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[Teaser] Kim Hyung Jun 2nd Mini Album Escape ; Just Let it Go MV Drama Version


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[Vid] Park Jung Min Drama Fondant Garden Filming Site Update


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[News] Kim Kyu Jong Enlists in Army ; “Feels Realistic When I Took Off my Hat”

Group SS501's member Kim Kyu Jong entered the Junju 35th division recruit training center on July 23rd afternoon.

On this day, he cut his hair short and wearing simple cloth. Kim Kyu Jong said "Time really flies" "Heo Young Saeng and and Kim Hyung Jun came here to support me. To everyone, thank you. I will come back healthily".

With around 500 Korean and foreign fans to send him off, Kim Kyu Jong will serve as a public service personnel after receiving 4 weeks of basic military training.


Source : Arts News
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[Audio] Kim Hyung Jun SBS Power FM Music High


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[Vid + Translation] Nam Gung Min Talks About his Co-Actor Kim Hyun Joong for City Conquest

In a recent TV interview, Nam Gung Min (NGM), the 2nd lead of City Conquest, talked a little about his new acting partner, Kim Hyun Joong, the 1st male lead of City Conquest. 

[Only the excerpt related to KHJ was extracted + translated]

MC: Have you guys read the script together?
NGM: Not yet. (But) we have drank together
MC: Just the two of you?
NGM: All of us (the entire crew) came together for a drink. He is a very pure-hearted person. I like him very much.
MC: The cast is important right?
NGM: I actually think that those who act, even if they are not innocent, they shouldn't be too sensible. At least in that moment, they are willing to believe, (they should be) a little silly.
This kind of person, when reading the script, won't think too much, will believe in the script...(Someone) a little silly...

MC: Ahh...Will be easier to immerse himself in the drama.
NGM: Yes, even if it's just for a moment, "Like this, really?" Like this...can immerse in the drama.



Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes
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[Info] Heo Young Saeng Clothing Sponsored by Play Comme des Garcons


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[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Henecia Japan Staff Blog Update

Good evening !

Today there is no special inide storty.

It is because what Hyun Joong ssi presented in his performance and talked on the stage tells everything. What you had seen at the venue is everything.

A sudden change to sing a song a cappella, what he talked on the stage …everything was what he decided by himself .

Immediately after the daytime performance, he began his rehersal for the evening without a break. Although he knew that the starting time of the evening was put off, he was determined to do as much as possible what he could not realize in the daytime performance, even to the last-minute.

In the morning (July 15), he stopped his rehersal to go to the hospital. The time from that moment to the daytime session seemed short as well as for a long time. Even on the live performance stage, he seemed to struggle hard with himself. We were much impressed how he was a strong-willed person as well as being straightforwarded.

We think that the tears in his eyes expressed his sincere feeling.

We believe that having seen his performance of his all might, all of you at the venue could feel his heart. After the end of the event, he headed to the drama-shooting location. As he mentioned in the talk that he would live from now on as Baek Mil, a male-lead of the drama, he makes his best endeavours as actor as well.

Though the drama shooting continues, the Heat promotion ends now.

We would like to express our appreciation to you for your warm support from the bottom of our heart. We hope that you would continue to support him.

We also hope that you will take care of yourself in the summer.

T, Staff Manager


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[News] The second personality of Park Jung Min, rookie ROMEO rules the world and debut in Japan

The second personality of Park Jung Min, rookie ROMEO rules the world and debut in Japan.

Since debuted in 2005, Park Jung Min (who stopped activities at this moment) gained popularity and won a number of music awards, and won the ''Rookie award'' of ''22nd Gold Disc award'' in 2008 in Japan. He cooperated with two top Japanese producers and was going to release the first single ''Give Me Your Heart'' on the 5th September in Japan with the image of ROMEO. ROMEO invited 444 fans to his showcase ''ROMEO 1st Contact'' in Shinjuku BLAZE.

Asian HANA is going to provide you some details in the Showcase.

After showing some mysterious videos, ROMEO appeared on the stage finally. He led 6 dancers to perform powerful and sexy songs: ''Give me Your Heart'' and ''Tonight's the Night'', which will be released on the 5th September and the 31st October respectively.

Besides, the showcase also showed video messages from the music producer Jeff Miyahara, the visual producer Noriyuki Tanaka and the music reviewer Reiko Yukawa.

Jeff Miyahara said, ''Park Jung Min unknowingly brings the heartbeat of your rock and roll sense, so that you feel this is a story with sound, sadness, passion, taking you into the ROMEO world naturally.''

