally quoting Kim Hyun Joong’s words to everyone: Bless Ya’an!


Source: @壹基金 @ weibo
Chinese to English Translation: June @ LovingKimHyunJoong.com

[Preview] Kim Hyun Joong 3rd Japanese Single Tonight Teaser


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