Sunday, May 31, 2009

[Vid] SS501; Which of your favorite K-pop stars has the cutest Engrish?

I know we’ve all covered our mouths giggling as we watched our favorite K-pop artists stumble their way through a conversation in English, ramble off in inappropriate slang that you know they learned from a book or or stare blankly at the person speaking fluently to them.

I’ve managed to get some clips together of most of our favorite stars, some speaking in hilarious Engrrish, some speaking very well and some… well, I’ll just let you see for yourself.

Out of all these stars, who do you think has the most adorable Engrrish?

On their way to the Hollywood Bowl in California, the SS501 boys practice their English during the ride… I love how they say “Harrywud Burr”:)


credit: allkpop
video credit: bellasilkyrox

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[Info] SS501 Styles for the Summer

SS501 welcomed the upcoming summer by modeling for Le Coq Sportif and they are looking mighty fine. The theme of the shoot was ‘BOYS OF SUMMER‘ and was supposed to show the boys as men, but I’m not really feeling a very ‘manly’ vibe. Now if they were shirtless with six packs…I might have to change my mind. In any event, the men boys are rather cute and I’m completely digging those checkered shorts…where can I get myself a pair?

Feel free to drool, but please don’t get it on the carpet.


credit: allkpop

Saturday, May 9, 2009

[News] SS501 Had Unique Fan Meeting; Come Fly the Friendly Skies with SS501

OH LUCKY DAY~! LUCKY FANS! (yeah, just like the song…)

All five members of SS501 held an unique fan meeting event for their fans. They boarded an aircraft and transformed into crew members on the 2nd and 3rd of May with 500 of their closest fans from South Korea and Japan and flew them all to Jeju Island. They probably felt good about flying to the island with no qualms about swine flu.

The boys provided in-flight services including, beverage service and safety demonstrations.

The fans and “crew” landed safely in Jeju and everyone was treated to a special concert. SS501 performed “Because I’m Stupid,” “U R Man,” “DEJA VU,” and “again.” They also did their version of the Gee craze later on at the Seogwipo KAL Hotel party.

Thank you for flying Air SS501.


credit: allkpop

Friday, May 8, 2009

[News] SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong Proclaims He Has No Game

SS501's Kim Kyu Jong admitted on a MBC variety show “Quiz to Change the World” that has a lame duck when it comes to the ladies.

Kyu Jong stated that in his past relationships, his girlfriends always ended up dumping him and he could usually see the breakup coming from a mile away by the way his girlfriends behaved towards him before the demise of their relationships.
Kyu Jong went on to say that in the beginning, before officially becoming a couple, the girl would show a great deal of interest in him. However, during the course of the relationship, he wouldn't have much to say and his sense of humor would pretty much be nonexistent. Consequently, due to his cold fish behavior, the girl would end the relationship leaving Kyu Jong with nothing but a box of tissues, a giant jar of vaseline, and memories of his lame personality.

Come on Kim Kyu Jong. That's the oldest trick in the book. Kpop idols like Rain have been using that poor me my past relationships sucked balls routine for years. Even though the routine is played out, girls all over Korea will still fall for it, hence Kyu Jong will benefit in many ways from his poor me story. It doesn't take a psychic to foresee that the girls that have sympathy for Kyu Jong will subserviently allow him to examine their throats with his Korean sausage in his doctors office commonly known as the alleyway behind the club.


credit: allkpop