Noriyuki Tanaka also commented, ''Things are relative but also go beyond the limits. I think Jung Min can understand this part of ROMEO when he was promoting 'Not Alone'. This project is to release ROMEO himself. Girls who like Jung Min do not count only on his outlook, but certainly like the other side of his in their hearts...Girls do not only like a person with the charm of a prince, but also a mysterious man. (We) wanted to show this aspect to his fans, (fans) please continue support (Jung Min in this way).''

Reiko Yukawa, who claimed to be the ''Grandmother of Jung Min'' and promised to protect Jung Min, praised, ''At first, as a fan of Jung Min, I was quite confusing for the difference between Park Jung Min and ROMEO. If Park Jung Min cannot express the content with his mother language and English, he can use ROMEO to express this in Japanese in a dramatic way. Maybe this is another kind of international market. This is also the dream of the “grandmother'' (Laughter). Maybe ROMEO could be the male god of Asia, or perhaps there would be more homosexual fans of Jung Min. ROMEO can create a world of Lady Gaga, the male version of Lady Gaga.''

(ROMEO) faced the media with a mysterious expression without a word in the photo taking session.

To celebrate ROMEO’s debut in Japan, Park Jung Min appeared on stage. ''Hello, I'm Park Jung Min. Actually I heard that there was someone who is similar to me in Korea, and I was quite angry. So, I want to confirm it by coming here. But I was so sleepy suddenly, and I woke up and was already so late. Eh? (ROMEO) has already gone? Impossible! That, that lad! ROMEO and Jung Min are two different persons, so please pay attention!'' This led to laughter in the media session. MC Yumi asked, ''ROMEO is a very charming person. What do you think about it?'' ''Really? I heard that he is a cool artist who composes music. Although he looks the same as Jung Min, his make up is too heavy, isn’t it?'' Park Jung Min replied. He stressed on the difference of the two personalities, which led to laughter again.

''Jung Min and ROMEO, who do you think is handsomer?'' Park Jung Min asked MC Yumi. Yumi replied, ''ROMEO! He let us see his stomach indistinctly!'' ''I cannot do this!!'' Jung Min feigned ignorance. He was also asked, ''Fondant Garden will be aired on the 4th August. What do you think about it?'' ''It was so tough, but I had gained a lot of experience, I'm so happy with that'' Jung Min replied.

He also talked about his plan later ''In Korea, filming drama and movie are in my plan, so I'm considering them seriously. For the singer aspect, I wanted to explore the market of the whole world. There will be a fan meeting in Japan, which will be held in December every year.'' He continued, ''Park Jung Min will work hard to be a singer and an actor. Please give me your full support!'' "I want to sleep again so I’d better leave now'' he kidded and left the stage.

The ringtone of first single of ROMEO ''Give Me Your Heart'' has been released already. There will be the first Japan tour in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan. We will be able to see ROMEO and Jung Min for his activities later on.

So called ROMEO---
This is the subliminal personality of Park Jung Min, maybe like a superman who lives inside Jung Min (an intelligent life form). ROMEO is also a concept, which Park Jung Min wants to convey: cannot suppress the excitement and wakes up during the mid-night, but vanishes in the sun.


Chinese Translation: ALLFORPJM
Chinese to English: charismajo@PJMIFC
Proof-reading: 피오나@PJMIFC

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Has 70 Year Old Grandma Fan?!

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong successfully finishes his solo concert in Japan with explosive popularity

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong returned to Korea after a successful concert in Japan.

On the July 21st episode of KBS 2TV's "Entertainment Weekly," photos of Kim Hyun Joong's Japanese solo concert were aired.

It was said that a lot of fans gathered in Saitama prefecture. Many Japanese fans held up picket signs displaying his name to support him.

Kim Hyun Joong shared, "I held this concert as a gift for those who bought my album because to my surprise, the albums sold really well."

He talked about his fans saying, "I have teenage fans, but I think I have more older fans. I noticed a 70 year old grandma holding a glowstick, and thought to myself that I have to work really hard."
The singer on the day of the concert, also was said to be in a poor state as he had the cold, still put on a amazing show for his fans.

Also, Kim Hyun Joong recently grabbed the number 1 spot on the Oricon chart. He remarked, "It still don't feel the success. I think showcasing my distinct color is much more important than my rank."


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[Vid] Kim Kyu Jong Enlistment Day ; SS501 Boys Send Him Off


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[Photo] SS501 Boys and Fans Gather to Send Kim Kyu Jong fo Enlistment Today

wearing that goodbye smile for everyone! 

See you again after two years Kyu Jong-ssi!!! T_T 


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