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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun Official Site Update


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[News] Park Jung Min Received SMS from Kim Kyu Jong ; Talking about SS501 Future Plans?

Park Jung Min said "Received SMS from KyuJong, felt special." As for SS501 activites, maybe after KyuJong enlists.

“When I received KyuJong’s letter in the morning, my feelings changed.”
Park Jung Min who came back as ‘ROMEO’ in Japan disclosed the small conversation (thru SMS) that he had with KyuJong, who is currently serving the country, recently.

On the 29th of September, after Park Jung Min finished his “ROMEO CONTACT” in LIVE HOLE IN”Liquid Room in Tokyo, he chatted with the reporter, smiling, and said “Not long ago KyuJong sent a SMS to him at 8am in the morning. And I quickly replied him “What are you doing now?’ , then after work, I received ‘Still working,’ as a reply.”, “this situation felt really special’.

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong was recruited to the army on the 23rd of July, and after four weeks of training at the Jeonju recruit training center, he’s now doing public duty. Regarding JungMin’s own plan on enlistment, he said “Now I have plans in Korea as well as overseas,” , “So maybe I’ll go after all these plans.”

Regarding on the topic of whether SS501 can reunite, he said “As we are not disbanded yet, so we always have the feeling of want to reunite for a comeback again.” He continued, “Before KyuJong enlist, he met all members once, but because he’s now in the army, and due to the members’ conflicting schedules, its quite difficult for us to make a comeback together for now,” and he carefully made his statement.


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[News] SS501 Had a Meeting to Reunite the Group?

"It is true that there was a meeting. Everybody is being careful when speaking about the possibility of a reunification but we are all hoping for it."

Will SS501, the idol group that use to have five members, be able to reunite? After their contract terminated with DSP Media in 2010, each member signed with different entertainment agencies and have all been doing their own thing. Recently however, the rumors of the reunification of Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, Heo Young Saeng, and Kim Kyu Jong have been drawing attention in the music industry.

After leaving DSP Media, the members of SS501 all stated clearly that they were not breaking up. Last August, it has been reported that the members discussed hopeful thoughts of a reunification when they all met before Kim Kyu Jong left for the Korean military. Just like the legendary group ShinHwa, SS501 is drawing attention as they are showing hopes of reuniting after years of separation.

Park Jung Min expressed his careful thoughts of a reunification during an interview with eNEWS after his showcase of "Give Me Your Heart" in Tokyo, which followed his official Japanese debut. Park Jung Min stated, "It's true that all the members got together before Kyu Jong left for the military. As we all emphasized before, we never broke up so all of us have continuing hopes of reuniting."

However, Park Jung Min was careful in speaking about the details of possible future plans for SS501. Park Jung Min added, "There is a member who is in the military currently and the rest of the members are still under contract with different agencies so it's very difficult to announce anything specific. However, just like the SS501 fans who have been hoping for a reunification, we the members, are thinking the same thing."

SS501 debuted back in 2005. Within 5 years, SS501 released a total of 18 mini-albums and digital singles. The most popular hit songs include songs like, "Love Like This", "U R Man", "Love Ya", "Promise to Promise" as well as soundtrack songs for the famous drama "Boys Over Flowers".

After the contract with SS501 terminated, leader Kim Hyun Joong signed with Key East Entertainment which is the agency of Bae Yong Joon. Park Jung Min signed with A&R Entertainment, which is the company related with the international musical instrument company, Yamaha. Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng joined B2M Entertainment wihle Kim Hyung Jun signed with S-Plus Entertainment.


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[Info] Park Jung Min and Heo Young Saeng on Kstyle MV Rankings of September 2012


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[News] Park Jung Min of SS501 Successfully Completes Showcase in Japan

SS501 member Park Jung Min officially began his solo artist career in Japan.

Yesterday (September 29), the showcase for Park Jung Min was held on September 29 at the Liquid Room in Tokyo, Japan. Park Jung Min showcased his first live performance of “Romeo” and spent time with his fans. Appearing on stage as “Romeo”, Park Jung Min showed off his charismatic masculinity. Park Jung Min grew out of his idol group image and created a completely different image for his promotional activities in Japan.

The showcase was designed as a fan service for the fans that have already purchased his album. A select number of fans who have been chosen through a random process were invited to watch Park Jung Min’s first live showcase. The tickets for the showcase were completely sold out within an hour after they went on sale.

On stage, Park Jung Min performed “Give Me Your Heart”, “Taste the Fever”, “Devil”, “Tonight the Night”, “Hide and Seek Love”, Dream Out Loud” and “Romeo.”

After his performance, Park Jung Min stated, “‘Romeo’ will have a personality that is very different from me. I know there are fans who have been expecting the same Park Jung Min from SS501 but I think a lot of people already began to see me as ‘Romeo’ already. I hope all the time and effort that I put into this album pays off.”

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min is scheduled to appear on a Japanese TV program on September 30 even though it is Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving Holiday.



[Photo] Park Jung Min Romeo 1st Live Showcase in Japan


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[News] Park Jung Min “When I am doing activities as ROMEO, I felt restraint occasionally”

Park Jung Min rebirth as ROMEO in Japan, he frankly said “When I am doing activities as ROMEO, to hide my original image, I felt restraint occasionally.”
On 29th September, Park Jung Min held a Live ‘ROMEO 2ND CONTACT’ for 777 fans in Tokyo’s Ebisu Live House Liquid Room. That day, Park Jung Min did not spoke any words, he stayed mysterious and sexily, performing for the fans which captured their hearts.

A unique ‘dark’ concept was used for the live performance. During the interview with the reporters on the day of performance, Park Jung Min expressed that “In Japan, I do activities under the name of ROMEO. The attitude presented on the stage is indeed ROMEO. The original Park Jung Min does not exist on the stage.”

He smiled and continued “When I went up the stage, the so-called Park Jung Min feeling is completely switched off. Instead, when I came down from the stage, I’ll turn back to my original self like now, the chattering and cheerful personality.”

During the Live, to express the man’s heart which was injured by love, you must look as if you want to be compensated in general, and show a painful expression and gesture. This is once again proven his strength after musical ‘Grease’.

He added “The fans in Japan saw the differences between Jung Min and ROMEO. When I am performing earnestly on the stage, the fans at the front row did some strange facial expression and fidgeted. When I faced with that situation, it was very hard for me to hold back my laughter.”


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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Center Pole New Promotional Ad


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Centerpole New Ad Promotions


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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Drama City Conquest Sneak Peek


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